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data science “a remarkably coherent treatment that will appeal to novices and advanced analysts alike there is no other book quite like this.” —thomas j leeper london school of economics data visualization this book provides students and researchers a hands-on introduction to the principles and practice of data visualization it explains why some graphs succeed while others fail how to make high-quality figures from data using powerful and reproducible methods and how to think about data visualization in an honest and effective way includes a library of data sets code and functions kieran healy is associate professor of sociology at duke university december 2018 304 pages 185 color illus paperback 9780691181622 $40.00 £30.00 hardback 9780691181615 $99.95 £77.00 ebook 9780691185064 “a highly readable yet intellectually rigorous introduction to the brave new world of computational social science.” —duncan watts microsoft research bit by bit

culture urban life “full of astute observations its argument is new and profoundly important.”—allison j pugh university of virginia uneasy street rachel sherman draws on rare in-depth interviews with affluent new yorkers to upend images of wealthy people as invested only in accruing and displaying social advantages for themselves and their children instead these liberal elites feel conflicted about their position in a highly unequal society uneasy street not only explores the real lives of those at the top but also sheds light on how extreme inequality comes to seem ordinary and acceptable to the rest of us rachel sherman is associate professor of sociology at the new school for social research and eugene lang college 2017 328 pages hardback 9780691165509 $29.95 £24.00 ebook 9781400888504 “full of acutely heard and closely observed detail.” —william l hamilton wall street journal masters of craft in today’s new economy many

culture urban life designing san francisco alison isenberg a fraught embrace ann swidler susan cotts watkins contested tastes michaela desoucey hardback 9780691172545 $37.50 £30.00 ebook 9781400888832 paperback 9780691183206 $24.95 £20.00 ebook 9781400884988 paperback 9780691183183 $22.95 £17.99 ebook 9781400882830 american misfits and the making of middle-class respectability robert wuthnow reputation gloria origgi the language of global success tsedal neeley hardback 9780691175355 $29.95 £24.00 ebook 9781400888597 hardback 9780691175379 $26.95 £21.00 ebook 9781400888641 watch me play t l taylor perfect me heather widdows paperback 9780691183558 $27.95 £22.00 hardback 9780691165967 $80.00 £62.00 ebook 9780691184975 hardback 9780691160078 $35.00 £27.00 ebook 9781400889624 affordable housing in new york edited by nicholas dagen bloom matthew gordon lasner hardback 9780691176864 $35.00 £27.00 ebook 9781400888092 6 hardback 9780691167817 $39.95

economics organizations “an urgent wake-up call and a roadmap for equally urgent reform.” —darren walker president ford foundation the financial diaries following 235 families through a year of ups and downs this book challenges popular assumptions about how americans earn spend borrow and save and shows how changes in america have placed too much risk on the wrong shoulders jonathan morduch is professor of public policy and economics at the new york university wagner graduate school of public service rachel schneider is the omidyar network entrepreneur-in-residence at the aspen institute and a senior advisor at the center for financial services innovation october 2018 256 pages 14 b/w illus paperback 9780691183145 $16.95 £13.99 ebook 9781400884599 winner of the 2018 silver medal in economics axiom business book awards “a remarkably fine-grained portrait of how the spending habits of americans have evolved over the decades.”—economist the sum

politics “with this book wimmer’s impressive corpus merits inclusion in the canon of great works in historical sociology.” —david d laitin stanford university nation building why do some diverse countries achieve national integration while others are destabilized by ethnic inequality contentious politics or even separatism and ethnic war offering a long-term historical perspective and global outlook this book delves into the forces that encourage political alliances to stretch across ethnic divides andreas wimmer is the lieber professor of sociology and political philosophy at columbia university 2018 376 pages 18 b/w illus 44 tables hardback 9780691177380 $39.95 £30.00 ebook 9781400888894 princeton studies in global and comparative sociology andreas wimmer series editor “focused and fresh a must read for anyone seeking to understand the history of mexican migration to the united states.” —elizabeth aranda american journal of

