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spring 2017 puzzle masterpieces tm illustr at ionsbyrebeccasorgeb eloved classics receive new life in this exciting new series of puzzle masterpiecestm packaged in each beautiful book-shaped keepsake box is a gorgeously detailed 500-piece puzzle tucked in a handy box of its own and a copy of the favorite classic book alice’s adventures in wonderland beauty and the beast and the wonderful wizard of oz have never been so beautiful—or so fun ages 12 • gorgeous book-shaped keepsake box with magnetic closure • box resembles a classically designed leather-bound book featuring new original artwork • 280-page paperbacks with 500-piece puzzle • perfectly timed for easter or year-round promotions alice s adventures in wonderland book and puzzle box set beauty and the beast book and puzzle box set the wonderful wizard of oz book and puzzle box set isbn-13 9781944822538 isbn-13 9781944822521 isbn-13 9781944822514 price $19.99 usd 7 x 8.5 x 2.5 book-shaped box

spring 2017 like a shooting star stunning blue-hued illustrations throughout writtenandillustr at edbyrinoalaimoa ward-winning filmmaker and author of the boy who loved the moon rino alaimo returns with an endearing tale about self-discovery and love when a young boy s father doesn t return from the war the lonely boy wishes upon a shooting star—one that turns out to be a little firefly who try as she might just can t fly touched by the boy s earnest wish the firefly undertakes a courageous journey to bring the boy s father home hope love and the courage of an unlikely hero fill the pages of this stunningly illustrated picture book ages 4–6 • gorgeous illustrations in alaimo s unique style that earned praise for the boy who loved the moon spot glitter title and stardust border isbn-13 9781944822804 price $16.99 usd jacketed hardcover with spot glitter 9 x 9 32 pages ships march 2017 • written and illustrated by an awardwinning international filmmaker •

spring 2017 i have cancer now what how to have an amazing fantastic loving playful intimate happy marriage in two minutes a day 12 things you your spouse and your family must know in your battle with cancer from doctors to finances romance to household needs getting the word out to caregiver burnout and everything in between by carson cindy boss y ou have cancer and you need the help and support of your spouse and family more than ever i have cancer now what includes information on how to overcome the shock and fear of diagnosis how to break the news to your spouse and extended family how to choose the right doctors and what questions to ask to ensure you get the care you need where and how your family can give you support the transition of normal household duties and how to manage them the real costs of cancer both financial and emotional what you need from your family emotionally and physically maintaining romance and intimacy with your spouse how to manage full-time jobs and other

spring 2017 find the complete backyard renaissance collection on pages 42–43 successful gardening in utah water kefir how to design a permanent solution for your garden that is low water and 95 percent weed-free by caleb warnock make your own water-based probiotic drinks for health and vitality c aleb warnock the author of the bestselling backyard renaissance collection provides the most understandable and important look at the health benefits of water kefir to date using his decades of self-sufficiency experience caleb makes making kefir simple and easy enough for anyone to have success brewing their own water kefir packed with information on by caleb warnock c aleb warnock the author of the bestselling backyard renaissance collection provides the most understandable and important look at how to garden successfully in utah to date using his decades of self-sufficiency experience caleb makes utah gardening simple and easy enough for anyone to have a successful harvest the

pa renting starred review does my child have ptsd how to hug a hedgehog the power of dadhood to have and not to hold from tweens to teens parenting for the digital age jolene philo when children experience medical illness witness violence or are abused it can leave a lasting effect does my child have ptsd is designed for readers looking for answers about the puzzling disturbing behaviors of children in their care with years of research and personal experience philo provides critical information to help people understand causes symptoms prevention and effective diagnosis treatment and care for any child struggling with ptsd brad wilcox and jerrick robbins a teen’s job is to be difficult and most do it really really well no problem with entertaining stories and 12 principles that open the cages unlock the doors gently tear down those walls and get you talking how to hug a hedgehog explores everything from communication to what you might have missed on the teen “warning

