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black knight playset pk-5 a bit more elaborate than the sets above this set contains a plastic helmet sword knife shield and arm band the sword and knife are shinier and more realistic-looking than the all-one-color swords in the black and silver sets 038539 20.00 15.95 gladiator set pk-5 if you were a barbarian fighting against the romans in ancient times you could be captured sold as a slave and trained to become a roman gladiator kids can pretend to be this intimidating menace of war with this five-piece play set complete with a golden helmet sword breastplate and shield doubles as a fantastic halloween costume 032106 16.50 12.95 wooden sword and shield sets k my interest in medieval times will never leave me i love to swordfight and i wish these sets existed when i was younger now your kids can dress up like knights and carry more realistic weapons not just sticks the swords are 14 inches long and the shields fit right onto your arm with straps

wild safari bagged sets these bagged sets include a themed selection of safari ltd animals and a laminated educational card school assortments include educational activities as well 023059 n.a wildlife #2 54.99 42.75 fox wolf beaver big horn ram bald eagle grizzly bear bison grey squirrel w acorn doe and buck 018795 prehistoric mammals 29.99 22.95 woolly mammoth woolly mammoth baby smilodon ambelodon and andrewsarchus safari school assortments these bagged sets of safari replicas also include a little something extra ­ educational activities related to the figures the figures are the same high-quality safari ltd replicas also sold individually bagged together for extra value while the lesson plans feature some educational objectives and several reproducible activities if you d like to stretch their use beyond pretend play 047792 animals of the sea 54.99 32.50 includes beluga whale and calf killer whale and calf great white shark dolphin and dolphin calf sea lion sea turtle and

036095 large bulk set 45.95 42.50 looking to add more basic duplo® bricks to your collection this 144-piece set contains bricks in a variety of standard duplo colors and sizes including bricks with eyes wings rounded-edges and more 036097 xl bulk set 179.95 164.95 this massive set contains 550 duplo® bricks including both standard and special bricks for unlimited building possibilities set includes door/window bricks windmills vehicle bases fences illustrated bricks figures bricks with eyes and more a great overall starter set especially for families with multiple young children who are sure to be playing at the same time 036094 duplo® building plates 26.95 25.95 if your kids love to build complete scenes or large buildings with their duplo® blocks consider this set of two large 38 cm square approx 15 building plates that provide a sturdy base for large constructions includes one red and one green plate lego® construction sets pk-ad choking hazard 1,5

the set instructions included show kids how active play outdoor toys to make 4 models and the designs for many more await in the mind of your little creator slinky ­ original metal k-ad compatible with all gears gears gears sets the classic toy in its original form it s surprisrequires 3 aa batteries not included ing how much fun and entertainment this coil choking hazard 1 not <3yrs of thin metal can provide unlike many newer 032643 44.99 33.25 types of slinkies that are made from plastic this is made from the traditional silver metal walk movin monkeys pk the slinky down stairs or slopes or just move it it s a jungle in here this 136-piece set is full rhythmically back and forth in your hands a of monkeys trees vines and gears each favorite toy for kids of all ages turn of the gears produces movement with the 023860 5.50 4.95 monkeys hanging spinning and swinging kids can construct the jungle scene designed in the instructions or as many

i spy memory mini game on peggable card pk-3 play i spy on the go with this portable version of the classic memory game kids will enjoy matching pairs of cards with each colorful card containing an image of assorted and grouped small objects for an added challenge study the cards closely to find the objects specified in the riddle cards this set contains 24 i spy memory cards 6 i spy riddle cards and instructions all housed in a sturdy 3 x 3 plastic case lisa 044972 4.99 3.95 the first snake is in progress if the card can t be matched then it becomes another starter snake players take turns drawing pieces building on to snakes when they can and starting new ones when they have to ultimately you want to finish a snake to score points which means completing a snake with a head or tail or connecting two partially completed snakes into one long snake when a player completes a snake they have to hisss and move it to their snake pit when all of the cards have been