religion “city of the good is an ambitious effort to tell the history of the interconnections between religion nature and community this is an important book.”—colin jerolmack author of the global pigeon city of the good city of the good urges us to embrace the plurality of our traditions— from the pagan to the bourgeois—and to guard against absolutism and remain open to difference and its endless creativity michael mayerfeld bell 2018 360 pages hardback 9780691165097 $35.00 £27.00 ebook 9781400887934 “one of america’s deepest thinkers on religion and the human condition.” —u.s news world report out of many faiths eboo patel former faith adviser to barack obama demonstrates how the genius of the american experiment lies in its empowerment of people of all creeds ethnicities and convictions eboo patel september 2018 240 pages 1 b/w illus hardback 9780691182728 $27.95 £22.00 ebook 9780691189000 our compelling interests

science “the ideas in this book are original profound and thought provoking.” —mario luis small harvard university how behavior spreads can the lessons learned from the viral diffusion of diseases be used to improve the spread of beneficial behaviors and innovations practical and informative this is a must-read for anyone interested in how the theory of social networks can transform our world damon centola is an associate professor in the annenberg school for communications and the school of engineering and applied sciences at the university of pennsylvania where he is director of the network dynamics group 2018 312 pages 53 b/w illus hardback 9780691175317 $35.00 £27.00 ebook 9781400890095 princeton analytical sociology series damen centola karen s cook and peter hedstrom series editors “an indispensable introduction to one of the most exciting frontiers in the social sciences by two of its pioneers.”—steven pinker harvard university author

education speak freely keith e whittington implausible dream james h mittelman the case against education bryan caplan hardback 9780691181608 $24.95 £20.00 ebook 9781400889884 hardback 9780691165189 $39.50 £30.00 ebook 9781400888085 hardback 9780691174655 $29.95 £24.00 ebook 9781400889327 an academic life hanna holborn gray the struggle to reform our colleges derek bok ever the leader william g bowen hardback 9780691179186 $29.95 £24.00 ebook 9781400889341 hardback 9780691177472 $29.95 £24.00 ebook 9781400888344 hardback 9780691177878 $29.95 £24.00 ebook 9781400888924 the history of american higher education roger l geiger pathways to reform alexandra w logue disruptive fixation christo sims hardback 9780691169941 $29.95 £24.00 ebook 9781400888337 paperback 9780691163994 $27.95 £22.00 hardback 9780691163987 $80.00 £62.00 ebook 9781400885299 paperback 9780691173061 $27.95 £22.00 ebook 9781400852055

new in paperback trans rogers brubaker becoming black political subjects tianna s paschel waiting for josé harel shapira paperback 9780691181189 $18.95 £14.99 ebook 9781400883233 paperback 9780691180755 $26.95 £21.00 ebook 9781400881079 paperback 9780691178448 $19.95 £14.99 ebook 9781400888450 hitler’s american model james q whitman sleepwalking into a new world chris wickham beyond the beat daniel b cornfield paperback 9780691183060 $14.95 £11.99 ebook 9781400884636 paperback 9780691181141 $24.95 £20.00 ebook 9781400865826 paperback 9780691183398 $24.95 £20.00 ebook 9781400873890 getting respect michèle lamont graziella moraes silva jessica s welburn joshua guetzkow nissim mizrachi hanna herzog elisa reis american zoo david grazian the mushroom at the end of the world anna lowenhaupt tsing paperback 9780691183404 $35.00 £27.00 ebook 9781400883776 paperback 9780691178424 $22.95 £17.99 ebook 9781400873616 15 paperback 9780691178325 $19.95

index order form qty isbn author title uk page price price qty isbn author title uk page price price cl 9780691175379 neeley language 6 $26.95 £21.00 pa 9780691178240 achen/bartels democracy 16 18.95 14.99 cl 9780691168821 o’brien keeping it halal 11 cl 9780691165097 bell city of the good 10 35.00 27.00 pa 9780691183190 ocejo masters of craft 4 19.95 14.99 cl 9780691172224 blair how the other half 4 29.95 24.00 cl 9780691175355 origgi reputation 6 29.95 24.00 cl 9780691167817 bloom/lasner affordable 6 39.95 30.00 pa 9780691180755 paschel becoming 15 26.95 21.00 cl 9780691177472 bok struggle to reform 14 29.95 24.00 cl 9780691182728 patel out of many faiths 10 27.95 22.00 cl 9780691177878 bowen ever the leader 14 29.95 24.00 cl 9780691175171 rivas-drake/umaña-taylor 13 29.95 24.00 cl 9780691182667 brint two cheers 13 35.00 27.00 cl 9780691158648 salganik bit by bit 2 35.00 27.00 pa 9780691181189 brubaker trans 15 18.95 14.99 pa 9780691183114 schmidt

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