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b l o oms bury usasept emb e r 2017 halo warfleet 343 industries this official guide to the spacecrafts of the halo universe from the game’s developers is the perfect gift for fans of the games halo warfleet is the official authoritative guide to spacecraft in the halo universe featuring ten intricately detailed full-color cross-sections of the franchise’s most renowned ships including the pillar of autumn truth and reconciliation infinity and shadow of intent discover encyclopedic information which reveals the secrets of covenant unsc and forerunner weapons sensors fighters planets and more games ac tivities video electro n ic bloomsbury usa 9/5/2017 9781681196633 $28.00 $37.00 can hardcover 96 pages 13.8 in h 10.4 in w m ar keting major social media support from 343 industries targeted advertising campaign at publication coverage in gaming pop culture and holiday roundups exclusively published by microsoft studios and developed by 343 industries the halo

b l o oms bury usasept emb e r 2017 why write a master class on the art of writing and why it matters mark edmundson from one of america’s great professors author of why teach and why read?—an inspiring study of the importance of writing well for creators educators students and anyone who writes why write la n g ua g e ar t s discip li n e s composition cr e at ivewriting bloomsbury usa 9/12/2017 9781632863072 $16.00 $22.00 can trade paperback 288 pages 8.3 in h 5.5 in w other available formats hardcover isbn 9781632863058 m ar keting coverage in paperback columns nationwide ebook promotion of author’s backlist digital assets excerpts available on social media campaign at publication feature placement on bloomsbury website at time of publication al s o ava ilabl e why teach in defense of a real education 8/2014 9781620406427 trade paperback $16.00 $18.00 can why teach in defense of a real education 8/2013 9781620401071 hardcover

a bsolute pr e s s oc tober 2 0 1 7 cow pie recipes and other stories jesse dunford wood jesse dunford wood presents his fun unique riffs on classics british dishes with his infectious humour and brilliant writing style jesse dunford wood presents a delightfully wacky delicious and irresistible collection of british classics with a twist and a turn based around the premise that food should fun for all and that flavour is key cow pie sits alongside retro favourites such as chicken kyiv and a wealth of wittily conceived much-loved british dishes beautifully realised through great photography cooking region al ethnic e n g li s h scottish wels h absolute press 10/24/2017 9781472938497 $30.00 $40.00 can hardcover 192 pages 9.7 in h 7.4 in w specially commissioned photography of these playful dishes throughout the book cow pie and other stories is intended to be the ultimate fun cookery book great to give and great to receive a cookery book to make you smile and to make you

b l o om s b ury u s a octob er 2017 subway therapy voices of humanity matthew levee chavez a deeply moving candid and inspiring collection of personal missives and color images from the most expressive subway wall in the world a tribute to the diverse voices of a teeming city photog ra p h y s u bj ects themes region al bloomsbury usa 10/24/2017 9781635570809 $25.00 $34.00 can hardcover 144 pages m ar keting pre-publication bea launch event broad consumer review campaign broad bookseller and influencer buzz building seek major first serial placement prepub at publication national consumer advertising campaign targeting print and online broad national print broadcast and online media campaign social media campaign featuring images and more new yorkers are never short on opinions and matthew “levee” chavez observed in early 2016 that given the chance they wanted to talk he brought a table and chairs to subway platforms and spoke with anyone keen on conversing a

b l o oms bury s h ir e pu b l icat i on s oc tober 2017 london s statues and monuments revised edition peter matthews a fully revised and updated guide to the statues and monuments to be seen within the city of london and greater london arc hitecture histo ry bloomsbury shire publications 10/24/2017 9781784422561 $14.00 $19.00 can trade paperback 256 pages 8.3 in h 5.9 in w al s o ava ilabl e who’s buried where in london 3/2017 9780747812968 trade paperback $19.95 $25.95 can the streets and public spaces of london are rich with statues and monuments commemorating the city’s great figures and events—from nelson’s column in trafalgar square and sir christopher wren’s great fire monument to the charming peter pan statue in kensington gardens the range is glorious some commemorate events while others celebrate people real or fictional some take the form of small reliefs while others are huge larger-than-life bronzes on pedestals executed in

ad lard co lesn ov emb e r 2017 off the deep end a history of madness at sea nic compton a unique study into why historically sailors have been seven times more likely to suffer from severe mental illness and how the sea continues to have the power to drive humans mad histo ry w o rld adlard coles 11/7/2017 9781472941121 $24.00 $32.00 can hardcover 256 pages 9.2 in h 6 in w m ar keting digital assets sampler available on issuu and outreach to boat shows and cruising associations press release to nautical/sailing magazines websites and blogs sail cruising world 48 north boating us sailing online nautical display campaign social media campaign upon publication assets to include infographic timeline inclusion in 2017 nautical gift guide single-title email to nautical subscribers in the eighteenth century the royal navy’s own physician found that sailors were seven times more likely to suffer from severe mental illness than the general population on the high

