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falling ill last poems c k williams a capstone to an unforgettable career over the past half century the great shape-shifting poet c k williams took upon himself the poet’s task to record with candor and ardor “the burden of being alive.” in falling ill his final volume of poems he brings this task to its conclusion bearing witness to a restless mind’s encounter with the brute fact of the body’s decay the spirit’s erasure poetry farrar straus and giroux 1/3/2017 9780374152208 $23.00 $32.99 can hardcover 64 pages carton qty 52 9 in h 6 in w brit trans 1st ser audio dram fsg marketing national advertising poetry advertising campaign written with unsparing lyricism and relentless discursive logic these brave poems face unflinchingly “the dreadful edge of a precipice” where a futureless future stares back urgent unpunctuated headlong vertiginous they race against time to trace the sinuous startling twists and turns of

six four a novel hideo yokoyama translated from the japanese by jonathan lloyd-davies the nightmare no parent could endure the case no detective could solve the twist no reader could predict for five days in january 1989 the parents of a seven-year-old tokyo schoolgirl sat and listened to the demands of their daughter’s kidnapper they would never learn his identity they would never see their daughter again fiction farrar straus and giroux 2/7/2017 9780374265519 $27.00 hardcover 576 pages carton qty 12 9 in h 6 in w brit trans audio dram quercus publishing plc 1st ser fsg marketing national publicity national advertising library marketing campaign advance reader’s edition for the fourteen years that followed the japanese public listened to the police’s apologies they would never forget the botched investigation that became known as six four they would never forgive the authorities for their failure for one week in late 2002 the press officer attached to

can i borrow that essays jenny allen humorous essays about jenny allen’s attempt to make sense of the baffling and annoying world around her in can i borrow that a collection of first-person essays and humor pieces jenny allen asks the tough questions why do people say “it is what it is” what’s the point of fat-free half-and-half why don’t the women detectives on tv carry purses and where are we supposed to think they keep all their stuff and haven’t we all heard enough about memes humor sarah crichton books 3/14/2017 9780374118327 $25.00 hardcover 240 pages carton qty 24 8.3 in h 5.5 in w brit trans 1st ser dram abrams artists agency audio fsg marketing author appearances national publicity national advertising reporting from the potholes midway through life’s journey allen addresses these and other more serious matters like the rude awakenings of being single after twenty-five years of mothering a teenager and of living with a

the loving husband a novel christobel kent a taut and absorbing thriller about a murdered husband who may not have been so loving after all fiction sarah crichton books 3/14/2017 9780374194123 $27.00 hardcover 416 pages carton qty 16 9 in h 6 in w brit trans dram little brown u.k 1st ser audio fsg marketing national publicity national advertising library marketing campaign fran hall and her husband nathan live in a run-down farmhouse on the edge of the fens where they recently moved from london with their two young children one february night fran awakes to an empty bed and goes searching for her husband she finds nathan behind their house lying facedown in a ditch the ensuing police investigation soon singles fran out as the primary suspect and suspicions mount on the force that she may be hiding something that gives her a motive for murder but fran isn’t the only one with something to hide as her isolation and paranoia increase the claustrophobic town where her

the savage a novel frank bill in the raucous and action-packed follow-up to donnybrook mayhem is still the order of the day—only more so frank bill’s america has always been stark and violent in his new novel he takes things one step further the dollar has failed the grid is wiped out van dorn is eighteen and running solo dodging the bloodthirsty hordes and militias that have emerged since the country went haywire his dead father’s voice rings in his head as van dorn sets his sights not just on survival but also on an old-fashioned system of justice meanwhile a leader has risen among the gangs—and around him swirls the cast of brawlers from donnybrook with their own brutal sense of right and wrong of loyalty and justice through strength fiction fsg originals 4/18/2017 9780374534417 $14.00 $19.50 can trade paperback 256 pages carton qty 32 7.5 in h 5 in w brit trans audio fsg 1st ser dram donald maass literary agency marketing author appearances

