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fa l l 2 0 1 8 don’t miss the other interactive classics in this exciting series children’s peter pan adapted by brooke jorden illustrationsbyd av idmiles these books help families read together laugh together j oin peter pan tinker bell and the darling children on their epic adventure filled with interactive wheels and pull-tabs and lavishly illustrated lit for little hands peter pan is an unprecedented kid’s introduction to j m barrie’s beloved classic novel unlike many board books that tackle the classics lit for little hands tells the actual story in simple engaging prose gorgeous and magical illustrations transport the reader to neverland while tons of interactive elements invite kids to help peter catch his shadow battle swashbuckling pirates and of course fly fans of the novel will be delighted by the book’s attention to detail and clever use of original text and dialogue and the book’s super-sturdy board means everyone can enjoy this

children’s fa l l 2 0 1 8 these books help families read together laugh together but first we nap i dig bathtime d av idmilesanddarya brooke jorden d r e mova i l lus t r at ions by e k at e r i na l a dat i ko s loth wants to nap rabbit doesn’t who will win in the end for every parent who’s struggled to get their child to nap but first we nap is a hilarious book to replace the naptime wrestle funny illustrations depict rabbit upping his antics while the ever-patient sloth repeats “but first we nap.” finally worn out rabbit gives in and the pair—and hopefully your child—snuggle and nod off the perfect book for nap time when the dust has settled and the day is done excavator is ready for bathtime it’s so much fun t rucks dig bathtime join excavator and the other construction trucks as they scrub-a-dub-dub away the dust of the day with a well-earned bath adorable yet accurate illustrations will have kids peeking through the bubbles

fa l l 2 0 1 8 children’s goodnight whispers michael leannah i l lus t r at ions by da n i torrent this book helps families love together y ou are strong you are brave you are so incredibly good on an ordinary night in an ordinary house a father’s ordinary words do something extraordinary lulled to sleep by these whispered affirmations his baby girl grows into a fun-loving child a confident teen and then a courageous young woman as she ventures forth into the world on her own her father’s affectionate affirmations—now carried in memory—bolster her isbn-13 9781641700313 price $16.99 usd through life’s challenges and like gold-foil hardcover picture book with jacket and gold foil details 9 x 9 32 pages whispers on the night wind come details on full circle to strengthen her aging ships july 2018 textured paper father and young son of her own with breathtaking illustrations • a poignant heartwarming lesson about the from spanish artist dani

fa l l 2 0 1 8 dear libby defeat test anxiety teen will you answer my questions about friendship these books help families heal together learn together d eep and lasting friendships are essential to our psychological and physical well-being according to recent studies they even lower blood pressure and improve brain function teens in particular benefit greatly from a network of friends they can trust unfortunately between bullying teen violence social anxiety online gaming and other issues many teens feel isolated in dear libby trusted columnist libby kiszner answers real questions from real tweens and teens about friendship ben bernstein phd t • what should i do when people who are supposed to be my friends call me names or embarrass me • what should do i do if i’m being ignored at school • what is the best way to handle loneliness • someone just stole my friend what can i do • what can i do when my friends get together and “forget” to

fa l l 2 0 1 8 r e g io na l b oa rdbooksregio na l take a field trip around your state with numbers colors and letters these books help families f is for florida christin fa rleyandstephanie miles i l lus t r at ions by v ol hakaliaha learn together read together a is for amusement park b is for biscayne national park c is cape canaveral let’s count colorado $12.99 isbn-13 9781945547850 board book 20 pages 8 x 8 c is for colorado $12.99 isbn-13 9781945547867 board book 20 pages 8 x 8 b is for boston $12.99 isbn-13 9781945547898 board book 20 pages 8 x 8 let’s count montana $12.99 isbn-13 9781945547874 board book 20 pages 8 x 8 m is for montana $12.99 isbn-13 9781945547881 board book 20 pages 8 x 8 a is for arizona $12.95 isbn-13 9781944822781 board book 20 pages 8 x 8 let’s count arizona $12.95 isbn-13 9781944822736 board book 20 pages 8 x 8 w is for washington $12.95 isbn-13 9781944822026 board book 20 pages 8 x 8 let’s count washington $12.95 isbn-13

fa l l 2 0 1 8 a d u lt let me tell you my story real stories of hope courage and humanity giving a voice to over 68 million refugees these books help families heal together love together learn together by their story is our story tsos o ver the course of two years a group of award-winning photographers filmmakers painters and authors trailed and documented the flood of refugees pouring into the west from the middle east africa and southeast asia recording the refugees’ firsthand accounts of who they are and what made them refugees spare haunting utterly magnificent and profoundly human this inspiring collection creates a portrait of the greatest humanitarian crisis of modern history from the pregnant mother in the dusty warehouse-turned-refugee-camp in greece to the emaciated child in a mud-filled tent in bangladesh to the lone sudanese crouched under an overpass in italy— the people inside this remarkable volume of exquisite photography will teach you that the surest

