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Catalogue 2005 Quinting

summary the first mysterious chronograph in the world the unique mysterious chronograph in the world the first and unique watch in the world with sapphire movement the first and unique watch in the world with counter balancing forces the perfect transparency the mystical power of transparency the first transparent pocket watch 4 6 8 10 12 14

elegant q uinting m qsl51 odern effective and elegant the quinting chronograph is a challenge on its own first transparent chronograph in watch-making history its conception rose from a unique know-how and seduces by its audacity the quinting watch is born from a challenge its new clockwork is a revolution of the traditional watch-making techniques born from the imagination of 5 swiss engineers 7 years of research were necessary for its elaboration and setting qss52 today this exceptional watch is entirely made in switzerland in the quinting manufacture factory in neuchatel 2 qsl55

the unique mysterious chronograph in the world p qgl53 erfection is seldom a hazard as beautiful as amazing the quinting watch does not show its complexity its mysterious clockwork movement is the fruit of 237 components all manufactured exclusively for quinting 13 sapphire glasses specially plated and treated with antireflective bestow the dial its perfect transparency the quinting s spare pieces are made by order and exclusively for manufacture this complex watch emerges from an entirely mysterious qgl55 fabrication technology which is unique worldwide 4 qgg1

the first and unique watch in the world with sapphire movement m qsl53d odern discreet or elegant the quinting watches combine luxury and art-de-vivre sublime in its steel version or voluptuous in 18-carat gold the quinting watch can dress in diamonds to add an irresistible splendour unlike usual metal movements the quinting movement is made of sapphire that makes the jewel mysterious quinting an absolute its technical perfection and refined finishing touch its comfort and last but not least obvious sense of seduction make the quinting qsl52dd watch a perfect match for all moments 6 qglbs

the first and unique watch in the world with counter balancing forces t oday quinting manufacture is enriched with a new patent the first 3-hand transparent watch with counter balancing forces this technological wonder for man or woman is slightly smaller in diameter than the chronograph with flatter clockwork true watch-making revolution the elaboration and setting of the mysterious movement is entirely built at quinting manufacture factory its transparency meets the expectations of all passionate and it will enhance the beauty of those who wear it 8

the perfect transparency s ophisticated and elegant by day voluptuous and sensuous by night quinting`s transparency will express the unique individual essence of her or his being the perfection of transparency of this watch makes it a perfect jewel designed for those with a desire to excel some pieces of this elegantly designed model are decorated with diamonds beautifully set on its round or octagonal bezel quinting uses the finest and purest diamonds which are handset by highly trained diamond setters possessing a deep knowledge in old tradition of the swiss craftsmanship 10

the mystical power of transparency l ike the power of transparency the quinting watch possesses the mystical power of attraction quinting could capture transparency and make it hostage of its unique watch precious materials transformed into works of art exude charm featuring an extraordinary mechanism which is being made of sapphire is a jewel itself available in superior steel gold or with diamonds encrusted on the dial and bezel each watch is an original and exclusive creation 12

the first transparent pocket watch f aithful to its unique fabrication technology of transparent movements quinting uses its technology with brilliant audacity to create a contemporary version of our forefather`s timepieces a blend of old knowledge of the watchmaking industry with new technology the quinting`s pocket watch janus sharing its name with the roman god of the past and beginnings embodies an old tradition that looks to the future the front face features a chronograph hours minutes and seconds there is an instant date hand on the back side of the watch this exceptional timepiece released in a limited edition will take a worthy place in any prized watch collection 14

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