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fa l l 2 0 1 7 tug a tail children’s tm it’s okay to pull these tails e very kid wants to pull an animal’s tail—and now they can discover which farm animals and dogs belong to each tail when you pull the tail tabs to slide each page open and reveal a hidden image interactive sturdy and bursting with the cutest animals we could find tug a tailtm farm and dogs finally make it okay to pull those tails ages 1–3 made with extrathick board for superb durability each page is 1/8” thick 6 tabbed tail pulls featuring a different hidden animal • novelty tabbed board book with 12 pages and 6 sliding elements • lots of play factor • super sturdy board for long-lasting play and superb durability • irresistibly cute animals tug a tailtm dogs tug a tailtm farm isbn-13 9781945547232 isbn 978-1-945547-23-2 price $12.99 usd 7 x 7 board book with 6 tabbed split pages that slide to reveal hidden images ships august 2017 9 781945 547232

a d u lt fa l l 2 0 1 7 the cheapskate’s handbook original version sold over 200,000 copies original illustrations throughout a guide to the subtleties intricacies and pleasures of being a tightwad remember god put people next door to you for one main reason so you can borrow things by mifflin lowe p acked with hilarious observations unusual tips and the stingiest advice money couldn’t buy the cheapskate’s handbook is a deliciously dry companion for your favorite miser—who might just be you skinflint mifflin lowe invites fellow cheapskates to come out of the closet in a celebration of all things free complimentary pro bono and if need be cheap with advice on everything from avoiding generous impulses to creatively bumming off your neighbors plus delightful watercolor illustrations and mifflin’s own “miser’s aptitude test,” the cheapskate’s handbook will have you laughing and saving money at the same time what a deal isbn-13

a d u lt fa l l 2 0 1 7 by susan branson y ou’ve probably heard that apple cider vinegar can boost your immune system but did you know it can fight asthma cure hiccups and even remove the smell of cat urine or that ginger could prevent hypothermia or that essential oils could boost your memory millions of people are turning away from the harsh effects of modern solutions and back to the gentle but powerful benefits of nature’s oldest remedies in her 101 amazing uses series susan branson—a holisitic nutritional consultant— expertly outlines 101 incredible uses for apple cider vineage ginger essential oils and coconut oil each book is divided into tabbed sections filled with a total of 101 easy-to-read bite-sized benefits for everything from health to beauty to household cleaning promote healthy skin reduce stress boost your metabolism tenderize meat and more with these simple accessible natural solutions 101 amazing uses for apple cider vinegar 101 amazing

fa l l 2 0 1 7 a d u lt leadership vertigo the 5 essays you must master to be college ready why even the best leaders go off course and how they can get back on track a complete guide to nailing the most common essays you’ll encounter in college b y s maxbrownand ta nveernaseero ver the past few decades there’s been an exponential rise in the number of books and studies on leadership and what we need to do to ensure organizational success in today’s increasingly complex and interconnected global market and yet year after year we continue to see research that shows employee engagement and morale levels plateauing on the low end of the scale why is this why are we unable to move the needle and create the kind of working conditions that not only allow our employees to succeed but thrive under our leadership what these findings reveal is that leaders often can’t see the gap that exists between what they want their leadership to represent and how others

backlist pa renting #1 amazon bestseller motherhood realized deliberate motherhood 12 powers of peace purpose order and joy power of moms filled with essays from real moms just like you motherhood realized is the bestselling companion to moms everywhere who wonder if they’ll ever get through the journey motherhood is the hardest job we’ll ever love and it’s so much better when we’re doing it together power of moms deliberate motherhood presents inspiring ideas poignant stories and practical applications to help mothers find great success and personal growth in the beautiful and challenging work of raising the next generation $15.95 isbn-13 9781939629074 trade paper 206 pages 6 x 9 $17.95 isbn-13 9781938301902 trade paper 276 pages 6 x 9 why can’t we just play here be dragons spilt milk yoga pam lobley in a culture where children are pressured constantly to achieve what happens when you let your children do nothing at all nationally syndicated humor

