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e n tan gled teenju ly 2 0 1 8 a royal s kiss lindsey duga driven by a strong-yet-vulnerable warrior heroine a royal’s kiss is perfect for teens in the mood for a thrilling romantic and magical adventure what if a kiss could turn the tide of a war in the war against the forces of darkness the royals are losing with increasing omens foretelling an unthinkable future ruled by evil princess ivy is determined to end this war once and for all—but her battle magic doesn’t work without a partner yo ungadu lt fiction romance entangled teen 7/3/2018 9781640631830 $9.99 $13.99 can trade paperback 400 pages carton qty 25 8.1 in h 5.4 in w prince zachariah’s unparalleled skill with a sword enhanced by ivy’s magic should make them an unstoppable pair but once they’re on the battlefield zach refuses to do the one thing ivy knows will ensure their victory because he believes love is the most powerful weapon they have even in war now ivy must convince zach to listen to reason and fight with her magic before everything they’ve been working to protect is destroyed by the darkest creature their world has ever seen marketing social media campaign with bloggers advertising on teen social media sites viral social media campaign based around first kiss experiences pre-publication media publicity campaign extensive advertising campaign local author signing events lindsey duga is an avid reader and a passionate writer when not writing reading or sketching she’s battling greek monsters with her trusty celestial bronze gladius visit http www.lindseyduga.com for more 8