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great stories albums cds you and your child will enjoy listening to the stories of people who faced adversity but pulled through with courage and determination these stories include people we have all heard of and people not as well known with some of the most courageous stories you can imagine in true your story hour fashion these stories will teach important values for good character building stories included on each volume are listed below each title each album 22.50 17.95 027873 volume 1 bravest one the emerald violin we bixby s stick together betsy s peanut butter manna all things for andrew a sheaf of grain the raven and the ring little em fanny crosby the gunner wore petticoats and johann sebastian bach 027874 volume 2 george washington henry ford honey creek heroine the autograph john hancock special strength the most important treasure the good neighbor sandy s singing bread on the waters louisa may alcott and the clock struck ten 027875 volume 3 robert e lee johnny appleseed the darling locomotive chase sacagawea the girl astronomer and precious burdens/parttime indian 027876 volume 4 the lady of longpoint a dog named bear elizabeth blackwell jamie where are you giving love away gold medal twins sara special kid grandma miller s farm a new little kid the yellow fever fighter lost the brown van and god bless 027877 volume 5 sojourner truth hudson taylor john newton and eleanor roosevelt 037524 volume 6 mystery of the open window celestrina s miracle woman of small importance mystery of the disappearing hole and 9 more stories 037526 volume 7 paul revere eli whitney mary jemison sybil ludington lucretia mott and the pony express 041766 volume 8 mysterious midnight ride don t go today grasshopper stew the sharpened knife the last stop café grandpa jack s attic at rainbow s end you can t run from god christopher the thin excuse cyberboy and the club 031321 volume 9 sir ernest shackleton sailing south the relentless ice castaways in a frozen world incredible voyage impossible journey amazing rescue the disappearing trucker three months under the snow alone for christmas the golden locket uncle tootsie roll the ring of fire thirteen o clock and the wall of god 760 bible direction setting biblical goals for our children unlearning worldly methods of parenting and learning god s ways of communicating and disciplining round out the first section of the book part two divides childhood into three age categories and provides training objectives and procedures for each age group finally a handy scripture-reference-to-book-page index helps you find pertinent sections for day-to-day application god intended the bible to be a practical guide for living this book helps us to character-building supplemental extract the portions applicable to parenting and put them into practice blessing charts pk-12 9.95 positive character traits don t usually come 000239 13.95 naturally to children so having a chart that will remind them of specific traits and give them instructing a child s heart ad picking up where shepherding a child s rewards is a simple way to keep them in mind each of these charts lists 10 traits cheerfulness heart left off this book by tedd and marcy thankfulness peacemaking truthfulness obedi tripp continues to examine biblical truths and ence submissive to authority/honoring pleasant apply them to the important job of parenting it words/wise speech reverence in church kind focuses more on formative instruction ­ that is ness/gentleness/mercy diligence and giving how to teach your children in a way that molds sharing a little illustration is presented next to them into productive god-honoring members each trait to add some visual appeal to the chart of society the first section of the book explains the next column of the chart lists a few bible the need for formative instruction goals to set verses that mention the trait and show children and parental responsibility for the upbringing of that the trait is important to god and exemplify their children the second section of the book ing it will lead to blessings the last column of focuses on more specific truths about training the chart is blank so you can mark off when the your children like the importance of the heart trait is demonstrated or list an award children god s plan for authority wisdom and foolishwill get for showing it we carry two versions ness the importance of the church and more of the chart the smaller color version is 8.5 the last section gives practical tips on how to x 11 and is laminated so you can write and apply biblical correction discipline and motirewrite on it with a dry-erase marker the back vation while raising your children and prompts of this chart lists uses for the chart as well as parents to use every opportunity to show the good reward ideas the larger version measures gospel and god s character and grace to their 16 x 22 is black and white and is just paper children full of personal stories bible pasnot laminated it includes a separate booklet sages and practical christ-centered encouragethat gives the same information as the back of ment and instruction this book will be a great the laminated chart a great way to remind kids help to parents looking to instill a god-honoring of the importance of being christ like ~rachel heart into their children 188 pgs pb ~rachel 9.95 each chart 6.50 043944 13.95 047291 color and laminated 8.5 x 11 047290 black and white 16 x 22 047958 volume 10 mice in the ice box theodore roosevelt teedie grows up the western adventure man of courage the youngest president man of vision the river of doubt roentgen s ray fleming s mysterious ring florey chain and the magical mold the story of penicillin i love mathematics and the schoolchildren s blizzard i prayed for others today book chart 3-12 053780 1.50 parenting shepherding a child s heart ad too often we parents fall into the same way of thinking as the prophet samuel did when he was looking for saul s successor as king god corrected him in 1 sam 16:7 saying man looks at the outward appearance but the lord looks at the heart our parenting tends to focus on proper behavior rather than proper attitude ted tripp with 20 years of experience as pastor counselor school administrator and father encourages us to use god s guidance to alter our focus he believes that what a person becomes is made up of both the child s environment and the child s reaction to his environment sure as a parent you want to provide the best possible home in which to raise a child but it is the heart attitude that will see a child and later the adult through times when circumstances are more trying so the emphasis of this book is to help a child develop a godward orientation however the book is not ethereal but practical as parents we have been given authority to direct our children s upbringing under god s how to have a h.e.a.r.t for your kids ad have you ever longed for a veteran homeschool mom to take you by the hand and share her life with you the ups and the downs of the homeschool journey the real and living grace that only god can provide for the life he has called us to meet rachael a mom who heard god s call to educate and disciple her children at home a mom who s path into homeschooling began with much yelling and screaming clue it was not the children a mom who by god s grace learned to have a h.e.a.r.t for her children a mom who is a great deal like me and possibly she may just be a bit like you through honest sharing bible study and prac see page vi for key to consumer product safety improvement act warning labels.