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advanced ms polymer

t heultimateadhea unique engineered polymer that caulks bonds seals all in one step powerstickâ„¢ is a new universal adhesive/sealant based on proprietary ms polymer chemistry using the latest adhesive formulation technology powerstickâ„¢ is the first professional grade product on the market that delivers high bond strength and superior flexibility this unique formula does not shrink can be applied on wet surfaces is virtually odorless and has excellent uv resistance powerstickâ„¢ also features high aggressive initial tack is non-reactive with the substrate and can be painted after curing in short powerstickâ„¢ can be used on virtually any substrate indoors or outdoors and removes the guesswork by having one universal product solution for all applications powerstickâ„¢ is non-hazardous safe for the environment and does not require special shipping procedures it does not contain solvents isocyanates or other harmful components powerstickâ„¢ consistently

sealantalli strong and elastic powerstickâ„¢ is extremely elastic and can be used as a sealant it meets the rigorous construction standards for elasticity this means powerstickâ„¢ is ideal for filling cracks and joints in all types of flooring materials especially when those substrates will move independently of one another convenience powerstickâ„¢ works on virtually every base material and can directly replace many other adhesive products this reduces the need to carry similar inventories and simplifies decisions the standard 10oz tube is ideal for confined space applications and is extremely lightweight the delivery system gives a smooth consistent bead without waste or messy overflow safe simple no solvents or other harmful components powerstickâ„¢ can be shipped without restriction and is environmentally friendly indoor and outdoor uses powerstickâ„¢ is not latexbased which means it is not affected by water moisture or mildew during application or in the

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f orevery marine trade electrical electrical fixtures – non-conductive formula is perfect for fixtures indoor and outdoor windshields portholes window door window trim window sills concrete masonry concrete floor joints cdellar hatchways concrete foundations air conditioning hvac ductwork hvac heating and cooling pipe foam

bond strength metals wood plastics psi mpa steel 127 0.87 aluminum 109 0.75 copper 144 0.99 brass 81 0.56 galvanized steel 116 0.80 concrete psi mpa epoxy typ polystyrene makrolon pc pvc pmma abs 118 0.81 112 0.77 128 0.88 76 0.52 95 0.66 119 0.82 masonry psi mpa oak pine douglas fir cedar psi mpa 131 0.90 concrete 125 0.86 125 0.86 125 0.86 128 0.88 brick hollow block block look for our point-of-purchase display powerstickâ„¢ ordering information powerstick cartridges cat no size color dispenser 8166n 10oz white caulk gun 8168n 10oz gray caulk gun std box std ctn 12 12 36 36 caulking guns 8168n 8437 8166n cat no description 8437 8479 manual caulking gun 1 high performance manual tool 1 std box std ctn 1 1 powerstick pop display cat no 49106 available at authorized powers distributors 8479 psi mpa 112 0.77 112 0.77 112

powerstickâ„¢ vs the rest exterior technical characteristics base proprietary ms polymer yes curing system moisture cure full cure bonding less than 24 hours full cure of bonding layer of 0.0788 inch tack free time 20 minutes skin formation 5-10 minutes freeze/thaw stability no impact on sealant by frost application temp 41Ëšf to 95Ëšf 5Ëšc to 35Ëšc in-service temp -40Ëšf to 194Ëšf 40Ëšc to 90Ëšc ideal storage temp 41Ëšf to 86Ëšf 5Ëšc to 30Ëšc density 0.90 oz in3 1.55 g/ml hardness 40-45 shore a powerstickâ„¢ power grab and similar liquid nails and similar latex sealants silicone sealants polyurethane sealants yes no no yes yes interior yes yes yes yes yes no permanently flexible yes no no yes yes yes high initial tack yes yes yes no no no no bracing for lightweight applications yes yes yes no no no waterproof yes no yes yes yes yes mildew resistant yes no no yes yes yes paintable yes yes yes yes no yes superior adhesion yes no no no yes yes superior

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