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“read [this book to learn why the study of . .  seemingly obscure corners of the living world has the potential to offer enormous benefits to humanity.” —rob dunn author of never out of season hu how to walk on water and climb up walls animals move with astounding grace speed and versatility—how do they do it and what can we learn from them in how to walk on water and climb up walls david hu takes readers on an accessible wondrous journey into the world of animal motion integrating biology engineering physics and robotics this book demystifies the remarkable mechanics behind animal locomotion david l hu is associate professor of mechanical engineering and biology and adjunct professor of physics at georgia institute of technology november 2018 248 pages 12 color 33 b/w illus hardback 9780691169866 $24.95 £20.00 ebook 9780691184081 “mohamed noor uses star trek a show that probed the deepest questions of biology as a springboard into

“combining art history and science this idiosyncratic book is very engaging and exceptionally clear the illustrations more than just appropriate and accurate are marvelous.” —henry s horn professor emeritus of ecology and evolutionary biology princeton university unnatural selection van grouw unnatural selection is a stunningly illustrated book about selective breeding—the ongoing transformation of animals at the hand of man suitable for the lay reader and student as well as the more seasoned biologist and featuring more than four hundred breathtaking illustrations this book will be enjoyed by anyone with an interest in natural history and the history of evolutionary thinking katrina van grouw is a former curator of or nithological collections at a major national museum she’s a self-taught scientist with a passion for evolutionary biology and its history 2018 304 pages 150 b/w illus hardback 9780691157061 $45.00 £35.00 ebook 9781400889648

“darwin’s unfinished symphony makes a compelling case that elegantly seats humans within the natural world while at the same time explaining our peculiar uniqueness.”—joseph henrich science laland darwin’s unfinished symphony humans possess an extraordinary capacity for cultural production from the arts and language to science and technology how did the human mind—and the uniquely human ability to devise and transmit culture—evolve from its roots in animal behavior darwin’s unfinished symphony presents a captivating new theory of human cognitive evolution this compelling and accessible book reveals how culture is not just the magnificent end product of an evolutionary process that produced a species unlike all others—it is also the key driving force behind that process kevin n laland is professor of behavioral and evo lutionary biology at the university of st andrews september 2018 464 pages.13 b/w illus paperback

“this is an inspiring discourse on the social function of communication. . .  a must-read!”—julia fischer author of monkeytalk the social origins of language seyfarth/platt the origins of human language remain hotly debated despite growing appreciation of cognitive and neural continuity between humans and other animals an evolutionary account of human language—in its modern form—remains as elusive as ever the social origins of language provides a novel perspective on this question and charts a new path toward its resolution robert m seyfarth is professor of psychology and dorothy l cheney is professor of biology at the university of pennsylvania 2017 184 pages 4 line illus hardback 9780691177236 $32.95 £26.00 ebook 9781400888146 duke institute for brain sciences series michael l platt series editor “conversational in tone non-ecologists will comprehend the book easily and ecologists will be interested in the fresh

“[a disturbing and thoughtful new book.”—the nation shapiro how to clone a mammoth could extinct species be brought back to life the science says yes in how to clone a mammoth beth shapiro vividly explores the extraordinary cutting-edge science that is being used—today—to resurrect the past is this really cloning what are the costs and risks and what is the ultimate goal beth shapiro is associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology at the university of california santa cruz she received a macarthur award in 2009 2016 240 pages 16 color illus 2 halftones 9 line illus paperback 9780691173115 $14.95 £11.99 hardback 9780691157054 $24.95 £19.95 ebook 9781400865482 gold medal winner in science independent publisher book awards “entertaining easy-to-read and historically rich.” —adrian wolfson nature life’s engines falkowski for almost four billion years microbes had the primordial oceans all to themselves

