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qa fact sheet adobe key tools adobe 101 creative cloud cs6 launched in 2012 and contained hundreds of upgrades from cs5 across all adobe programs as there was only a two-year gap between the launch of cs5 and cs6 qa provides training in both versions which are still in great demand across organisations we also provide new features training to show users the major changes between the versions adobe’s new cloud-based service that allows an easier and more collaborative approach for users tag inspector used to edit or add attributes or attributes’ values can also use quick tag editor to inspect insert and edit html tags without leaving design mode bone tool inverse kinematics ik is a method used in flash that allows symbol instances and shape objects to move in complex naturalistic ways with minimal design effort shortcut key m pen tool drawing tool frequently used to create paths either straight or curved lines shortcut key p eyedropper painting tool that samples and

qa fact sheet adobe our adobe trainers richard o’brien as qa’s principal technologist and product lead for adobe richard is heavily involved in the course curriculum and developing courseware for adobe products he has been a trainer for over 20 years delivering public and bespoke end-user business application training to thousands of delegates richard is a qualified member of the national association of photoshop professionals napp as well as an adobe certified expert ace and adobe certified associate aca why qa for adobe training in 2012 we trained over 100 adobe course events our adobe courses can be taught on both pc and mac platform – so you can learn on whichever system you use outside the classroom philippa joined qa after serving 13 years as the staff trainer for news international newspapers ltd where she taught staff how to draw for print link stories to the layout and prepare documents for press our adobe principal technologist is a member of the