automobile game 7-ad from the makers of settlers of catan comes automobile a game that takes you back to the early days of america s car industry pit your entrepreneurial skills against 2 to 4 other players to design manufacture and sell cars in the early 20 th century players make decisions about research and development quality production and marketing in 2 hours time you may be the equal of henry ford william durant and walter chrysler 049359 50.00 40.00 apples to apples 7-ad when this sample arrived our game testing department steph and i sat down to try it out we recruited one of our friends read the directions and started playing it was a blast it had us all laughing within minutes claiming we hadn t quite gotten the full effect because we d only played with 3 people we talked mom into joining us for a little while even after she had to leave we continued playing until we ran out of cards it was the most entertaining new game i d played in a long time there are

board grid you are allowed to start a tower on the corner itself but beware ­ if your opponent makes another corner say by adding just one block below your l they can put their block on the tower and claim it as their own do you keep fighting over the same corner or work on creating a different tower elsewhere all up to you you win by creating as many corners and topping as many towers as possible ­ how you go about it is your choice two players mark 046835 29.99 25.95 lord who occupies the most building squares wins control of the city and all therein this is a quality tactical game available in several attractive versions the wooden version has beautiful light and dark pieces for even more fun monumental moves features pieces modeled after famous buildings from around the world easy to learn yet challenging to master it will provide countless hours of entertainment 001271 wood 40.00 34.50 033546 monumental moves 69.99 57.95 029890 travel game 29.99

3 in a cube ­ 1 ea red white blue 5mm dice pk-ad large hollow clear cube containing three miniature dice for game play dice are unattached and each display numbers 1-6 dice colors include red white and blue tasha 023929 1.00 single spot six colored dice k-ad instead of rolling 1 through 6 how about rolling blue or purple this 20mm six-sided square die features a large colored spot on each side in the following six colors blue black purple green red and yellow use this die to invent your own games quiz young children on their colors or swap them with your regular dice to add variety next family game night lisa choking hazard 1,5 not <3yrs void puzzle 3-ad 053872 14.95 daily puzzle 3-ad 054457 7.99 12.50 6.25 each deluxe puzzle 20.00 051029 dolphin 033491 golden horse 033519 xl castle 3d car puzzles 1-3 each puzzle 24.95 052438 formula one race car 052441 turbo car 15.75 047536 1.00 plastic dice cup

offer many new ideas like mirroring equal pacing and moving joints divided into categories like reaction cooperative and expression these games develop coordination physical exercise originality and build self-confidence activity puzzle books kits variety invisible magic picture books pk-8 these small booklets measuring 4 x 5.75 include 16 pages of unique puzzles to solve each page has some black and white background illustrations a clue hinting at what the invisible picture will be for example i am a small green or yellow bird that loves to sing and then a blank area on the page after you guess what object is being discussed simply rub the blank area with either a coin or a pencil and the animal will magically appear rachel each book 1.50 1.30 018759 abc 046528 animals 018779 flowers 018780 forest animals 018781 pets dover mini activity books k-5 these economical pocket-sized 4.2 x 5.75 books can lead to hours of fun each book features mazes connect the dots

050838 pets 050839 ponies 050840 time for school 046556 trucks 050841 under the sea 050842 zoo 050832 big sticker book of animals 17.99 12.75 includes animals zoo pets under the sea and farm build a picture sticker books pk-3 you won t find a shortage of stickers or scenes in these picture books each scene has a specific goal for your child to accomplish giving them a clear starting point each numbered double-page scene has a similarly numbered sticker sheet matching the scene and goal of the original page this may be helpful for the child who enjoys sticker books but doesn t have a clear idea of what to do with the stickers the sticker book is large 11 x 8 ½ which makes the scenes very easy to place stickers in sc stephen 052634 trains 6.99 5.50 052635 trucks 6.99 5.50 christmas sticker book pk-3 this usborne sticker book provides activities kids are sure to love during the christmas season there are 13 colorful 2-page christmas scenes for