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High Tech Lanthanum Rado

high-tech lanthanum 2,300 3,200 vickers the lantano watch takes its name from a metal found in western australia central africa and brazil and used in the development of rado high-tech lanthanum with only 200 pieces made they are indeed rare beauties with a hardness value of up to 3,200 on the vickers scale hightech lanthanum is one of the hardest materials in existence perfection from substance to

in numerous processes the raw material is cleaned refined and pulverized rado s high-tech lanthanum is created by mixing lanthanum boride with boron carbide in a further processing stage blanks are subjected to extremely high pressure and brought to their final form in the sintering furnace at temperatures over 1,600°c the final polishing with diamonds which takes several hours gives rado high-tech lanthanum its incomparable mysterious radiance and fascinating deep purple