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tools and equipment and their meaning the story of the orchestra studies of the speech mechanisms of thinking example of the subject card in the library picture of the different parts of train nate the great and the missing key the way of the cross leads home the cross and the towers 20 tool the material type and the use of it 20 tools the material type and the use of it the clown from the movie it one day in the life of ivan denisovich your the first the last my everything music sample of illustration of author card the highest waterfall in the world example of an title card of the book example of an author card name of people call upon the name of the lord label the parts of the title card all the times the browns won cd for mrs frisby and the rats of nimh example of comprehension and extension of terms before and after the shape and shaping of prose parts and the uses of the speech mechanism what color is the b stand for in the color code types of ups and all types diagrames the crown the cross the christ meaning of part of speech your the first the last my everything the meaning of mechanism of speech the pigs the place illustrations of the organs of speech what are the different section in the library childrens safety products by the childrens factory christmas to remember the color of the christmas black and neon pink and green for god so loved the world by faith and not by sight parts and function of speech and mechanism what is the difference between a two core and a three core parts and speech and mechanism meaning and the parts of the card catalog roll of thunder hear my cry parts of organ of speech angels we have heard on high i could sing of your love forever open the eyes of my heart lord song track of the song serious lord i lift your name on high examples of title card of reading the angeles we have heard on high example of author card of a book drawing of the organ of speech lyrics of the songs of color it christmas what do you mean of table of contents

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table of contents home school helps 1 making supporting decision 1 overall philosophy 1 getting started 1 homeschooling ideas experiences 2 diana waring materials 4 approaches/methods 4 afterschooling 4 charlotte mason approach 4 classical approach 5 common sense dr ruth beechick .7 leadership education 7 traditional textbook 8 unit studies 8 montessori method 8 relaxed/unschooling 8 learning styles 8 gifted 9 learning difficulties 9 co-ops 11 high school 12 curriculum resources 13 assessments placement 14 learning objectives 14 learning frameworks 14 study skills

alphabet dice pk-ad these 30-sided dice provide unlimited opportunities for fun games and learning each die contains all 26 lowercase letters of the alphabet and 4 wild spaces consonants are shown in blue vowels in red y is in purple and the wild spaces are green challenge kids to roll the dice and name the letter make the letter sound or name an object animal or name that starts with that letter roll multiple dice and try to make words out of the letters rolled or make a sentence with each word beginning with the letters rolled roll several dice and challenge kids to put them in alphabetical order and whatever else you can think of each die measures 1.25 in diameter megan 047525 single die 1.50 1.20 047526 set of 4 dice 6.00 4.95 alphabet games alphabet match up memory game pk-k sturdy cards will stand up to lots and lots of little hands playing with them they almost feel plastic-coated brightly colored letters are combined with lively images of something

elegant essay 7-12 suppose your junior or senior high student has been through level b or c of the student writing intensive swi seminar and has a good understanding of how to write a paragraph using topic and clincher sentences he may even have a little bit of experience with essay writing but you feel he needs more instruction and practice with essays this course is for you focusing specifically on the structure and content of essay writing it s an extension and refinement of iew s unit viii the formal essay utilizing a four-step teaching strategy which includes preliminary instruction modeling practice with help and on your own work this ten-week course by lesha myers takes the student step-bystep through the essay-writing process teaching units include thesis statements essay organization transitions introductions and conclusions and end with descriptive and persuasive essay practice revised for 2011 the teacher s manual is now separate from the student book and includes

051457 grade 9 179.00 164.95 geometry covers geometry basics points and lines line segments rays planes and lines and points in planes students study definitions of angles degrees and measuring the size of angles they are taught to classify angles by size and relation and how to bisect an angle students study parallelograms properties of a trapezoid ration and proportions and the pythagorean theorem ninth grade students know derive and solve problems involving perimeter circumference area volume lateral area and surface area of common geometric features students know the definitions of basic trigonometric functions defined by the angles of a right triangle they also know and are able to use elementary relationships between functions 051442 grade 10 199.00 184.95 algebra ii students add subtract multiply and divide polynomials they will also work with complex fractions ratios and proportions the basics of quadratic equations the square root method and solving absolute