b l o om s b ury cont inuum dece mb e r 2 0 1 7 churchill the statesman as artist david cannadine an entirely new perspective on churchill and his paintings complete with essays by churchill himself some of which have never before been published when winston churchill suffered most severely from his “black dog,” he took to painting in order to express the inexpressible throughout his life he would withdraw to paint his paintings throw fascinating light upon his character and its vicissitudes and thus are key to understanding his personality as a great statesman biog ra p h y au tobiog ra p h y presidents h e ad sofs tat e bloomsbury continuum 12/5/2017 9781472945211 $35.00 $47.00 can hardcover 256 pages 9.2 in h 6.1 in w 25 full colour illustrations throughout m ar keting press release to culture/history outlets outreach to museum stores issuu sampler available on this book generously illustrated in full color with examples of his painting consists

o s pr e y pu blish in gsepte mb e r 2 0 1 7 dutch armies of the 80 years’ war 1568–1648 2 cavalry artillery engineers bouko de groot a fully illustrated study of the tactics costumes armor weapons and flags of the dutch armies as they fought for independence from spain during the 80 years’ war histo ry modern 16 thcentu ry osprey publishing 9/19/2017 9781472819147 $18.00 $24.00 can trade paperback 48 pages 9.8 in h 7.2 in w 0.2 in t 40 b/w 7 col m ar keting promoted in osprey eblasts direct mail blogs and social networking sites promotions sponsorships and giveaways at military history events targeted review campaign to such military publications as mhq and military history review and feature campaign to military blogs and websites al s o ava ilabl e throughout the sixteenth century the spanish had an aura of invincibility they controlled a vast colonial empire that stretched across the americas and the pacific and held considerable territories in europe

o s pr e y pu blish in g octob er 2017 the frozen chosen the 1st marine division and the battle of the chosin reservoir thomas mckelvey cleaver the dramatic story of the desperate battle of the chosin reservoir where the outnumbered u.s marines held off vastly superior chinese forces in an epic battle that made history the frozen chosen is an account of the breakout from the chosin reservoir in north korea by the first marine division following the intervention of red china in the korean war fought during the worst blizzard in a century it is considered by the united states marine corps to be “the corps’ finest hour.” histo ry m ili tary koreanw ar osprey publishing 10/24/2017 9781472824882 $15.00 $20.00 can trade paperback 296 pages 7.8 in h 5.1 in w 66 b/w 10 col other available formats hardcover isbn 9781472814364 based on first-person interviews from surviving veterans who came to be known as the frozen chosen this is an incredible story of heroism and

o s pr ey game s n ov emb e r 2017 bolt action campaign the road to berlin warlord games scenarios and special rules for the bolt action rules covering the fall of berlin games ac tivities rolep lay i n g fa n ta s y osprey games 11/21/2017 9781472817921 $30.00 $40.00 can trade paperback 96 pages 9.5 in h 7.5 in w 80 b/w 32 col as the allies advance toward germany they face dogged resistance from the hard-pressed german forces take command of the allies in their final push to end the war in europe or hold fast as the german defenders as the fight is brought to your door this new campaign book for bolt action offers new linked scenarios rules troop types and theatre selectors and provides plenty of options for novice and veteran players alike warlord games is one of the world’s leading producers of wargaming miniatures as well as the publisher of the successful black powder and hail caesar rule sets their bolt action range of 28mm world war ii miniatures is the most

o s pr e y pu blish in gdec emb e r 2 0 1 7 armies of the first carlist war 1833–39 gabriele esposito a dramatic and colorful aftermath to the peninsular war in spain histo ry modern 19 thcentu ry osprey publishing 12/19/2017 9781472825230 $18.00 $24.00 can trade paperback 48 pages 9.8 in h 7.2 in w will illustrate as wide a range of uniforms as possible m ar keting promoted in osprey eblasts direct mail blogs and social networking sites promotions sponsorships and giveaways at military history events targeted review campaign to such military publications as mhq and military history review and feature campaign to military blogs and websites this major spanish civil war broke out after the death of king ferdinand vii his heir was his infant daughter isabella ii represented by her mother the queen regent maria cristina she was supported by a relatively liberal party allied to france portugal and britain the succession was challenged by isabella’s uncle don carlos at