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b loomsbu ry u s a may 2 0 1 8 the queen s embroiderer lovers swindlers paris and the first stock market crisis joan dejean from the author of how paris became paris a sweeping history of high finance the origins of high fashion and a pair of star-crossed lovers in 18th-century france h i s to ry europe france bloomsbury usa 5/1/2018 9781632864741 $30.00 $40.00 can hardcover 400 pages 9.3 in h 6.1 in w black and white illustrations throughout 8-page color insert marketing national print broadcast and online review attention pre-publication outreach to history francophile bloggers pre-publication consumer review campaign academic marketing social media campaign at publication digital assets excerpts on paris 1719 the stock market is surging and the world’s first millionaires are buying everything in sight against this backdrop two families the magoulets and the chevrots rose to prominence only to plummet in the first stock market crash one family built its

b loomsbu ry readerm ay 2 0 1 8 the moving toyshop edmund crispin oxford don and amateur sleuth gervase fen is drawn into a mystery-solving adventure in this classic british detective novel fiction crime bloomsbury reader 5/1/2018 9781448216871 $16.00 trade paperback 232 pages 7.8 in h 5.1 in w marketing early consumer review campaign on netgalley and goodreads issuu sampler available on outreach to crime and mystery bloggers when a poet richard cadogan receives an unexpected £50 advance from his publisher for his new poetry book he decides to go to oxford for a well-deserved holiday the change of scenery and peace of mind is what he needs to recover his inspiration for writing but little he suspects that what he envisioned as a leisurely time spent on long walks and visiting friends will turn into a mystery solving adventure full of unexpected and dangerous twists after an eventful train journey cadogan arrives in oxford late at night only to realize that he

b loomsbu ry n at uralhis to ry may 2 0 1 8 the long spring tracking the arrival of spring through europe laurence rose one man tracks the arrival of spring north through europe from southern spain to the arctic circle n at u r e bloomsbury natural history 5/8/2018 9781472936677 $24.00 $32.00 can hardcover 272 pages 8.5 in h 5.3 in w 7 woodcut maps 8pp colour plate section exploring the wildlife places traditions culture and personalities associated with spring throughout europe and introducing readers to cultural scientific and historical research and his recollections of 30 years of continental travel laurence rose paints a vivid picture of one of the world’s most significant and beautiful natural phenomena spring laurence begins his journey in the first week of february arriving in southern spain with the storks that herald the beginning of europe s spring on san blas day swallows cranes and later on wild swans are his constant companions as he journeys his way north

b loomsbu ry u s a ju n e 2 0 1 8 chief engineer washington roebling the man who built the brooklyn bridge erica wagner “a welcome tribute to the persistence precision and humanity of washington roebling and a love-song for the mighty new york bridge he built.” —the wall street journal biography au to biography artists architects p h oto graphers bloomsbury usa 6/12/2018 9781620400524 $16.00 $22.00 can trade paperback 384 pages 8.3 in h 5.5 in w 1 lb wt 16 pg color insert engineering drawings t/o other available formats hardcover isbn 9781620400517 marketing coverage in paperback columns nationwide bookseller and consumer review campaign social media campaign at publication digital assets excerpts on feature placement on bloomsbury website at time of publication chief engineer is the first full biography of a crucial figure in the american story—washington roebling builder of the brooklyn bridge one of america’s most iconic and

green tree june 2018 the girls guide to growing up great sophie elkan laura chaisty maddy podichetty a positive and empowering guide for girls who are going through puberty or are interested in what s in store fa m i ly r e l at ionships lifes ta g e s adolescence green tree 6/5/2018 9781472943743 $18.00 $24.00 can trade paperback 192 pages 9.2 in h 6 in w the girls’ guide to growing up great is about thriving during puberty—not simply surviving it a positive empowering guide for girls aged from 10 years covering everything from bodies and bodily changes friends feelings and sex with all its different meanings and connotations as appropriate for the age group as well as vital information about the internet cyberbullying and how to stay safe online readers are encouraged to face head on the changes coming their way allowing them to recognize the bumps on the road ahead enabling them to understand their bodies the plusses and the minuses and help to counter any

