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18f macm bloomsbury divided we stand the battle over women s rights and family values that polarized american politics by marjorie j spruill bloomsbury on sale aug 28/18 5.51 x 8.25 • 448 pages 16-page black white insert 9781632863164 • $25.00 • pb social science women s studies notes promotion coverage in paperback columns nationwide bookseller and consumer review campaign academic marketing social media campaign at publication feature placement on bloomsbury website at time of publication gloria steinem was quoted in 2015 the new yorker as saying the national women s conference in 1977 may take the prize as the most important event nobody knows about after the united nations established international women s year in 1975 congress mandated and funded state conferences to elect delegates to attend the national women s conference in houston in 1977 there bella abzug gloria steinem and other feminists adopted a national plan of action endorsing the hot-button

18f macm bloomsbury share how organizations can thrive in an age of networked knowledge power and relationships by jingfang cai and chris yates share looks at how new business models are being created based on the disruptive idea of sharing uber airbnb skype alibaba google netflix and wechat china s answer to whatsapp are all based on the sharing of information assets and human capital and a new and dynamic economy is already emerging traditional consumer and industrial models of western capitalism are having to adapt to the sharing concept but few traditional organizations seem to understand the implications of the share mindset for how they operate and compete the workforce of the future is growing up in a networked age with completely different attitudes towards sharing and want flexibility and greater control over their lives-where and how they work and what and how they buy bloomsbury on sale oct 23/18 6.14 x 9.21 • 240 pages 9781472942678 • $47.00 • cl with

18f macm bloomsbury frequent hearses by edmund crispin stars starlets floozies and factotums to the film world-gervase fen suspects them all a young actress gloria scott drowns after throwing herself off waterloo bridge the news sends shock waves around her film studio where gervase fen oxford don and amateur criminologist just so happens to be working with help from his friend the inspector humbleby the tragic loss of young life leads them to many more dark places young ms scott s apartment has been searched and all signs of her real identity have been removed-and what s more minutes before humbleby interrogates her co-workers one of them a lecherous cameraman is poisoned equal parts compelling witty and ingenuous this novel is a classic example of great british detective fiction bloomsbury on sale sep 4/18 5.08 x 7.80 • 232 pages 9781448216895 • $22.00 • pb fiction mystery detective cozy series gervase fen mysteries notes promotion first published in 1950

18f macm bloomsbury picturing the pacific joseph banks and the shipboard artists of cook and flinders by james taylor for over 50 years between the 1760s and the early 19th century the pioneers who sailed from europe to explore the pacific brought back glimpses of a new world in the form of oil paintings watercolors and drawings-a sensational view of a part of the world few would ever see today these works represent a fascinating and inspiring perspective from the frontier of discovery it was sir joseph banks president of the royal society who popularized the placement of professional artists on british ships of exploration they captured striking and memorable images of everything they encountered exotic landscapes and beautiful flora and fauna as well as remarkable portraits of indigenous peoples these earliest views of the pacific were designed to promote the new world as enticing to make it seem familiar and to encourage further exploration and ultimately british settlement

18f macm bloomsbury tudor and stuart seafarers the emergence of a maritime nation 1485-1707 edited by james davey in 1485 england was a small inward-looking country its priorities predominantly domestic and european over the subsequent 2 centuries however this country was transformed into the world s leading maritime power explorers voyaged into unknown regions of the world while merchants following in their wake established lucrative trade routes with the farthest reaches of the globe at home people across britain increasingly engaged with the sea whether through their own lived experiences or through songs prose and countless other forms of material culture this is therefore a story of sailors traders and naval officers but also of instrument makers dockyard workers and the scores of britons whose livelihoods depended on seaborne commerce bloomsbury on sale oct 9/18 7.44 x 9.69 • 272 pages fully illustrated with colour paintings maps and photographs throughout 9781472956767

18f macm bloomsbury reeds channel almanac 2019 by perrin towler and mark fishwick the reeds channel almanac covers the south coast of england from the scilly isles to dover the channel islands and northern france from calais to l aberildut offering cruising and racing yachtsmen ready access to essential navigation information by virtue of its clear layout and user friendly format completely updated for 2019 topics include seamanship pilotage tide tables safety procedures navigation tips radio lights waypoints weather forecast information communications mayday and distress procedures in fact everything the cruising yachtsman needs to know the spiral binding allows the almanac to be opened flat on the chart table and the large type size and clear layout makes information easy to read even in adverse conditions this handy volume is ideal for anyone cruising the length of the english channel includes a free reeds marina guide bloomsbury on sale oct 23/18 7.56 x 10.43 • 320 pages