pa renting motherhood realized deliberate motherhood power of moms filled with essays from real moms just like you motherhood realized is the bestselling companion to moms everywhere who wonder if they’ll ever get through the journey motherhood is the hardest job we’ll ever love and it’s so much better when we’re doing it together power of moms deliberate motherhood presents inspiring ideas poignant stories and practical applications to help mothers find great success and personal growth in the beautiful and challenging work of raising the next generation $17.95 isbn-13 9781938301902 trade paper 276 pages 6 x 9 oh baby a mom’s selfcare survival guide for the first year mother matters maria lianos-carbone maria lianos-carbone founder of amotherworld.com oulines the “proper care and feeding” of mothers during their baby’s first year dayna kurtz from postpardum depression and baby blues to healing meals and post-natal exercise kurtz

business leadership for teens for meet rosalinda oropeza randall the ravenous gown steffani raff in a world obsessed with outward appearances the ravenous gown inspires women of all ages to discover the power within this book of new fairy tales turns the classic prettyprincess damsel-in-distress on its head and broadens the view of who women are and what they can become r osalinda oropeza randall is a modern-day pundit on tact and civility her tips have been featured on television and in numerous publications including forbes glamour the business journals business news daily and more fun handbook interior don’t burp in the boardroom red zone blue zone rosalinda oropeza randall with her sometimes sassy and playful answers rosalinda randall shows how easy it is to build a sparkling professional reputation by knowing how to handle workplace dilemmas includes quizzes hilarious anecdotes q&a illustrations and inside tabs for handy reference james osterhaus joseph jurkowski and todd

t heback ya rdre na issancecollection simple homemade fruit pectin $7.99 isbn-13 9781945547348 trade paper 76 pages 5 x 7 $7.99 isbn-13 9781945547331 trade paper 76 pages 5 x 7 backyard renaissance display bin ships empty with order of 32 or more backyard renaissance books isbn-13 9781944822057 water kefir no-till gardening make your own cheese shallow-pit garden composting make your own hard lotion herbal beauty $5.99 isbn-13 9781944822682 trade paper 34 pages 5 x 7 $7.95 isbn-13 9781942934080 trade paper 86 pages 5 x 7 $7.95 isbn-13 9781942934783 trade paper 76 pages 5 x 7 $6.95 isbn-13 9781942934837 trade paper 48 pages 5 x 7 $5.95 isbn-13 9781939629739 trade paper 58 pages 5 x 7 $7.95 isbn-13 9781942934523 trade paper 78 pages 5 x 7 successful gardening in utah all-natural aquaponic lawns gardens vertical gardens 15-minute mindful meals make your own thermal oven tiny garden huge harvest viili perpetual no-cook homemade yogurt $9.95 isbn-13 9781942934691 trade paper 100 pages 5 x

children the boy who loved the moon full of empty the great and the grand rino alaimo tim j myers priscilla myers rebecca sorge $16.95 isbn-13 9781939629760 hardcover with jacket embossing and gold-foil embellishments on jacket 32 pages 10 x 10 $16.95 isbn-13 9781942934356 hardcover with jacket embossing and gold-foil embellishments on jacket 32 pages 8 x 10 benjamin fox illustrations by elizabeth robbins $16.95 isbn-13 9781942672975 hardcover with jacket and gold foil embossing 32 pages 8 x 10 the everything princess book the ultimate guide to being a superhero barbara beery brooke jorden michele robbins david miles with illustrations by rebecca sorge barbara beery brooke jorden david miles with illustrations by jeff harvey $19.95 isbn-13 9781942934653 paper over board covered spiral binding elaborate gold foil and embossing 160 pages 7.75 x 10 full-color photography $19.95 isbn-13 9781942934455 paper over board covered spiral binding elaborate gold foil and embossing 160 pages 7.75

orde ring information c o n ta c t fa miliusphone 559-876-2170 f a x 559-876-2180 email info@familius.com mail familius 1254 commerce way sanger ca 93657 southeast al ms tn fl ga nc sc va wv southern territory associates 4508 64th street lubbock tx 79414 806-799-9997 fax 806-799-9777 geoff rizzo angie smits rayner krause teresa rolfe kravtin tom caldwell individual customers order online by email or by phone www.familius.com orders@familius.com 559-876-2170 gift sales any individual customer order shipped to california will include sales tax tradere ta ilandwholesale policy familius books are available on the following terms to booksellers and authorized wholesalers r e ta ildiscountschedule 1-9 books assorted 40 returnable 10-plus books assorted 45 free freight returnable 10-plus books assorted 50 free freight non-returnable r d c r e ta ildistributioncenters 49 free freight wholesaler discount schedule 50 free freight returnable 55 free freight non-returnable libra ry