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18f macm smp all points mr trump s wild ride the thrills chills screams and occasional blackouts of his extraordinary first year in office by major garrett american politics today are more polarizing and divisive than ever but there s one thing we can all agree on 2017 was one long crazy year there were too many triumphs and tragedies to count and dozens of moments that will impact our lives for years to come for even the most die-hard political junkies some of the details are already starting to fall through the cracks when every year in trumpland feels like a decade who can we turn to for an authoritative entertaining breakdown of the most important and wide-reaching events look no further than major garrett as cbs news chief white house correspondent he s been strapped into the front seat of mr trump s wild ride since inauguration day st martin s press on sale sep 18/18 5.38 x 8.25 • 272 pages 9781250185914 • $37.99 • cl with dust jacket political science

18f macm smp all points american fix inside the opioid addiction crisis and how to end it by ryan hampton nearly every american knows someone who has been affected by the opioid epidemic or has been directly affected themselves addiction is a transpartisan issue that impacts individuals from every walk of life and it is being fueled by a powerful pharmaceutical industry with a direct financial interest in encouraging the abuse of prescription painkillers millions of americans tired of watching their loved ones die while politicians ignore this issue offering platitudes instead of plans are asking themselves where is the solution where is the hope where s the outrage st martin s press on sale sep 4/18 5.38 x 8.25 • 288 pages 9781250196262 • $36.50 • cl with dust jacket political science public policy social policy notes enter ryan hampton a young man who has made addiction reform his life s mission through his wildly successful organization facing addiction

18f macm smp all points trumponomics inside the america first plan to get our economy back on track by lawrence kudlow stephen moore and arthur b laffer almost every area of donald trump s presidency has been fraught with controversy with one notable exception-economics even his staunchest opponents grudgingly admit that so far trump s policies have been good for business in trumponomics conservative economists lawrence kudlow stephen moore and arthur laffer offer the first strong defense of the president s approach to trade taxes employment infrastructure and more kudlow moore and laffer were instrumental in forming the economic policy that became the backbone of trump s appeal as a candidate and they still advise the president on economic policy trumponomics argues for the success of the policies that have already been implemented refutes criticism of the president s populist economic agenda and explains further steps he can take to bring back american prosperity st martin s press

18f macm smp all points paper gods a novel of money race and politics by goldie taylor mayor victoria dobbs overstreet is a harvard-trained attorney and spelman alum married to a celebrated heart surgeon mother to beautiful twin girls and a political genius when her mentor ally and friend congressman ezra hawkins is gunned down in ebenezer baptist church victoria finds a strange piece of origami-a paper god tucked inside his bible these paper gods turn up again and again always after someone is killed someone is terrorizing those who are close to mayor dobbs and she can t shake the feeling that the killer is close to her too goldie taylor has delivered the juice with paper gods a gripping political thriller featuring such vivid characters that it s easy to forget they aren t real jon allen bestselling author of hrc and shattered st martin s press on sale oct 23/18 6.12 x 9.25 • 336 pages 9781250194442 • $36.50 • cl with dust jacket fiction thrillers political