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economics for the common good jean tirole translated by steven rendall from nobel prize–winning economist jean tirole a bold new agenda for the role of economics in society “jean tirole is that rare exception a nobel laureate who believes he has a social responsibility to talk clearly and responsibly about the topics on the minds of noneconomists this is an exceptional book it shows the value of careful economic thinking on topics from unemployment to global warming required reading for policymakers but also for anybody who wants to understand today’s economy.” —olivier blanchard former chief economist international monetary fund when jean tirole won the 2014 nobel prize in economics he suddenly found himself being stopped in the street by complete strangers and asked to comment on issues of the day no matter how distant from his own areas of research his transformation from academic economist to public intellectual prompted him to reflect further on

the book of greek and roman folktales legends and myths edited translated and introduced by william hansen with illustrations by glynnis fawkes captured centaurs and satyrs talking animals people who suddenly change sex men who give birth the temporarily insane and the permanently thick-witted delicate sensualists incompetent seers a woman who remembers too much a man who cannot laugh—these are just some of the colorful characters who feature in the unforgettable stories that ancient greeks and romans told in their daily lives together they created an incredibly rich body of popular oral stories that include but range well beyond mythology—from heroic legends fairy tales and fables to ghost stories urban legends and jokes this unique anthology presents the largest collection of these tales ever assembled featuring nearly four hundred stories in authoritative and highly readable translations this is the first book to offer a representative selection of the entire range of

monarchs and milkweed a migrating butterfly a poisonous plant and their remarkable story of coevolution anurag agrawal monarch butterflies are one of nature’s most recognizable creatures known for their bright colors and epic annual migration from the united states and canada to mexico yet there is much more to the monarch than its distinctive presence and mythic journeying in monarchs and milkweed anurag agrawal presents a vivid investigation into how the monarch butterfly has evolved closely alongside the milkweed—a toxic plant named for the sticky white substance emitted when its leaves are damaged—and how this inextricable and intimate relationship has been like an arms race over the millennia a battle of exploitation and defense between two fascinating species the monarch life cycle begins each spring when it deposits eggs on milkweed leaves but this dependency of monarchs on milkweeds as food is not reciprocated and milkweeds do all they can to poison or

masters of craft old jobs in the new urban economy richard e ocejo how educated and culturally savvy young people are transforming traditionally lowstatus manual labor jobs into elite taste-making occupations “a wonderful contribution to the field masters of craft is an engaging and well-written addition to the emerging literature on aesthetic labor and the changing social meaning of jobs—particularly now in the postrecession era when many manual labor jobs have disappeared i truly enjoyed this book.” —yasemin besen-cassino author of consuming work youth labor in america in today’s new economy—in which “good” jobs are typically knowledge or technology based—many well-educated and culturally savvy young people are instead choosing to pursue traditionally low-status manual labor occupations as careers masters of craft looks at the renaissance of four such trades bartending distilling barbering and butchering in this in-depth and

a fraught embrace the romance and reality of aids altruism in africa ann swidler susan cotts watkins the complex relationships between altruists beneficiaries and brokers in the global effort to fight aids in africa “using a detailed study of the actions and reactions regarding aids in malawi this fantastic book describes essential features of the current system for delivering humanitarian assistance swidler and watkins look at the role of brokers who connect international donors with beneficiaries examine the altruists who operate within a moral universe that leads them to be out of touch and offer a compelling takedown of common humanitarian cultural practices and notions of sustainability.” —lant pritchett harvard kennedy school in the wake of the aids pandemic legions of organizations and compassionate individuals descended on africa from faraway places to offer their help and save lives a fraught embrace shows how the dreams of these altruists became entangled

raptors of mexico and central america william s clark n john schmitt with a foreword by lloyd kiff the essential field guide to the raptors of mexico and central america “accurate comprehensive and authoritative.” —sergio seipke raptours raptors are among the most challenging birds to identify in the field due to their bewildering variability of plumage flight silhouettes and behavior raptors of mexico and central america is the first illustrated guide to the region’s 69 species of raptors including vagrants it features 32 stunning color plates and 213 color photos and a distribution map for each regularly occurring species detailed species accounts describe key identification features age-related plumages status and distribution subspecies molt habitats behaviors potential confusion species and more raptors of mexico and central america is the essential field guide to this difficult bird group and the ideal travel companion for anyone visiting this region

the process matters engaging and equipping people for success joel brockner we do business in a results-oriented world our focus on growth is laudable for its clarity but it is not only what we accomplish that matters but also how we accomplish it in the process matters joel brockner shows that managers must reach those ends in the right ways—with input consistency and accountability—if they want to effectively lead and manage in their organizations brockner discusses what goes into the right process how it leads to better outcomes and how to overcome obstacles along the way he demonstrates that a high-quality process often costs little and may not even require a great deal of time and in light of these facts considers the puzzling question of why good business practice doesn’t happen more often brockner draws from various real-life workplace examples and factors in a wide swath of studies to examine the ways that managers can bring out the best in their people

the social meaning of money pin money paychecks poor relief and other currencies viviana a zelizer with a foreword by nigel dodd and a new afterword by the author a dollar is a dollar—or so most of us believe indeed it is part of the ideology of our time that money is a single impersonal instrument that impoverishes social life by reducing relations to cold hard cash after all it’s just money or is it distinguished social scientist and prize-winning author viviana zelizer argues against this conventional wisdom she shows how people have invented their own forms of currency earmarking money in ways that baffle market theorists incorporating funds into webs of friendship and family relations and otherwise varying the process by which spending and saving takes place “interesting and informative. . .  money is a medium of exchange but that is only the beginning.” —john kenneth galbraith new york times book review “zelizer has a

philosophy of mathematics Øystein linnebo a sophisticated original introduction to the philosophy of mathematics from one of its leading contemporary scholars “this is an excellent introduction to the philosophy of mathematics with clear and careful coverage of both traditional topics and cutting-edge contemporary debates.” —roy t cook university of minnesota “this is a good introduction to the philosophy of mathematics—clear and concise and with original observations and a coherent point of view.” —john p burgess princeton university mathematics is one of humanity’s most successful yet puzzling endeavors it is a model of precision and objectivity but appears distinct from the empirical sciences because it seems to deliver nonexperiential knowledge of a nonphysical reality of numbers sets and functions how can these two aspects of mathematics be reconciled this concise book provides a systematic yet accessible introduction to the

the mathematics of shock reflection-diffraction and von neumann’s conjectures noncooperative game theory gui-qiang g chen mikhail feldman joão p hespanha this book offers a survey of recent developments in the analysis of shock reflection-diffraction, a detailed presentation of original mathematical proofs of von neumann’s conjectures for potential flow and a collection of related results and new techniques in the analysis of partial differential equations pdes as well as a set of fundamental open problems for further development shock waves are fundamental in nature they are governed by the euler equations or their variants generally in the form of nonlinear conservation laws—pdes of divergence form when a shock hits an obstacle shock reflection-diffraction configurations take shape to understand the fundamental issues involved such as the structure and transition criteria of different configuration patterns it is essential to establish the global