nonfiction “this book gives us a common cause and a clear way to frame and explain the causality of today’s problems.” bonus includes 10 olive oil recipes —clayton christensen from new york times #1 bestselling authors richard and linda eyre r the seven wonders of olive oil alice alech and cécile le galliard jeanne calment who lived to be 121 credited one thing for her long life olive oil olive oil enthusiasts and experts alice alech and cécile le galliard join forces in this complete guidebook detailing the amazing almost miraculous health benefits of olive oil from slowing the effects of alzheimer’s to building healthy bones olive oil is unrivaled in its natural goodness with detailed research from doctors and nutritionists around the globe the 7 wonders of olive oil reveals seven amazing health benefits of olive oil the role olive oil plays in the mediterranean diet and tips for cooking with buying and storing the green nectar ichard and linda

fa m i ly f u n activity cooking color me your way s tarted back in 2011 by author-artist pamela smart color me your way is the original adult coloring book series its oversized format spiral binding acid-free art paper hidden images throughout and million of copies sold make color me books still among the best in their class one million copies sold quinoa crazy chia crazy britney rule and cherie schetselaar quinoa crazy explains the amazing health benefits of quinoa and provides delicious simple gluten-free good-for-you recipes beautiful photography and family-friendly tips throughout britney rule and cherie schetselaar chia crazy provides full-color photos and recipes that are free from preservatives and processed ingredients giving the reader the purest healthiest food possible go crazy with chia crazy $19.95 isbn-13 9781939629685 paperback with flaps 144 pages 7.5 x 9.75 full-color photography throughout $19.95 isbn-13 9781942672920 paperback with flaps 136 pages 7.5 x 9.75

gift humor puzzle masterpieces tm each booklike box contains a 500-piece puzzle and book illustr at ionsbyrebeccasorgebd ay 1 0 1 connectiongr at itude “oh blessed perseverance of the donkey that turns the water-wheel always the same pace always the same circles one day after another every day the same without that there would be no ripeness in the fruit nor blossom in the orchard nor scent of flowers in the garden.” —josemaria escriva the way d ay 1 0 2 one word or a pleasing smile is often enough to raise up a saddened and wounded soul eloved classics receive new life in this exciting new series of puzzle masterpiecestm packaged in each beautiful book-shaped keepsake box is a gorgeously detailed 500-piece puzzle tucked in a handy box of its own and a copy of the favorite classic book alice’s adventures in wonderland beauty and the beast and the wonderful wizard of oz have never been so beautiful—or so fun ages 12 —therese of lisieux daily

children color blocked ashley sorenson with illustrations by david miles the color is blocked readers must rub turn and tap the pages to straighten out pipes unplug corks and keep the color flowing but watch out—the color might run faster than you can keep up along the way readers will learn primary colors how mixing colors can make secondary colors and why you should never ever put too much trust in a narrator gorgeous illustrations $16.99 isbn-13 9781944822828 die-cut paper-over-board cover with spot varnished embellishments 40 pages 9.25 x 9.25 book david miles with illustrations by natalie hoopes with soft warm storytelling and stunning whimsical illustrations book embarks the reader on an imaginative journey through the literary lands of fact and fiction a world where passwords viruses and broken screens can’t stop a young boy’s earnest quest for truth join in this celebration of literature scrape the skies of opportunity traverse the forests of what-couldbe

children regio na l lift look bible foam board books david miles colorful and whimsical these foam board books capture favorite bible stories in a delightful lift-and-look format a perfect quiet book or interactive experience for your child four lift-and-look pieces in each book foam pieces pop out s tarted by bestselling author rick walton the 10 little monsters series is a delicious romp across us cities and states kids will be delighted at the discoveries and demises of these 10 intrepid—and a bit too curious—explorers noah’s ark the creation $9.95 isbn-13 9781939629562 foam book with removable “look and find” pieces 10 pages 6 x 7.75 $9.95 isbn-13 9781939629555 foam book with removable “look and find” pieces 10 pages 6 x 7.75 10 little monsters visit california jess smart smiley $16.95 isbn-13 9781942934721 hardcover with jacket 32 pages each 10 x 10 shakespeare for kids shakespeare for kids collects five important plays in a