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brigitte findakly lewis trondheim co-writer and colourist brigitte findakly was born in mosul iraq in 1959 and lived there until 1973 cartoonist lewis trondheim was born in fontainebleau france in 1964 they have two children and live in the south of france for more information on birgitte findakly lewis trondheim full title

the unquotable trump r sikor ya k the master of the comic book mash-up finds the potus to be his ultimate super-villain r sikoryak is famous for taking classic the unquotable trump will be a comics and mashing them with famous lit 48-page treasury annual–needlessly erature as he did in masterpiece comics or oversized and garishly colored a throweven using comics to visualize the itunes back to the past when both comics and terms and conditions contract now in america were great this will be the these uncertain times cartoonist r siko hugest comic truly a great comic you ryak draws upon the power of comics and won’t want to miss this trust me you’ll satire to frame president trump and his see controversial declarations as the words and actions of the most notable villains praise for the unquotable trump and antagonists in comic book history “under the shadow of the impending reimagining the most famous comic cov trump administration many people ers sikoryak

the good times are killing me ly nda ba r r y lynda barry’s classic heartbreaking and heartwarming coming of age novella back in print young edna arkins lives in a neighborhood that is rapidly changing thanks to white flight from urban seattle in the late 1960s as the world changes around her edna is exposed to the callous racism of adults sometimes subtle and other times blatant but always stinging at the heart of the good times are killing me is the forbidden friendship between edna who is white and bonna willis who is black and how the world around them forces them to challenge their loyalties to each other as barry does in her comics she perfectly captures the awkward and earnest adolescent voice as edna moves from childhood to middle school originally published in 1988 the good times are killing me is as relevant now as it ever was its influence cannot be overstated as it was adapted into an off-broadway play and won the washington state governor’s award d+q will be

present leslie stein a lyrical exploration of the city and memory as drawn by a vice cartoonist leslie stein takes us on a sinuous ur majestic creature series collected here ban stroll divorced from destination are stein’s serialized vice.com comics glimpsing new york city through her which have become a staple for the site open eyes while she is closing up a bar showcasing her storytelling abilities late at night she is also an adolescent with a freer style with an introduction at a rave in the mountains an adult and new material present will be a degrappling with her grandfather’s fading luxe die-cut hardcover that is a meditamemory or at one of her first waitress tion on memory stein asks us to take a ing jobs stein is a master storyteller moment to be here now while acknowlan urban explorer and a loyal guide edging the other places and people we through dark days and simple blissful always carry with us encounters stein’s curiosity about and generosity toward

from lone mountain j oh n por c elli n o a view of america—as seen in small towns rural roads and its overlooked in-between places john porcellino makes his love of home and of nature the anchors in an increasingly turbulent world he slows down and visits the forests fields streams and overgrown abandoned lots that surround every city he studies the flora and fauna around us he looks at the overlooked porcellino also digs deep into a quintessential american endeavour—the road trip uprooting his comfortable life several times in from lone mountain porcellino drives through the country weaving from small town to small town experiencing america in slow motion avoiding the sameness of airports and overwhelming hustle of major cities from lone mountain collects stories from porcellino’s influential zine kingcat—he enters a new phase of his life as he remarries and decides to leave his beloved second home colorado for san francisco grand themes of king-cat are

toys talking leanne shapton leanne shapton gives voice to the toys on our shelves in this wry yet tender children’s book always there to comfort and listen stuffed animals provide a reassuring presence in many a childhood with toys talking acclaimed illustrator and author leanne shapton explores their inner lives to reveal that their thoughts and feelings are just as complicated as our own the concerns of these bunnies bears and ducks range from the mundane to the existential and with each new pairing of character and text we see a deeper portrait of their pensive quiet world shapton holds a mirror to our own lives to our insecurities and concerns by revealing that the objects who comfort us have worries of their own this board book brings shapton’s gorgeously minimal brushstrokes to a younger audience and will leave children and parents alike brimming with the beauty and melancholy of selfreflection praise for toys talking “shapton has created a charming funny and

anna froga completely bubu an oukri ca r d the collected edition of the international cult comic series anouk ricard’s bold and colorful com shines with visual puns and deft aniics of this quirky grumpy gang of pals are mal caricatures making anna froga delightfully weird yet thoroughly realistic enjoyable for kids and their parents alike in their honest and hilarious portrayal of friendship anna froga christopher the praise for anna froga worm ron the cat and bubu the dog con “anna froga has the same kind of tinue their non-adventures with bickering humor as richard scarry but with needling cajoling and honest friendship the volume cracked up a little more.” no white lie goes unexposed no small em –boing boing barrassment goes unrevealed no secret is kept everyone’s foibles are fodder for jokes “good graciousness what a comic very anna and froga completely bubu funny comics that are appropriate for collects all five volumes of the acclaimed

kitaro’s strange adventures shigeru mizuki more bizarre and hilarious adventures with everyone’s favorite one-eyed boy in the fourth installment of shigeru mizu in english it also features a bonus “hiski’s kitaro series readers meet a whole new tory of kitaro” essay and more yokai files cast of yokai monsters including a giant by the award-winning series translator and cyclops the villainous blackbeard and a mizuki scholar zack davisson comedy malefic sea captain who attempts to sum folklore horror and action meld in kitaro’s mon hell on earth the lead adventure “yo strange adventures epitomizing the kai cloth,” follows kitaro and his gang as whimsical all-age stories that make kitaro they intercept a plot by chinese yokai who one of japan’s most celebrated and beloved want to enslave the japanese population characters to turn the country into a yokai paradise bringing forth the largest yokai battle yet praise for the birth of

goliath tom gauld tom gauld’s debut graphic novel retelling of a classic myth now in paperback since the 2011 release of goliath tom gauld has solidified himself as one of the world’s most revered and criticallyacclaimed cartoonists working today from his weekly strips in the guardian and new scientist to his lauded graphic novels you’re all just jealous of my jetpack and mooncop gauld’s fascination with the intersection between history literary criticism and pop culture has become the crux of his work now in paperback with a new cover and smaller size goliath is a retelling of the classic myth this time from goliath’s side of the valley of elah goliath of gath isn’t much of a fighter he would pick admin work over patrolling in a heartbeat to say nothing of his distaste for engaging in combat nonetheless at the behest of the king he finds himself issuing a twice-daily challenge to the israelites “choose a man let him come to me that we

moomin and the brigands tove jansson the iconic first moomin comic strip by tove jansson full of adventure schemes and romance moomin’s pushy relations have come to praise for tove jansson stay and in the process of getting them out “tove jansson is one of the most imaginahe unwittingly embarks on a quest for fame tive and influential storytellers in modern and fortune with his sly friend sniff but it’s history—an artist and writer of singular much harder to get rich than either of them creative vision and a genius for rendering expects whether it’s through selling rare visible and comprehensible life’s subtlest creatures to the zoo using a fortune-teller nuances.”—brainpickings to find treasures or making modern art through a stroke of luck however moomin “in jansson’s narratives whether tilted meets the love of his life snorkmaiden and to children or adults a debate can be felt with her help he finds the