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political theory philosophy “in the last decade perhaps no scholar has done more to transform machiavelli’s image than john mccormick.” —gabriele pedullà author of machiavelli in tumult reading machiavelli to what extent was machiavelli a “machiavellian” was he an amoral adviser of tyranny or a stalwart partisan of liberty a neutral technician of power politics or a devout italian patriot a reviver of pagan virtue or initiator of modern nihilism reading machiavelli answers these questions through original interpretations of niccolò machiavelli’s three major political works—the prince discourses and florentine histories—and demonstrates that a radically democratic populism seeded the florentine’s scandalous writings john mccormick challenges the misguided understandings of machiavelli set forth by prominent thinkers including jean-jacques rousseau and representatives of the straussian and cambridge schools october

political theory philosophy “[it is refreshing to dip into history and listen to what the great minds of the ages have had to say about politics.”—washington post book world princeton readings in political thought this is a thoroughly updated and substantially expanded new edition of one of the most popular wide-ranging and engaging anthologies of western political thinking one that spans from antiquity to the twenty-first century in addition to the majority of the pieces that appeared in the original edition this new edition features exciting new selections from more recent thinkers who address vital contemporary issues each chronological section and thinker is presented with a brief lucid introduction making this a valuable reference as well as an essential reader mitchell cohen is professor of political science at 2018 792 pages paperback 9780691159973 ebook 9781400889792 $39.95 £30.00 baruch college and the graduate center of the city university of new york

american politics “cogent authoritative essays offer insights on eight fraught years.”—kirkus the presidency of barack obama barack obama’s election as the first african american president seemed to usher in a new era but by his second term republicans controlled congress and after the 2016 presidential election obama’s legacy and the health of the democratic party itself appeared in doubt in the presidency of barack obama julian zelizer gathers leading american historians to put president obama and his administration into political and historical context contributors include sarah coleman jacob dlamini gary gerstle risa goluboff meg jacobs peniel joseph michael kazin matthew lassiter kathryn olmsted eric rauchway richard schragger paul starr timothy stewart-winter thomas sugrue jeremi suri and jonathan zimmerman 2018 360 pages 4 b/w illus hardback 9780691160283 paperback 9780691182100 ebook 9781400889556 $99.00 £77.00 $24.95 £20.00 julian e

american politics america in the world susan beckert jeremi suri editors “[b]y far the most comprehensive history of a critical turning point in modern international diplomacy.” —thomas borstelmann author of the 1970s a new global history from civil rights to economic inequality the final act the helsinki final act was a watershed of the cold war signed by thirty-five european and north american leaders at a summit in finland in the summer of 1975 the agreement presented a vision for peace based on common principles and cooperation across the iron curtain the final act is the first in-depth account of the diplomatic saga that produced this historic agreement drawing on research in eight countries and multiple languages this gripping book explains the final act’s emergence from the parallel crises of the soviet bloc and the west during the 1960s the strategies of the major players and the conflicting designs for international order that animated the

comparative politics censored a groundbreaking and surprising look at contemporary censorship in china as authoritarian governments around the world develop sophisticated technologies for controlling information many observers have predicted that these controls would be ineffective because they are easily thwarted and evaded by savvy internet users in censored margaret roberts demonstrates that even censorship that is easy to circumvent can still be enormously effective taking advantage of digital data harvested from the chinese internet and leaks from china s propaganda department this important book sheds light on how and when censorship influences the chinese public “[a groundbreaking book. . .  although it wears roberts’s deep knowledge lightly censored represents the current state of the art in chinese internet studies. . .  this book is a must-read for anyone who cares about the free flow of information.”

comparative politics “a . .  successful example of big think history ” —thomas e ricks new york times book review vanguard of the revolution vanguard of the revolution is a sweeping history of one of the most significant political institutions of the modern world the communist party was a revolutionary idea long before its supporters came to power in this book a james mcadams argues that the rise and fall of communism can be understood only by taking into account the origins and evolution of this compelling idea he shows how the leaders of parties in countries as diverse as the soviet union china germany yugoslavia cuba and north korea adapted the original ideas of revolutionaries like karl marx and vladimir lenin to profoundly different social and cultural settings 2017 584 pages 25 halftones hardback 9780691168944 $35.00 £27.00 ebook 9781400888498 a james mcadams is the william m scholl professor of international affairs and director of the

international politics “[m]andatory reading for understanding the complexities and ironies of the israeli-palestinian conflict.” —itamar rabinovich author of yitzhak rabin soldier leader statesman preventing palestine for seventy years israel has existed as a state and for forty years it has honored a peace treaty with egypt that is widely viewed as a triumph of u.s diplomacy in the middle east yet the palestinians remain stateless to this day how and why palestinian statelessness persists are the central questions of seth anziska’s book which explores the complex legacy of the agreement brokered by president jimmy carter combining astute political analysis extensive research and interviews preventing palestine offers a bold new interpretation of a highly charged struggle for self-determination seth anziska is the mohamed s farsi-polonsky 2018 454 pages 9 b/w illus hardback 9780691177397 ebook 9780691183985 $35.00 £27.00 lecturer in jewish-muslim

international politics princeton studies in international history politics g john ikenberry marc trachtenberg william c wohlforth editors praise for the first edition “after victory show[s how international governance can serve the interests of hegemonic powers.” —robert wright the new york times after victory the end of the cold war was a “big bang” reminiscent of earlier moments after major war but what do states that win wars do with their newfound power in after victory john ikenberry examines postwar settlements in modern history arguing that powerful countries do seek to build stable and cooperative relations but the type of order that emerges hinges on their ability to make commitments and restrain power blending comparative politics with international relations and history with theory after victory will be of interest to anyone concerned with the organization of world order the role of institutions in world politics and the lessons of past

higher education speak freely in speak freely keith whittington argues that universities must protect and encourage free speech because vigorous free speech is the lifeblood of the university without free speech a university cannot fulfill its most basic fundamental and essential purposes including fostering freedom of thought ideological diversity and tolerance keith e whittington is the william nelson cromwell professor of politics at princeton university and a leading authority on american constitutional theory and law 2018 232 pages hardback 9780691181608 $24.95 £19.95 ebook 9781400889884 new forum books robert p george series editor out of many faiths america is the most religiously devout country in the western world and the most religiously diverse nation on the planet in today’s volatile climate of religious conflict prejudice and distrust how do we affirm the principle that the american promise is deeply intertwined with how each of us engages with people of

new in paperback best of the backlist powerplay victor d cha isis fawaz a gerges expert political judgment philip e tetlock paperback 9780691180946 $22.95 £17.99 ebook 9781400883431 paperback 9780691175799 $17.95 £14.95 ebook 9781400885596 paperback 9780691175973 $22.95 £17.99 ebook 9781400888818 fighting for status jonathan renshon trading barriers margaret e peters paperback 9780691174501 $29.95 £24.00 ebook 9781400885343 paperback 9780691174488 $35.00 £27.00 ebook 9781400885374 communism s shadow grigore pop-eleches joshua a tucker the wind from the east richard wolin the confidence trap david runciman the great leveler walter scheidel paperback 9780691178233 $19.95 £14.99 ebook 9781400888443 paperback 9780691178134 $14.95 £12.95 ebook 9781400888757 paperback 9780691183251 $18.95 £14.99 38 paperback 9780691175591 $29.95 £24.00 ebook

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