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spring 2018 children’s alphatrain thick sturdy board wrap-around cover and vecro snap keep book safely closed velcro snap bystephaniemiles christin fa rley d av idmiles andkaliahavolhaa happy families learn together read together play together ll aboard the alphatrain this adorable two-inone board book features beautifully illustrated animals for every letter of the alphabet and can be read page-by-page as a lap book or be unfolded into a 56 train perfect for play time or room decor in addition to the animals each whimsically designed train car includes fun sentences and lookand-find objects for each letter bear bakes bread deer dips donuts and koala keeps kittens as a bonus the back of each page lists the words of each hidden object so kids can search for them on the front of the car a wrap-around cover and handy velcro snap keeps everything snug and safe when reading time is over • unfolds into a 56” train • playful two-in-one format read as a book or

spring 2018 children’s f is for fairy a forest friends alphabet primer mike and debbie schramer happy families read together v enture into a fairy village and learn the abcs of the fairy world featuring stunning photography and art from the bestselling fairy house this adorable board book brings magic and wonder to the typical alphabet primer on every page tiny fairy children play in magical scenes handmade with natural materials by artists mike and debbie schramer this colorful abc book will delight little ones and parents alike with gorgeous imagery and incredible detail ages 1–3 isbn-13 9781945547966 price $9.99 usd board book with spot uv on cover 7 x 7 20 pages ships march 2018 mike and debbie schramer are the authors of the bestseller fairy house and fairy village their nature art has been featured in many books and publications including travel and leisure country folk art and faerie magazines and the seattle times the los angeles times and the new york times

spring 2018 children’s unicorn and horse we are sometimes unicorns we are sometimes horses but our differences are always worth celebrating d av idmilesholliemengert illustr at o r unicorn is a unicorn and horse is well not happy families read together laugh together h orse is brown horse is plain and horse can’t stand the unicorn he shares a pen with unicorn dances tra la la horse does not blah blah blah but when robbers kidnap unicorn for a local circus what will horse decide to do packed with forty-eight pages of hilarious illustrations and deadpan wit unicorn and horse is a funny yet endearing lesson on envy with one important truth we are sometimes unicorns we are sometimes horses but our differences are always worth celebrating ages 5–8 • a different kind of unicorn book • hilarious illustrations with deadpan laughs on every page isbn-13 9781945547768 price $16.99 usd hardcover picture book with jacket 8 x 10 48 pages ships march 2018 •

spring 2018 children’s donuts hole in one spot gloss the hole story you don’t say d av idmiles donut cars donut trains donuts do not make good planes happy families laugh together read together a lots of donuts everywhere ll is quiet when the donut shop closes for the night—or is it in this hilarious ode to the treat with a hole bright photographic illustrations bring donuts to life like never before with donut cops of course donut pirates why not maple bar lumberjacks eh coffee jakuzis and a bakeshop full of donut puns donuts the hole story is a delicious romp through a mischievous nighttime world filled with everyone’s favorite fat-fried friends ages 6–9 isbn-13 9781945547935 david miles makes books for a living he also reads books writes books sells books shelves books thinks about books drives to books sleeps to books and cooks from books but he doesn’t eat books which is fortunate he and his wife and son live in california where they

a d u lt spring 2018 feed the baby hummus debunking the bump pediatrician-backed secrets from cultures around the world what the data really says about pregnancy’s 165 biggest risks and myths by lisa lewis md happy families learn together love together p arenting practices vary widely between countries and cultures for example in countries such as the philippines breastfeeding after age one year is common and parents can make their own decision about what is right for their family in korea babies eat a variety of spices and flavors helping them develop a diverse palate and healthy eating habits and in italy parents prevent separation anxiety by taking their babies to markets restaurants and churches and passing them around from person to person feed the baby hummus teaches parents to confidently incorporate various multicultural practices into their own caretaking plan pediatrician lisa lewis offers the wisdom and proven caretaking practices of the cultures of the world drawn

spring 2018 twinsight a d u lt how to raise confident emotionally healthy twins by dara lovitz happy families learn together love together heal together i t’s a fact twins experience life differently than singleton children they’re compared to each other in everything from athletics to academics they encounter unique social issues what happens when one child is invited to a social outing while her twin is not they can even have difficulty forming deep relationships outside of the twinship yet no book effectively helps parents navigate these unique emotional challenges—until now in the first book written on the emotional needs of twins twinsight how to raise emotionally healthy twins bypasses the usual discussions on how to pay for two tuitions a conundrum to be sure and instead tackles deeper questions how do you help twins feel like individuals should they be expected to be each other’s caretaker how can a parent avoid comparing how can you encourage

