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high load bearing and high speed hand held power tools tungsten tipped saw blade 50mm glass fibre reinforced plastic hook and loop fastener t 3 quick change tool post adjust taper roller bearing double row ball bearing double row ball bearings electronic speed control control unit 6 pin din to 8 pin din 8 pin din to 6 pin din 8 pin din to 7 pin din 7 pin din to 4 pin din use of dc motor in speed control industrial hand tools tolerances for cutting tools hand and power tools tools and equipment tools and equipments uses of tools scroll saw blades carbide router cutters 2mm slot cutter jig saw blades hss drill bits vacuum cleaner hose diamond coated grinding discs circular saw blade 8 circular saw blade cut off saw cut off saw blade sheet self adhesive silicone cut off saws milling drilling machine mill drill machines grey cast iron hot wire cutter heat shrink sleeve taper roller bearings 12 x 12 x 6 wooden box balancing lithium ion batteries precision ground steel spindle setting taper roller bearings stainless steel brush power tool lithium ion battery stainless steel brushes precision taper roller bearing chilled cast iron stainless steel casting hook and loop drilling and milling machine steel wire brush tapered roller bearing taper roller bearing

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the new battery-powered tools made in europe w main housing of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide other new products 2016 miller ff 500/bl with brushless drive made in europe • high quality 10.8v lithium-ion battery with 2.6ah for a performan comparable to their mains-powered counterparts • one battery charge will last at least 30 minutes even at maximum no other battery-operated power tool lasts longer in this class • all models with a special balanced powerful quiet and long-lastin dc motor 10,8 new volt /09 18 0 4 dm al l xo n design patent r igh ts by prox also available as cnc version with step motors and cnc controller see pages 63 and 65 micro-press mp 120 for precision mechanics and model making see page 50 microflam gas soldering set mgs for working with open flame or with catalyst unit in combination with adapters see page 31 note the new proxxon battery-powered tools are top-quality and their performance is comparable to our mains-powered counterparts for

compact light and well balanced with an extra powerful drive for a high material removal capacity sanding pads for ozi/e belt sander bbs/s 230 volt high durability corundum aluminium oxide pads grain filled with special filler to prevent premature clogging deposited on special backing paper self-adhesive no 28 891 80 grit no 28 893 150 grit no 28 895 240 grit 25 pieces 25 pieces 25 pieces hss cutting blade for ozi/e oscillates making it ideal for cutting metal wood pc cards plastics plaster of paris and many other materials the segment cut facilitates exact cutting right into corners no 28 900 ø 65mm 160 teeth powerful special dc motor quiet and long-lasting left-justified band grinder making it possible to process surfaces ‘right to the corner’ fine adjustment of rollers prevents lateral rolling off easy replacement of bands by means of a spring tension system without the use of tools housing is made of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide complete with screw clamp and

reasonably priced and indestructible 12 volt tools operated with micromot mains adapters of a power rating from 2a 12 volt precision drill grinder fbs 12/ef for precision drilling milling sanding polishing brushing de-rusting engraving chiselling and cutting includes keyless chuck capacity 0.3 – 3.2mm a precision ball bearing minimises spindle side play spindle lock button for bit changing obviates the need for spanners recessed spindle head for inserting micromot steel collets see page 6 special balanced low noise dc motor with high life expectancy variable speed control with feedback effect high engine power in the lower revolutions area housing of glass fibre-reinforced polyamide technical data direct voltage 12 – 18v 100w stroke 3,000 – 15,000rpm length 185mm weight 450g no 28 462 note for operation of fbs 12/ef and sts/e we recommend the use of micromot mains adapters with a power rating of at least 2a see page 21 jig saw sts 12/e ideal for curved sawing

bits and cutters for micromot drills and mills of industrial and dental qua wolfram vanadium milling bits for 10 3 non-ferrous metals 6 6 plastic plaster 3 3 no 28 722 no 28 727 2,35 2,35 no 28 725 no 28 724 wolfram vanadium steel milling bits selected wolfram vanadium steel purpose-made stable construction with head and shaft out of a single cious metals as well as plastics and plaster of paris all shafts Ø 2.35 or 3mm ideal for milling routing shaping profiling and slotting for clean and hss drill bits for metal plastic wood 0,5 6 0,8 44 6 no 28 864 1 44 8 no 28 852 1,6 1,2 44 8 no 28 854 10 44 no 28 856 44 no 28 858 hss drill bits selected steel quality purpose-made stable construction with high concentricity shaft and bit are manufactured from a one-piece blank high hardness for optimum life expectancy and elasticity for drilling metal nonferrous metals plastic pc cards and wood work speeds soft materials approx 8,000rpm hard materials approx 3,000rpm Ø shanks 2.35 tungsten