18f macm bloomsbury not fade away how to thrive in retirement by celia dodd retirement is one of the biggest life changes we face and it s been transformed since our parents retired into a period of exciting opportunities for personal growth and development it s no longer seen as a decline into old age but a vibrant new stage of life with infinite possibilities for personal fulfilment and renewed energy this generation wants to seize the hour but are keen for guidance on making the most of retirement but too many people struggle with the adjustment and it can have a negative impact on their physical and mental health research by the institute of economic affairs found that retired people are 40 more likely to suffer from depression and 60 more likely to have a diagnosed physical condition bloomsbury on sale nov 20/18 6.02 x 9.21 • 240 pages 9781472951335 • $24.00 • pb bus econ personal finance retirement planning notes promotion the latest research shows that

18f macm bloomsbury british ironclads 1860-75 hms warrior and the royal navy s black battlefleet by angus konstam illustrated by paul wright in november 1859 the french warship la gloire was launched she was the world s first seagoing ironclad-a warship built from wood but whose hull was clad in a protective layer of iron plate britain not to be outdone launched her own ironclad the following year-hms warrior which when she entered service became the most powerful warship in the world just like the dreadnought half a century later this ship changed the nature of naval warfare forever and sparked a frantic arms race the elegant but powerful warrior embodied the technological advances of the early victorian era and the spirit of this new age of steam iron and firepower osprey on sale sep 18/18 7.24 x 9.76 • 48 pages 9781472826893 • $24.00 • pb history military general series new vanguard notes promotion online giveaway campaign via osprey s blog as well as twitter

18f macm bloomsbury case red the collapse of france by robert forczyk even after the legendary evacuation from dunkirk in june 1940 there were still large british formations fighting the germans alongside their french allies after mounting a vigorous counterattack at abbeville and then engaging a tough defense along the somme the british were forced to conduct a second evacuation from the ports of le havre cherbourg brest and st nazaire while france was in its death throes politicians and soldiers debated what to do flee to england or north africa to seek an armistice osprey on sale jan 22/19 5.08 x 7.80 • 368 pages plate section in colour and black and white 9781472824462 • $20.00 • pb history military world war ii notes promotion case red captures the drama of the final three weeks of military operations in france in june 1940 and explains the great impact it had on the course of relations between britain and france during the remainder of the war it also

18f macm bloomsbury b-25 mitchell units of the cbi by edward m young illustrated by jim laurier flying from and between bases in china and india the b-25s bombed every type of japanese target during world war ii in the china-burma-india cbi theater ultimately dropping more bombs than their larger four-engined b-24 liberator brethren mitchell bombers took on the task of disrupting the flow of japanese supplies to the frontlines at medium ranges bombing supply centers railway depots and bridges it was in this last capacity that the b-25 established a unique role as a bridge-buster this provided significant support for the british fourteenth army as they advanced into burma fully illustrated with detailed cutaway artwork this book tells the important yet forgotten story of b-25 operations in the cbi theater and the important role that this aircraft played on the road to victory osprey on sale nov 20/18 7.24 x 9.76 • 96 pages 74 col 9781472820365 • $30.00 • pb history

18f macm bloomsbury maps of war mapping conflict through the centuries by jeremy black there is little documented mapping of conflict prior to the renaissance period but from the 17th century onwards military commanders and strategists began to document the wars in which they were involved and later to use mapping to actually plan the progress of a conflict using contemporary maps this sumptuous new volume covers the history of the mapping of war on land and shows the way in which maps provide a guide to the history of war osprey on sale oct 23/18 11.02 x 11.02 • 224 pages more than 150 historical maps 9781472830517 • $60.00 • cl with dust jacket reference atlases notes promotion content includes the beginnings of military mapping up to 1600 including the impact of printing and the introduction of gunpowder the seventeenth century the focus is on maps to illustrate war rather than as a planning tool and the chapter considers the particular significance of maps of