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how to get rid of a vampire using ketchup garlic cloves and a bit of imagination by j.m erre translated by sander berg zazie has just received a beautiful new notebook and decides to keep a diary brimming with imagination she writes down her impressions of her cat roudoudou her awful cousin lucas and her new teacher mr labat who with his pale skin and blood-red lips must surely be a vampire in order to save her life and those of her classmates zazie must find a way to get rid of mr labat and what better way than by following the advice found in bram stoker s dracula sparkling funny and a bit wacky how to get rid of a vampire using ketchup garlic cloves and a bit of imagination is as entertaining and original as its brave and loveable heroine the voice of the main character zazie is really original and funny i am sure lots of young readers will fall in love with her elisabetta minervini publisher alma books on sale 29/8/2017 5.04 x 7.80 • 96 pages b/w 9781846884221 •

moral fables by giacomo leopardi translated by j.g nichols alongside his monumental notebooks and the poems collected in canti which make him one of italy s greatest and best-loved poets giacomo leopardi penned a number of fictional pieces mostly in the form of gently humorous dialogues in which he dealt with philosophical ideas and many of the metaphysical questions that preoccupied his restless spirit first published in 1827 and here presented in a new translation by j.g nichols along with thoughts leopardi s own selected pearls of wisdom and gems of social observation this volume will enchant both those who are familiar with and those who are new to the works of italy s last great polymath author bio alma books on sale 29/8/2017 5.04 x 7.80 • 288 pages 9781847495808 • $19.00 • pb fiction classics giacomo leopardi was born in recanati a small town in the italian marches in 1798 renowned in his youth as a classical scholar he suffered from poor health all his life

far from the madding crowd by thomas hardy bathsheba everdene is a headstrong young woman who attracts the attentions of a succession of ill-matched suitors a quiet sheep farmer a handsome soldier and an older wealthy landowner as the men vie for her affections she struggles to retain her independence of spirit in the face of their declarations introducing readers to the fictional county of wessex thomas hardy s fourth work of fiction was one of his greatest triumphs both commercially and critically its tale of passion jealousy and unrequited love is now regarded as one of the finest novels of the nineteenth century and one of the greatest love stories of all time far from the madding crowd is the first of thomas hardy s great novels and the first to sound the tragic note for which his fiction is best remembered margaret drabble alma books on sale 29/8/2017 5.04 x 7.80 • 384 pages 9781847496300 • $11.00 • pb fiction classics series evergreens author bio thomas

dubliners by james joyce james joyce s first published book which he wrote when he was still in his twenties dubliners is far removed from the bold experimentalism of his later work but is essential for understanding the author s development as a writer and endures as a masterly example of the short-story form although ranging considerably in tone mood and milieu the fifteen short stories included in this collection all centre around the city of dublin and its inhabitants at the beginning of the twentieth-century from the unsettling adventure of two truant schoolboys to the crafty schemes of two con-men from a young woman s refusal to abandon ireland and elope with a sailor to a man s moment of clarity during an annual dance party these stories offer a moving portrait of an entire world and era which has all but disappeared his writing is not about something it is that something itself samuel beckett alma books on sale 29/8/2017 5.04 x 7.80 • 384 pages 9781847496317 •

pollyanna by eleanor h porter illustrated by kate hindley the orphan girl pollyanna moves in with her miserable aunt in new england despite being unwanted pollyanna s exuberance and positivity affect everyone who meets her and she spreads joy and love wherever she goes but when tragedy strikes pollyanna finds her optimistic attitude tested and she must learn to find happiness again a heartwarming tale that has become one of the most loved children s stories of all time eleanor h porter s 1913 bestseller the first in a long series of pollyanna novels by the author and other writers is a beautiful story with a powerful moral message the classic tale of a glad-hearted little orphan girl whose positive take on the most adverse circumstance is a lesson for us all -sunday times author bio alma books on sale 29/8/2017 5.04 x 7.80 • 288 pages b/w 9781847496409 • $14.99 • pb juvenile fiction classics • ages 9-11 years american novelist eleanor h porter 1868-1920 is