step-by-step explanation within a clearly-written narrative you may be able to find some of these at your library but we decided that these were keepers many titles are included in this series we have selected several at each level that we know to be worthwhile stage 1 books are for younger children pk-k while stage 2 books present somewhat more advanced concepts and include some hands-on activities that children can do themselves stage 1 books each book 5.99 4.50 the human body 003316 how many teeth 013340 i m growing 003317 my feet 005150 my five senses 003318 my hands 014691 sid the science kid a cavity is a hole in your tooth 019127 sid the science kid everybody move your feet 026599 sid the science kid why can t i have cake for dinner 000824 sleep is for everyone lrs1hb set of 9 above 53.91 33.95 plants and animals 002068 animals in winter 000823 baby whales drink milk 005154 big tracks little tracks 013337 bugs are insects 013338 dinosaurs big small 003308

speed best suits the student the teacher s manual includes plans for 3 4 and 5-day-a-week year-long schedules quizzes unit tests maps reading lists and charts are also included on the teacher s manual cd in pdf format as well as overhead transparencies and quicktime and powerpoint slideshow presentations that cover all of the teaching points from the course can be used with any translation ­ zach 047710 student manual 20.95 18.95 047711 teacher manual cd 31.95 29.95 christian adventure 9-ad the christian adventure begins for your student as they do an in depth study of pilgrim s progress and take a walk with christian the main character of the story through the adventures of being a believer although written as a 10th grade bible study this can be used at the junior high level with a combined group 7-12 or even use it alongside the book of pilgrim s progress as a literature study each chapter begins with a reading from pilgrim s progress excerpt is included in the book there is

voices from primary sources 5-12 this series of workbooks brings american and world history to life through the people who experienced it firsthand a number of primary source documents such as diary entries speeches political cartoons and photographs are included along with document-based questions that help build reading comprehension and social studies skills additionally voices from primary sources explains how to read and use secondary sources such as maps graphs and timelines a number of practice tests at the end of each volume evaluate students ability to work with historical documents most of these tests are presented in two parts shortanswer questions and essay writing helpful teacher resources are included such as an introduction explaining the importance of document-based questions and an overview of the workbook s layout as well as a highlight of the book s prominent features a list of objectives is provided to help teachers assess students understanding of major ideas

trail guide to u.s geography lapbook cd 2-7 designed as a supplement to trail guide to u.s geography this lapbook contains step by step instructions and colorful how to illustrations allowing novices and experienced lapbook-makers to easily follow along students will create lapbook pages for the geographical facts and features of each of the 50 u.s states and complete a literature unit using the included templates using the captain s dog by roland smith one thing i greatly appreciated is the reference page and week/lesson number at the top of each template making it easy to find information you are looking for quickly in the corresponding text instructions are also included to create a storage system utilizing a three ring binder these versatile lapbook activities may be used in place of the appropriate student notebook assignments or use as a review at the end of each week or unit each cd-rom contains printable pdf files of the templates and instructions allowing you to print as

sculpey e-z release push molds pk-ad these new products from sculpey make it easy for you to make perfect people and animals each themed mold makes 4-7 different things the unique sculpey mold trays allow you to easily remove the clay out of the mold without ruining its shape simply push clay into the mold flex the tray and release perfect sculptures every time 018560 family time 8.26 5.95 makes a mother father girl and boy 027308 sea life 8.26 5.95 makes a dolphin whale seahorse and fish sculpey flexible push mold pk-ad each mold 8.49 051777 letters numbers 051778 flowers leaves modeling clay van aken plastelene this oil-based modeling compound is known for its smooth consistency and brilliant color range it is self-adhering non-toxic never hardens remains pliable and can be used over and over it is easily molded by hand or with tools and can even be melted and poured into a mold for use by sculptors model makers clay animators and artists of all ages

the time machine 7-ad the unabridged classic tale of time travel adventure by h.g.wells in the onset of the story the man dubbed the time traveler is showing his friends the miniature version of the life-sized travel machine that he is working on as an editor psychologist narrator and other friends second-guess and debate with him the time traveler has answers for all of their questions just how is time travel possible it seems as though his friends are merely pretending to understand as the concept is much too mindblowing for any of them the time traveler gives them a taste of what happens when one time travels and sends his miniature on a trip before all of their eyes it disappears it still doesn t seem believable what happens in a couple days when they are all at the time traveler s house waiting to meet him for dinner and there s no sign of him he eventually appears looking as if he were run over by a truck and he has plenty of stories to tell it turns out he just finished the

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