absolute press j u ly 2 0 1 8 made in london leah hyslop food and drink flows through london’s history like the thames and leah hyslop explores recipes most associated with the city cooking regional ethnic english s c ot tish welsh absolute press 7/3/2018 9781472949059 $36.00 $48.00 can hardcover 304 pages 9.7 in h 7.4 in w illustrated throughout with images of historical and modern london as well as recipe photography in made in london born-and-bred londoner leah hyslop offers a joyful celebration of the city and its food past and present the book features recipes invented in the city such as the 18th century treat chelsea buns a favourite of king george ii and omelette arnold bennett created for the famous writer while staying at the savoy hotel alongside these are new exciting dishes inspired by the leah’s eating adventures around the capital such as a mouthwatering pimm’s and lemon curd trifle an unusual goat’s cheese and cherry tart and an

c hris to pherhelm august 2018 antpittas harold greeney this authoritative handbook part of the helm identification guide series looks in detail at the beautiful antpittas—it is the ultimate reference to these sought-after birds n at u r e animals birds christopher helm 8/14/2018 9781472919649 $85.00 $112.00 can hardcover 448 pages 9.4 in h 6.7 in w 250 colour illustrations antpittas are a spectacular and beautiful group of south american birds and are among the most sought-after of all bird groups by birders this will be the first monograph to cover these elusive inhabitants of the undergrowth this helm identification guide will cover the taxonomy biology and conservation of these birds in great detail including a series of plates packed with beautiful illustrations from dave beadle and hundreds of photographs covering as many races and plumages as are available a must-have book for anyone interested in the neotropics and its birds and will become the standard reference

osprey publishing m ay 2 0 1 8 warship 2018 annual publication featuring the latest research on the history development and service of the world’s warships warship 2018 is devoted to the design development and service history of the world’s combat ships featuring a broad range of articles from a select panel of distinguished international contributors this latest volume combines original research new book reviews warship notes an image gallery and much more to maintain the impressive standards of scholarship and research from the field of warship history this 40th edition features the usual range of diverse articles spanning the subject by an international array of expert authors transpor tat i o n ships ship bu ilding h i s to ry osprey publishing 5/22/2018 9781472829993 $60.00 $79.00 can hardcover 208 pages 10.5 in h 7.8 in w black and white line drawings and photographs john jordan is a former language teacher he is the author of two major books on the soviet

osprey publishing m ay 2 0 1 8 atlas of the european campaign 1944–45 steven j zaloga featuring scores of painstakingly researched and intricately detailed maps this stunning book displays and explains the campaigns in the famous european theatre of world war ii reference at lases gazetteers maps osprey publishing 5/22/2018 9781472826978 $60.00 $79.00 can hardcover 272 pages 11.8 in h 9.5 in w marketing promoted in osprey eblasts direct mail blogs and social networking sites promotions sponsorships and giveaways at military history events including re-enactments wargaming conventions and toy soldier shows targeted review campaign to such military publications as mhq world war ii and military history reviews on military history blogs such as war is boring possible excerpt in a military history magazine in june 1944 the allies opened the long-awaited second front against nazi germany on the beaches of normandy and this was to be the start of a long struggle throughout

osprey publishing j u ly 2 0 1 8 we march against england operation sea lion 1940–41 robert forczyk this study tells the thrilling tale of hitler’s plan to invade britain and end its involvement in world war ii and sheds new light on the greatest threat to britain in over a century h i s to ry europe germany osprey publishing 7/24/2018 9781472829832 $16.00 $22.00 can trade paperback 400 pages 7.8 in h 5.1 in w plate section in colour and black and white other available formats hardcover isbn 9781472814852 in may 1940 nazi germany was master of continental europe the only european power still standing was great britain—and the all-conquering german armed forces stood poised to cross the channel following the destruction of the raf fighter forces the sweeping of the channel of mines and the wearing down of the royal naval defenders two german army groups were set to storm the beaches of southern england despite near-constant british fears from august to

b loomsbu ry c a r av e l november 2017 becoming china the story behind the state jeanne-marie gescher for the first time a book that tells you why china thinks and acts the way it does an account of china’s past and present one of the two most powerful states in the world china continues to be seen as a mystery even after decades of an open door how does china work what does it want why does it want it and what does its rise to global power mean for the rest of the world as the twenty-first century looks set to be the stage for a battle about competing geopolitical ideals these are urgent questions for everyone with an interest in what the future might bring h i s to ry asia china bloomsbury caravel 11/7/2017 9781408887233 $60.00 $79.00 can hardcover 784 pages 9.2 in h 6 in w 2x16pp colour plates marketing digital assets sampler available on issuu and single-title eblast to business subscribers advance review copies to leading business outlets/journals