marriage self-help wellness the two-minute secret to staying in love heidi poelman the two-minute secret to staying in love explores the little things couples think say and do to stay in love for the long haul $15.99 isbn-13 9781945547058 trade paper 196 pages 6 x 9 becoming free christy monson becoming free is a step-by-step guide to help women live a rich abundant life $17.95 isbn-13 9781938301841 trade paper 280 pages 6 x 9 new tricks for old dogs for those with empty arms gene perret sage advice and gags for those entering their senior years emily harris adams a beautiful collection of poems and essays on infertility $16.95 isbn-13 9781942934462 trade paper 240 pages 5 x 8 $16.95 isbn-13 9781939629609 trade paper 262 pages 5 x 8 fail brilliantly deployed on loss and living onward shelley davidow and paul williams fail brilliantly proposes a radical shift erase the word and concept of failure from the realms of education and human endeavors replace it with new words and concepts

memoir praise for a land twice promised “truth is never black and white baum guides us though the shades of grey with love and wisdom.” —rabbi sid schwarz senior fellow clal the national jewish center for learning and leadership “in this touching and honest memoir baum shares the story of how her search for peace informed her life baum’s genuine desire to make a difference may well inspire others to do the same.” —publishers weekly “an inspiration and a pathway to all who yearn for peace.” —gerda weissmann klein holocaust survivor and author of all but my life finding family cooked raw global mom a land twice promised where there’s smoke there’s dinner richard hill finding family my search for roots and the secrets in my dna is the highly suspenseful account of an adoptee trying to reclaim the biological family denied him by sealed birth records this fascinating quest including the author’s landmark

t heback ya rdre na issancecollection simple homemade fruit pectin $7.99 isbn-13 9781945547348 trade paper 76 pages 5 x 7 $7.99 isbn-13 9781945547331 trade paper 76 pages 5 x 7 backyard renaissance display bin ships empty with order of 32 or more backyard renaissance books isbn-13 9781944822057 water kefir no-till gardening make your own cheese shallow-pit garden composting make your own hard lotion herbal beauty $5.99 isbn-13 9781944822682 trade paper 34 pages 5 x 7 $7.95 isbn-13 9781942934080 trade paper 86 pages 5 x 7 $7.95 isbn-13 9781942934783 trade paper 76 pages 5 x 7 $6.95 isbn-13 9781942934837 trade paper 48 pages 5 x 7 $5.95 isbn-13 9781939629739 trade paper 58 pages 5 x 7 $7.95 isbn-13 9781942934523 trade paper 78 pages 5 x 7 successful gardening in utah all-natural aquaponic lawns gardens vertical gardens 15-minute mindful meals make your own thermal oven tiny garden huge harvest viili perpetual no-cook homemade yogurt $9.95 isbn-13 9781942934691 trade paper 100 pages 5 x

children lit for little handstm pride and prejudice adapted by brooke jorden illustrations by david miles filled with interactive wheels and pull-tabs and lavishly illustrated lit for little hands pride and prejudice is an unprecedented kid’s introduction to jane austen’s beloved classic novel unlike many board books that tackle the classics lit for little hands tells the actual story in simple engaging prose goregous pastoral illustrations transport the reader to the fields and estates of lizzy’s england while tons of interactive elements invite kids to spin the dancers at the ball care for jane open a shocking letter and more austen fans will be delighted by the book’s attention to detail and clever use of original dialog and the book’s use of supersturdy board means everyone can enjoy this tale of wit and romance over and over and over again with tons of moving parts color blocked like a shooting star you should you should ashley sorenson

children regio na l regional board books new titles on page 24 take a field trip around your state with numbers colors and letters 64 a is for arizona let’s count arizona w is for washington let’s count washington $12.95 isbn-13 9781944822781 board book 20 pages 8 x 8 $12.95 isbn-13 9781944822736 board book 20 pages 8 x 8 $12.95 isbn-13 9781944822026 board book 20 pages 8 x 8 $12.95 isbn-13 9781942934806 board book 20 pages 8 x 8 t is for texas let’s count texas c is for canada let’s count canada $12.95 isbn-13 9781944822750 board book 20 pages 8 x 8 $12.95 isbn-13 9781942934790 board book 20 pages 8 x 8 $12.95 isbn-13 9781944822897 board book 20 pages 8 x 8 $12.95 isbn-13 9781944822910 board book 20 pages 8 x 8 c is for california let’s count california o is for oregon let’s count oregon $12.95 isbn-13 9781944822705 board book 20 pages 8 x 8 $12.95 isbn-13 9781942934592 board book 20 pages 8 x 8 $12.95 isbn-13 9781944822729 board book 20