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dead men tell no tales dead men tell 3 kinds of english book dead men public speaking power of his love the pioneer one in paris the passion book lover story book paperback books political books brand book extra book real books book mark book display note book language books book ends book end extension springs spring extension sisters looming ambition sublimated sublime masterpiece pioneer t 480 s 480 480 x 8 l 480 e 480 f anti s 320 live love move 3 way picture power chain new departure w 11

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alma classics august 2018 the plays the cherry orchard the three sisters the seagull and uncle vanya anton chekhov this new translation of chekhov’s best-loved plays is fully annotated and includes pictures and an extensive section on chekhov’s life and works the most widely staged dramatist after shakespeare chekhov left a deep mark both on the development of russian literature and world theatre with plays that were remarkable not just for their dialogue but their atmosphere and the tensions expressed between the lines fiction classics alma classics 8/28/2018 9781847496683 $8.00 $11.00 can trade paperback 320 pages 7.8 in h 5 in w collected in this volume are chekhov’s four most celebrated plays – the seagull uncle vanya three sisters and the cherry orchard – in a brand-new translation by hugh aplin in these personal stories of unfulfilled love failed ambition and existential ennui set against a background of unsettling social and economical

alma classics august 2018 a tale of two cities charles dickens a new edition of one of dickens’s best-loved works with pictures and an extensive section on dickens’s life and works as the revolution is still raging in france in london the barrister sydney carton and the exiled french nobleman charles darnay find themselves rivals for the affections of lucie manette the daughter of a political prisoner who was released from the bastille and moved to the english capital through a chain of events they both end up in paris where they are caught up in the anarchic forces of the terror and find themselves facing the looming threat of the guillotine fiction classics alma classics 8/28/2018 9781847496607 $8.00 $11.00 can trade paperback 448 pages 7.8 in h 5 in w representing a departure from the social satire of most of his other novels and deemed by dickens himself to be “the best story i have written,” a tale of two cities is a powerful historical novel about

alma classics august 2018 the italian ann radcliffe a beloved classic presented with extra material about the author and her books including notes first published in 1797 the italian with its archetypal villain schedoni its intense romance and its sublime depiction of landscape is the masterpiece of gothic fiction fiction classics alma classics 8/28/2018 9781847497031 $13.00 $17.50 can trade paperback 480 pages 7.8 in h 5 in w enlisted by the marchesa di vivaldi the perfidious monk schedoni casts a malevolent presence throughout the book as he tries to thwart the passion of the two young lovers vincenzo di vivaldi and elena di rosalba against the backdrop of the catholic inquisition and the unforgettable scenery of the bay of naples and the apennines the italian celebrates the heroic struggle of love in the face of malice and deceit ann radcliffe 1764–1823 is the pioneering author of classic gothic novels such as the mysteries of udolpho and the italian which spawned

alma classics august 2018 dead men tell no tales and other stories Émile zola a new and unique edition of some of the best stories by the father of naturalism Émile zola in contrast with the epic scope of the rougon-macquart novels zola’s short stories are concerned with the everyday aspects of human existence and the interests of ordinary people fiction classics alma classics 8/28/2018 9781847496966 $13.00 $17.50 can trade paperback 224 pages 7.8 in h 5 in w from the cruel irony of ‘captain burle’ to the rabelaisian exuberance of ‘coqueville on the spree’ these stories display the broad range of zola’s imagination using a variety of tones from the quietly cynical to the compassionate from the playful to the tragic contains dead men tell no tales coqueville on the spree captain burle and shellfish for monsieur chabre Émile zola 1840–1902 is the foremost representative of the naturalist school and is best remembered for