monographs in population biology simon a levin henry s horn series editors “this book will be the springboard for future work in this area.” —robert e ricklefs university of missouri st louis metacommunity ecology leibold/chase metacommunity ecology links smaller-scale processes with larger-scale issues until now the field has focused on evaluating the relative importance of distinct processes this book moves beyond these artificial categorizations showing how environmental sorting ecological drift and other processes influence metacommunity structure simultaneously mathew a leibold is professor of biology at the university of florida jonathan m chase is professor of biodiversity synthesis at the german centre for integrative biodiversity research 2017 504 pages 97 line illus 11 tables hardback 9780691049168 $65.00 £50.00 ebook 9781400889068 “vellend . .  accomplishes for the field of community ecology what few have attempted and even fewer

field guides natural history guide to the manta and devil rays of the world stevens et al manta and devil rays are some of the most intriguing creatures in the ocean beloved by scuba divers and marine biologists alike these impressive animals have never had a comprehensive field guide dedicated to them—until now guy stevens is chief executive and founder of the manta trust daniel fernando is associate director of the manta trust and cofounder of the blue resources trust marc dando is a scientific illustrator and publisher giuseppe notarbartolo di sciara is an italian marine conservation ecologist august 2018 144 pages 200 color illus paperback 9780691183329 $19.95 not for sale in the european union praise for the first edition “a truly impressive comprehensive and highly attractive volume ” —darren naish scientificamerican.com hunter carnivores of the world this is an expanded and fully revised new edition of a highly acclaimed guide to the world’s

field guides natural history “[f]ills a major hole in the birders’ library.” —derek lovitch author of how to be a better birder gulls simplified dunne/karlson this unique field guide to north america’s gulls provides a comparative approach to identification that concentrates on the size structure and basic plumage features of gulls—gone are the often-confusing array of plumage details found in traditional guides pete dunne is birding ambassador at large for new jersey audubon kevin t karlson is an accomplished birder tour leader and wildlife photographer november 2018 208 pages 330 color illus paperback 9780691156941 $24.95 £20.00 “with its valuable text and maps plus clear plates this is an excellent guide.”—steve n g howell coauthor of birds of chilebook a photo guide birds of central america valley/dyer birds of central america is the first comprehensive field guide to the avifauna of the entire region handy and

of related interest the new mind readers russell a poldrack poldrack hardback 9780691178615 $27.95 £22.00 human spatial navigation arne d ekstrom hugo j spiers véronique d bohbot r shayna rosenbaum ekstrom et al on the future martin rees rees hardback 9780691180441 $18.95 £14.99 hardback 9780691171746 $55.00 £43.00 a well-ordered thing michael d gordin molecular machines giovanni zocchi the secret life of science jeremy j baumberg gordin zocchi baumberg paperback 9780691172385 $32.95 £26.00 hardback 9780691173863 $65.00 £50.00 hardback 9780691174358 $29.95 £24.95 timefulness marcia bjornerud beyond global warming syukuro manabe anthony j broccoli the discrete charm of the machine kenneth steiglitz bjornerud manabe/broccoli steiglitz hardback 9780691181202 $24.95 £20.00 paperback 9780691183718 $29.95 £24.00 hardback 9780691058863 $85.00 £66.00 hardback 9780691179438 $27.95 £22.00

best of the backlist silent sparks sara lewis honeybee democracy thomas d seeley hardback 9780691162683 $29.95 £24.95 hardback 9780691147215 $29.95 £24.95 ecological models and data in r benjamin m bolker a biologist’s guide to mathematical modeling in ecology and evolution sarah p otto troy day lewis bolker hardback 9780691125220 $65.00 £50.00 modeling infectious diseases in humans and animals matt j keeling pejman rohani keeling/rohani hardback 9780691116174 $97.50 £76.00 otto/day following the wild bees thomas d seeley seeley hardback 9780691170268 $22.95 £18.95 mathematics for the life sciences erin n bodine suzanne lenhart louis j gross bodine et al hardback 9780691123448 $85.00 £66.00 hardback 9780691150727 $90.00 £70.00 bayesian models n thompson hobbs mevin b hooten agent-based and individual-based modeling steven f railsback volker grimm hardback 9780691159287 $49.50 £40.00 paperback 9780691136745 $59.95 £47.00 hobbs/hooten 24

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