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99 series the closest approach to the original

it is so much better in terms of high fidelity in its purest sense it reminded me how quad retain an almost unique grip on the concept ­ noel keywood hi-fi world the closest approach since peter walker formed the company in 1936 all quad products have displayed an originality in design born from a full and proper understanding of every aspect of sound reproduction a world leader in audio amplifier and electrostatic speaker design quad has over the years made a major contribution to the improvement of sound quality this contribution has been recognised by awards from around the world including the queen s award for technological achievement in 1978 quad owners enjoy the confidence of knowing that the complete system has been engineered to achieve optimal performance free from compatibility problems the history of quad is one of technical achievement in the field of sound reproduction it is a story that began with the quad 1 amplifier which brought the benefits of 15 years knowledge

for those with a penchant for a spot of mozart or an `it s been a long day wind-down with some ella or bird the quads are hard to beat ­ what hi-fi sound vision 99 series quad sound systems have always been able to give their owners the utmost pleasure and passion when they listen to music but now the 99 series brings more conceived as a fully integrated component system there is an assurance of absolute compatibility and the convenience offered by the high levels of intelligence exhibited in the control system each component within the 99 series is one of the finest examples of such available today excessively over-engineered in every respect ­ highly specified the 99 cd-p combined with the 99 stereo power amplifier and the 11l loudspeakers is a perfect entry to quad and a stunning system in every respect transformers audiophile components multi-layer circuit boards and the most advanced software appear in abundance throughout the system our reputation however is based upon

the 99 series is timeless in design and quality newer models such as the multiple award-winning cd-p and timeless classics such as the 909 which is still winning awards to this day ensure that when you choose quad you invest in a piece of audio equipment that will not only last a lifetime but will retain as much value and relevance for future generations as well

99 cd-p the 99 cd-p is an exceptional cd player ­ without doubt one of the finest and most advanced machines available it uses a stateof-the-art transport and dac and incorporates both fixed and variable level outputs so it can be used both with a preamplifier or to maintain the very cleanest signal path directly into a power amplifier the transport has a remarkable specification with an ultra-smooth servo to dramatically reduce `clock jitter the three laser pickup reads the disc with exceptional accuracy ensuring transparency and neutrality in reproduction the very latest 24 bit/192 khz upsampling crystal dac produces breathtaking detail and resolution opening a window to the recording to squeeze out every last subtle effect and sensation six digital inputs three coaxial and thee optical allow other sources to benefit from the on-board dacs and in certain applications negate the need for a preamplifier altogether 99 cd-s the 99 cd-s is a brand new model offering a similar level of

-effacing quad lets plenty of poke can detail and has taut d a smooth treble fm tuner in many countries fm radio still has the potential to provide the highest fidelity programme quality the quad 99 fm tuner has been designed to make the best use of that potential the uk has gained a world-wide reputation for the high-quality music broadcasts transmitted by the bbc and as a result british manufacturers such as quad have considerable experience in designing tuners that receive and reproduce music realistically the quad 99 fm tuner incorporates that experience in full the 99 fm tuner and 99 cd player are both connected to the rest of the system via our `quad link bus system which combines complete system control with balanced line audio transmission not only does this make the entire system remarkably easy to control but provides the cleanest audio signal possible pre-amplifier state of the art performance combined with unique operating features sets the quad 99 pre-amplifier apart

specifications model max line output level rca max output level quadlink frequency response total harmonic distortion thd signal to noise ratio s/n cd-p 2.4v rms 5.3v rms balanced 20hz to 20khz 0db 0.5db 0.002 at 1khz 110db 24bit 20hz ­ 20khz 95db 16bit 20hz ­ 20khz -100db at 1khz 0.5db 90db f=500hz cd-s 2.4v rms 5.3v rms balanced 20hz to 20khz 0db 0.5db 0.002 at 1khz 110db 24bit 20hz ­ 20khz 95db 16bit 20hz ­ 20khz -100db at 1khz 0.5db 90db f=500hz crosstalk gain error d/a convertor maximum resolution maximum sampling frequency upsampling digital audio inputs 24 bit 192khz x2 3 x rca coax 75ohm spdif 3 x optical toslink spdif optical toslink spdif cd-da conventional audio cd cd-r recordable cd finalised unfinalised cd-rw rewritable cd finalised unfinalised 80 x 321 x 310mm 4.5kg 24 bit 96khz x2 n/a optical toslink spdif cd-da conventional audio cd cd-r recordable cd finalised unfinalised digital audio output disc compatibility dimensions hxwxd weight 80 x 321 x 310

the 99 pre-amplifier has an intelligent control system to communicate with all components connected via the `quad-link connector fm tuner tuning range channel spacing sensitivity 30db quieting sensitivity 50db quieting 88 to 108 mhz 50 khz mono 8 dbuv mono 18 dbuv stereo 18 dbuv <1 uv 1.2 dbf mono 72 db a stereo 67 db a mono 0.03 stereo 0.05 1.5 db >100 db >60 db >80 db >60 db -40 db at 1 khz 50 us or 75 us 2 x 75 ohms un-balanced 70mm x 321mm x 310mm tape output level source impedance frequency response all inputs except mm mc mm mc inputs dimensions hxwxd ampbus output level source impedance 3 aux tape inputs sensitivity signal-to-noise-ratio distortion pre-amplifier 100 300 or 775 mv >97 db a ref.775 mv <0.002 full limiting signal-to-noise ratio 1mv 1khz distortion 1khz 25khz deviation capture ratio if rejection am surpression image rejection pilot tone surpression cross-talk de-emphasis aerial input dimensions hxwxd phono inputs mm mc sensitivity signal-to-noise-ratio

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