nonfiction this book gives us a common cause and a clear way to frame and explain the causality of today’s problems bonus includes 10 olive oil recipes —clayton christensen from new york times #1 bestselling authors richard and linda eyre r the seven wonders of olive oil alice alech and cécile le galliard jeanne calment who lived to be 121 credited one thing for her long life olive oil olive oil enthusiasts and experts alice alech and cécile le galliard join forces in this complete guidebook detailing the amazing almost miraculous health benefits of olive oil from slowing the effects of alzheimer s to building healthy bones olive oil is unrivaled in its natural goodness with detailed research from doctors and nutritionists around the globe the 7 wonders of olive oil reveals seven amazing health benefits of olive oil the role olive oil plays in the mediterranean diet and tips for cooking with buying and storing the green nectar ichard and linda eyre are new york

fiction fa m i ly f u n activity full-color step-bystep photos throughout contains a hilarious 2-hour instructional dvd fairy house mike and debbie schramer through more than 350 clear detailed full-color photographs and understandable yet whimsical guidance the reader will learn to fashion intricate tiny cups from acorn pods and grapevine tendrils dreamlike beds from delicate flowers and leaves and an amazing array of other beautiful and unique pieces that will inspire the reader to find their true artistic ability and imagination a photo gallery of other stunning pieces provides the reader with more possibilities to create $24.95 isbn-13 9781939629692 full-color photography throughout christmas wonders robyn buttars “have a wonder-filled christmas,” people in luke’s new hometown greet one another as christmas approaches with no memory of a christmas celebration ten-year-old luke feels excluded from the town’s tradition until he finds his deceased

t heback ya rdre na issancecollection new backyard renaissance display bin holds eight copies of four titles each ships empty with order of 32 or more backyard renaissance books isbn-13 9781944822057 don t miss successful gardening in utah page 20 and water kefir page 21 available spring 2017 meet caleb warnock the backyard renaissance man c aleb warnock is the popular author of forgotten skills of self-sufficiency the art of baking with natural yeast backyard winter gardening for all climates more forgotten skills trouble’s on the menu and the backyard renaissance collection in other words he s an expert at all things natural and self-sustaining and if he isn t he ll experiment and tinker in his backyard until he s found the best way himself he is the owner of seedrenaissance.com and blogs at calebwarnock.blogspot.com where you will find a link to join his email list to learn more about forgotten skills he resides in provo utah no-till gardening make your own cheese

children the everything princess book barbara beery brooke jorden michele robbins david miles with illustrations by rebecca sorge bursting with 160 full-color pages of crafts stories recipes virtues activities games parties dances costumes and hundreds of charming tips on how to befit your royalty the everything princess book is a gorgeous lavishly designed must-have compendium for all things princess and with empowering values like intelligence problem solving and real beauty this is a new kind of princess book for a new generation of princesses gorgeous illustrations book david miles with illustrations by natalie hoopes with soft warm storytelling and stunning whimsical illustrations book embarks the reader on an imaginative journey through the literary lands of fact and fiction a world where passwords viruses and broken screens can’t stop a young boy’s earnest quest for truth join in this celebration of literature scrape the skies of opportunity traverse the forests

children regio na l t welve charming elves travel up and down each state to see who is still awake before santa comes along the way they visit state landmarks and curiosities all bedecked in holly and holiday fun their last stop your home of course jump in bed 12 little elves visit texas 12 little elves visit washington jess smart smiley illustrations by sadie han jess smart smiley illustrations by sadie han $16.95 isbn-13 9781942934035 hardcover with jacket and spot glitter 32 pages 9 x 9 $16.95 isbn-13 9781942934714 hardcover with jacket and spot glitter 32 pages 9 x 9 a very bunny arizona a very bunny illinois jeff harvey jeff harvey $16.95 isbn-13 9781942934912 hardcover with jacket 32 pages 9 x 9 $16.95 isbn-13 9781942934929 hardcover with jacket 32 pages 9 x 9 t he day after easter the easter bunny must clean up all the colored eggs the kids didn t find a missing egg is hidden on each spread as the easter bunny hops around state landmarks and curiosities can you spot all the