for fast reliable gluing of all work pieces delayed setting of adhesive allows for positional corrections micromot glue gun hkp 220 quick and reliable gluing of metal wood plastic including plexiglass glass ceramics stoneware cardboard leather polystyrene foams and textiles depending on the material and on the adhesive quantity applied the adhesive sets after about 30 seconds allowing positional corrections within this period of time impossible with instant glues the 7mm glue sticks are perfect for delicate work such as model building toy and jewellery making dried flower arrangements etc sensitive mechanical feed ensures correct glue quantity delivery integral stand positions gun on worktop when not in use short heating time technical data 230v ptc controlled element for exact temperature of 200 °c four glue sticks 7 x 100mm and 3 interchangeable metal nozzles are included in the set no 28 192 including 3 interchangeable metal nozzles replacement glue sticks for hkp 220 for

cuts aluminium wood pc cards and plastics with standard scroll saw blades with electronically controllable stroke rate scroll saw ds 230/e note you will find our larger scroll saw models ds 230/e and dsh on pages 40 and 41 adjustable head patent ep 09783341 offers many advantages see below use the vacuum cleaner adapter to keep your work area cleaner the ideal machine for the delicate job model building toy making and precision mechanics with electronic speed control ‘super-cut‘ scroll saw blades high quality steel for extended use and prolonged cutting capacity standard version without pin cuts soft wood up to 40mm hard wood up to 10mm plastics including pc cards up to approx 4mm and non-ferrous metals up to 2mm plane-milled die-cast aluminium table 160 x 160mm saw frame with 300mm throat made from very stable ribbed die-cast aluminium blade guide with integrated blower height adjustable head 3 positions offering two advantages – blade usage is improved as the

a precision machine for fine sanding work and minor material correction variable sanding speeds 250 – 800m/min disc sander tg 125/e with associated horizontal c-clamp with table but can also be fixed vertically quickly and safely to sharpen tools suction channel with adapter to connect a vacuum cleaner plane-turned sanding disc 125mm made of die-cast aluminium covered with silicone film this allows for effortless removal of sanding discs after use table tilting through 50° downwards and 10° upwards with angle stop with c-clamp for horizontal and vertical fixing see figure above for all wood types steel non-ferrous metals precious metals plastics also plexiglas and glass-fibre reinforced plastics powerful drive and vibration-free running thanks to balanced dc motor housing of glass-fibre reinforced polyamide aluminium table tilting downwards through 50° 10° upwards with angle stop planeturned sanding disc of die-cast aluminium covered with silicone film this

for engraving letters numbers and individual shapes engraving device ge 20 note professional drill/grinder ibs/e and clamping jaws are not included in the scope of delivery with standard 20mm collar for all micromot drilling and milling units which are equipped with steel collets for engraving letters numbers and individual shapes on metal plastics glass or stoneware for name plates jewellery or valuable materials also easy to manufacture miniature individual shapes engravings cut-outs and outline shapes even in series using self-made templates or commercially available templates plants animals coats of arms guide bar template holder holds a maximum of 14 letters template contours are precisely to be followed using the guide marker ball handle the lettering to be milled is scaled down during transfer the transfer ratio can be fixed at 2:1 3:1 4:1 or 5:1 by simply adjusting two screws the work piece is aligned and fixed on the movable guide block with clamping jaws here micromot

made in europe collet set with er 20 collets for extreme true concentric accuracy 2 – 10mm um and plastic for high precision machining of round parts the collet set is mounted instead of the lathe chuck with 8 collets 2 – 2.5 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 6 – 8 and 10mm packed in a wooden box no 24 038 4-jaw chuck with independent jaws for clamping angular and asymmetrically shaped work pieces capacity up to 80mm chuck Ø 75mm no 24 036 centre turning attachment for highest accuracy with high rotational precision this includes 1 face plate 2 fixed centres mk 2 and mk 1/short and 1 drive dog packed in a wooden box no 24 014 note the work piece pictured here is not included in the delivery professional gear chuck with mk 1 for the tailstock of the pd 250/e capacity up to 10mm no 24 020 quick change tool post – easy to use for quick tool change and easy height adjustment includes 2 tool holder elements no 24 026 additional quick change tool

digital position indicator for the miller ff 500/bl and other lathes and milling machines digital position indicator da 3.1 with large multi-function display 3 glass rulers with one sensor each and fastening elements reasonable for repetitive machining a second start point in addition to the zero point can be set anywhere most important computing functions calculation and indication of a centre position basic arithmetic operations positioning of drill holes on any straight lines and circular paths milling of inclined planes milling of radii in different levels technical data digital display 265 x 182 x 48mm for 110 – 230v 50/60hz glass rulers for travel distances vertical z-axis 220mm transverse x-axis 300mm depth y-axis 100mm with a 200cm metal-sheathed plug connection line to the display no 24 323 micromot adapter for use with high-speed micromot rotary tools in combination with the millers ff 500/bl and ff 500/bl-cnc the standard milling head is exchanged for the

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