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bloomsbury usa childrens • august 2017 juvenile fiction action adventure pirates stephen bramucci the danger gang and the pirates of borneo indiana jones meets lemony snicket in this launch of a highlyillustrated action-packed adventure series august bloomsbury usa childrens juvenile fiction action adventure pirates on sale 8/1/2017 ages 8 to 12 hardcover 304 pages 8.3 in h 5.5 in w carton quantity 0 isbn 9781619636927 $16.99 $22.99 can ronald zupan is a daring master adventurer but he hasn’t experienced any grand adventures…yet when his world-traveling parents are kidnapped on his twelfth birthday ronald seizes the chance to prove himself teaming up with his trusty butler jeeves his quickwitted fencing nemesis julianne sato and his pet cobra carter ronald sets course for the jungle of borneo where his parents were last sighted if they can crash-land a plane and outrun a hungry snow leopard surely they can find the secret lair of zeetan z the world’s most ruthless pirate but as their adventure becomes more and more dangerous can ronald and his companions muster enough courage to save his parents this hilarious new series—fully illustrated by picture book talent arree chung—is a must-have for all aspiring adventurers stephen bramucci is an award-winning travel writer and adventurer he s rowed down the mekong delta crossed the australian outback in a car powered by french fry oil and explored ancient pirate islands in madagascar a lifelong animal lover stephen’s encounters with endangered species often come up in his classroom presentations visit him on twitter @stevebram praise for arree chung is the author and illustrator of ninja and ninja attack of the clan as well as the illustrator of how to pee potty training for boys/girls prior to writing and illustrating picture books arree worked at pixar to further pursue his passion arree enrolled at the art center college of design where he learned to draw paint and think differently he lives with his family in san francisco california visit arree online at and @arreechung 31