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essential beauty focused research in materials science and the innovative application of technology have enabled rado to create incomparable hightech materials our continuing exploration and creative use of these materials gives every rado watch unique character and value brilliance transparency durability hardness these values are inherent in our research and in the design and manufacture of our products ­ watches whose soft and silky surfaces reveal the essential and enduring beauty of rado s high-tech hard

10 000 9 000 8 000 7 000 vickers hardness scale we focus on the future we use hardmetal high-tech ceramics and high-tech diamond the durability and extreme hardness of these materials guarantee timeless beauty and brilliance the vickers scale is used to indicate hardness the higher a value the greater the resistance to scratches our materials commence at vickers 1,200 far higher than gold steel or platinum the top value of 10,000 is attributed only to natural diamonds and to the rado high-tech diamond surface 6 000 5 000 4 000 3 000 2 000 1 000 500 100 high-tech high-tech high-tech high-tech high-tech ceramics hardmetal sapphire lanthanum diamond crystal perspex aluminium gold platinum steel titanium mineral crystal diamond rado high-tech materials traditional watch

high-tech ceramics 1,200 -1,900 vickers high-tech brushed ceramics 1,200 -1,900 vickers we make extreme demands of the materials we use hardness alone is not enough innovation durability brilliance and skin-friendliness are equally essential in the mid-1980s rado engineers discovered a substance that fulfilled all these requirements but had not been used in the watch industry before high-tech ceramics extremely resistant it had been applied in medicine formula-1 motor racing and on the heat shield that enabled the space shuttle s re-entry into the earth s atmosphere our pioneering application of this material led to the iconic rado ceramica

we developed a great variety of colors apart from black white gold and platinum we currently offer high-tech ceramic watches in pink azure burgundy blue and metallic purple as well the raw material is ultra-fine zirconium-oxide or titaniumcarbide powder with a grain size of about 1/1000th mm approximately one fiftieth of the diameter of a human hair the powder is homogenized and granulated a process known as ceramics injection molding cim enables us to produce well-defined and highly complex shapes such as case or bracelet elements the pre-shaped forms are heated in a special furnace at a temperature of 1,450ºc this process is known as sintering and results in the full density and absolute hardness of all high-tech ceramic elements depending on the surface desired the individual elements are polished given a satin finish or further decorated brilliance tangible

tungsten-carbide powder is the basis of this legendary rado material at a pressure of 1,000 bar the tungsten-carbide powder is pressed by injection molding into blanks in a vacuum furnace at a temperature of 1,450ºc the blanks are sintered and take on their final form and hardness numerous additional steps follow before we finally create the unmistakable rado brilliance by polishing the surface with diamond powder in addition to the natural steel color of hardmetal we offer highly resistant coatings in gold and black the original an extraordinary

sapphire crystal 1,900 2,200 vickers a key design feature of all rado watches is our use of high-tech sapphire crystals convex dome-shaped or faceted they emphasize the dynamic profiles of our watches extending the seamless continuity of bracelet and case to the glass our innovative use of metallization on the surface of the crystal lends additional

sapphire is manufactured industrially based on ultra-fine aluminum-oxide powder crystallized in a verneuil furnace at 2,150ºc to a single sapphire nugget each nugget is cut into disks with diamond saws then calibrated faceted and polished in a lengthy process lasting approximately four weeks rado s characteristic metallization ­ the application of a thin material layer onto the crystal ­ is a highly complex process metallization takes place in vacuum chambers where the sapphire crystals are treated with a vaporization source the vaporized metallic layer covers the entire underside of the crystal and is subsequently structured in a photolithographic process the sapphire crystal and the decoration are significant defining elements of our design language lucidity scratchproof

in numerous processes the raw material is cleaned refined and pulverized rado s high-tech lanthanum is created by mixing lanthanum boride with boron carbide in a further processing stage blanks are subjected to extremely high pressure and brought to their final form in the sintering furnace at temperatures over 1,600°c the final polishing with diamonds which takes several hours gives rado high-tech lanthanum its incomparable mysterious radiance and fascinating deep purple color perfection from substance to

high-tech diamond 10,000 vickers for years our dream was to create the ultimate value in hardness 10,000 vickers the standard set by natural diamonds today after decades of research we use advanced nano-technology to create our high-tech diamond surface ­ and the hardest watch in the

we succeeded in transforming carbon into nanocrystalline diamond by recreating the atmosphere of the planet jupiter in a furnace we made it possible for a chemical mixture to create and accelerate the growth of particles into a thin coating of high-tech diamonds on hardmetal components the result absolute hardness innovation the ultimate