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little chubbies ages 1 at 2 ¾ these little chubbies are great for the smallest hands there are 2 different types available each group offers several different styles vehicles tractor car jeep truck airplane or helicopter and construction vehicles dump truck ladder truck tractor box truck or scoop truck both types are sold by the each assorted styles and colors will vary if you order multiples we ll try to assort 038278 construction assorted 2.20 1.95 031018 vehicle assorted 1.50 1.35 023613 gift set 13.00 10.25 make sure to get a nice assortment with this set of seven little chubbies vehicles chubbies ages 1 these 6 boats come in a variety of colors and link together for bathtub play 022346 1.80 1.60 chubbies boats ages 1 these little guys are adorable perfect first vehicles they are brightly colored have blunt edges are dishwasher safe and have smooth round wheels which are safe on your furniture plus at a size of 4-5 they re big enough for

this ingenious product takes nearly all of the mess and complexity out of the standard road set replacing it with fun that s endlessly customizable yet ready for play in minutes although the track is made up of tons of click-lock track pieces they come in several pre-constructed sections for a total 15 of track the track can be taken apart and interchanged at any point it is flexible to allow for hills and curves wherever you want to put them and it has railings so the cars won t go flying off the side additional features include a bridge four ramp pieces to construct two ramps one piece on either side of the track leading up to the bridge 2 elevation bump pieces for little hills or speed pumps two multi-directional connectors to get your cars moving on a different path and two quick little battery-operated cars to whiz around the track the track comes apart quickly and easily for storage and you can put it back together quickly and easily in the same way or in a whole new layout a

imex building sets ages 5 if action is what you are looking for these building brick models are great for adding excitement to any collection build a quick scene with some of the smaller sets or challenge yourself with a set that includes hundreds of pieces imex kits are compatible with other building brick brands and come with one or more figurines please see our website for colorful images and the number of pieces contained within each set most sets have between 100-250 pieces although they range from 20 pieces to more than 1000 pieces in general the more expensive kits contain more pieces choking hazard 1 not <3yrs action town construction 115-pc sets imex see website for more a cobra military and advanced builder sets with the construction sets you can create fully functional construction equipment each 19.99 15.99 018128 bulldozer 018239 crane 018268 digger cobra military sets add a new dimension to the small army sets ­ giving the air of stealth and elite forces to the

science fun humans are inquisitive by design ­ or perhaps we re just nosey whatever the case this periscope available in either green or red will come in super handy use it to look over those tall walls around tight corners to view fish underwater as a spy-scope from your clubhouse or in countless other situations where you might need to perform some optical gymnastics about 18 long it is made from durable molded plastic and shatter-proof mirrors easy-to-grip handles on either side of the periscope make it ideal for young children ­ and are big enough for adults to use comfortably too each periscope 24.99 21.00 041570 green 041571 red periscopes ages 4 sonic sleuth ages 6 tuning into sounds over 300 feet away this is the perfect tool for those trying to stay hidden or hoping to gather information at a distance this handheld unit is made of stealthy black plastic includes a frequency controller that reduces unwanted background noise and shuts off automatically at 85 decibels

can you match the colors color stix are long multi-colored sticks each adorned with 7 striped color blocks in red blue green purple yellow and orange the colors appear in a different order on each stick with some colors repeating and others not used at all this results in an assortment of sticks that look similar but are different when you stop to analyze them to begin the game divide the stix evenly among the players then players race to arrange their stix by matching colors before the timer runs out players line up their stix so that as many of the same color bands as possible appear in each row the more matching colors the more points you receive includes 42 color sticks 1 sand timer and instructions 049367 19.95 17.95 color stix game ages 5 a game and designing fun all wrapped up in one colorful tin this set includes 16 colorful dice four each of four different designs colors include red yellow blue green 13 challenge cards and 10 double-sided design cards each side

a very simple vocabulary game for verbal speed demons the goal to be the first to snatch up twenty points the tools of your domination 7 letter cubes and 30 category cards flip over a category card roll the dice and think of a word belonging in that category and starting with one of the 7 letters if you can yell it out grab that cube and claim a point your only limits are how fast you can think and snag rounds are quick and easy the game is very portable and travel-ready if you have a good vocabulary and quick hand and have a couple friends who do too bring this along 054833 12.00 10.50 word snag ages 8 almost no set-up time allows you to get going on this word guessing game fast choose a player to be the word hider who decides which word he will make with his letter cards and places the cards face down show the first letter of the word start the sand timer and start guessing if no right guesses players agree to show another card and keep guessing player who guesses correctly

are they trivia games or memory games actually they re both similar to the classic party game where you display a tray of objects study it hide it and write down as many objects as you can the first player draws a card and is given 10 seconds to study the facts and pictures on it before passing it to the next player the objects being studied are geography or science and nature themed and instead of merely listing items you can recall players are challenged to answer specific questions about the objects the first player rolls the die to see which question about the previously studied card he or she will have to answer questions can be found on the back of each card if the player succeeds in answering correctly they are awarded the card games can also be played solo by writing down answers and then checking them great quick games for learning interesting facts and helping improve memory games include 55-71 sturdy cards 10-second sand timer and 8-sided die 025804 animals

this is possibly the world s most difficult brainteaser perfect for puzzle enthusiasts and players who enjoy a challenge it takes 69 different moves to dismantle the puzzle and everyone will want to try to solve the mystery it s basically six colorful plastic interlocking puzzle pieces that form a knot sounds simple but take our word for it it s a challenge even if you ve already done it before luckily for those who might go insane trying to untie the knot a solution book is included 039990 11.99 9.25 baffling wire gordian s knot ages 8 orbo snap match puzzle ages 9 no pieces to lose with this color-matching orb-shaped puzzle 11 colored balls are moved around inside the orb so that they are positioned with the same-colored ring one position is always empty to allow movement of balls within the orb a spongy substance inside keeps the balls in place while allowing repositioning small diameter approx 2.5 means easy handling for little hands but challenging enough for an

when i was a kid i built everything i could out of cardboard airplanes spacecraft swords and even disastrously a suit of knight s armor these sets take all the cutting gluing and box hunting out of the creating each set comes with pieces that simply snap together as well as markers and stickers so you can customize your gear it s easy to make decorate and repair so don your armor your weapons and go adventure 1choking hazard 1 not <3yrs 054823 gladiator a 20.00 16.75 contains armor sword helmet shield markers and stickers 054822 hero pack 20.00 16.75 contains 3 swords a hammer shield markers and stickers 054824 knight b 20.00 16.75 contains armor sword helmet shield markers and stickers 054821 samurai 20.00 16.75 contains armor sword helmet markers and stickers cardboard adventure kits ages 4 b you ll love these impressive kits that include everything you need to create personalized works of art each kit includes a handcrafted wooden animal or object which is generally 4

nativity set with storybook ages 3 don t just read the nativity story to your kids let them act out this significant story with figurines of their own this great set includes a small 8-page storybook and 17 adorable nativity figurines including three wise men two shepherds two angels four animals mary joseph jesus a stable a tree and more the figurines are made from durable pvc plastic and are perfect for young kids figures are about 3 tall and the stable is about 5.5 tall and 10 wide not only is this one of the cutest nativity sets out there you ll have no problem letting your kids play with it 042051 25.00 17.95 especially for christmas this beautiful and sturdy advent calendar opens like a book to reveal a manger scene depicting mary and joseph baby jesus the three kings shepherds and animals when open it measures 17 across advent calendar windows appear in the sky waiting to be opened to reveal an inspiring scene 052494 16.00 12.95 3-d pop-up nativity