the invitation-only zone the true story of north korea’s abduction project robert s boynton a bizarre little-known tale about the most secretive culture on earth history farrar straus and giroux 1/17/2017 9780374536725 $15.00 $21.00 can trade paperback 288 pages 30 black-and-white illustrations 3 maps time line notes selected bibliography index carton qty 28 8.3 in h 5.5 in w brit trans audio fsg dram chris calhoun agency marketing national advertising for decades north korea denied any part in the disappearance of dozens of japanese citizens from japan’s coastal towns and cities in the late 1970s but in 2002 with his country on the brink of collapse kim jong-il admitted to the kidnapping of thirteen people and returned five of them in hopes of receiving japanese aid as part of a global espionage project the regime had attempted to reeducate these abductees and make them spy on its behalf when the scheme faltered the captives were forced to teach japanese to

the dawning moon of the mind unlocking the pyramid texts susan brind morrow a stunning and original interpretation of an ancient system of poetic religious and philosophical thought buried in the egyptian desert some four thousand years ago the pyramid texts are among the world’s oldest poetry yet ever since the discovery of these hieroglyphs in 1881 they have been misconstrued by western egyptologists as a garbled collection of primitive myths and incantations relegating to obscurity their radiant fusion of philosophy scientific inquiry and religion history farrar straus and giroux 3/28/2017 9780374536541 $16.00 $22.99 can trade paperback 304 pages 100 hieroglyph images map notes works cited motif index carton qty 28 8.3 in h 5.5 in w brit audio fsg trans dram janklow nesbit associates marketing blad pdf posted on edelweiss now in a seminal work the classicist and linguist susan brind morrow has recast the pyramid texts as a coherent work of art arguing that they

waiting for the past poems les murray a new collection of poems from les murray that renews and transforms the contemporary world through language in waiting for the past les murray employs his molten sense of language to renew and transform our experience of the world with quicksilver verse he conjures his rural past the life of the poor dairy boy in australia as he simultaneously feels the steady tug of aging of time pulling him back to the present here syntax sense and sound combine with such acrobatic grace that his poems render the familiar into the unknown the unknown into the revelatory poetry farrar straus and giroux 4/4/2017 9780374536879 $13.00 $18.00 can trade paperback 96 pages carton qty 0 8.3 in h 5.5 in w us/can om audio fsg marketing poetry advertising campaign whether murray is writing about a boy on a walkabout hiding from grief a sounding whale “spilling salt rain,” or leaves that “tread on the sky,” the great australian poet’s

the impossible fairy tale a novel han yujoo translated from the korean by janet hong a chilling wildly original novel from a major new voice from south korea the impossible fairy tale is the story of two unexceptional grade-school girls mia is “lucky”—she is spoiled by her mother and as she explains her two fathers she gloats over her exotic imported color pencils and won’t be denied a coveted sweater then there is the child who by contrast is neither lucky nor unlucky she makes so little impression that she seems not even to merit a name fiction graywolf press 3/7/2017 9781555977665 $16.00 $22.99 can trade paperback 192 pages carton qty 0 8.3 in h 5.5 in w brit 1st ser audio graywolf press trans dram asia literary agency marketing national publicity targeted advertising campaign bookseller outreach academic marketing campaign social media campaign at school their fellow students whether lucky or luckless or unlucky seem consumed by an almost

terms and conditions r sikoryak master satirist tackles the contract everyone agrees to but no one reads for his newest project r sikoryak tackles the monstrously and infamously dense legal document itunes terms and conditions the contract everyone agrees to but no one reads in a word for word 94-page adaptation sikoryak hilariously turns the agreement on its head—each page features an avatar of apple cofounder and legendary visionary steve jobs juxtaposed with a different classic strip such as mort walker’s beetle bailey or a contemporary graphic novel such as craig thompson’s blankets or marjane satrapi’s persepolis comics graphic novels drawn and quarterly 2/28/2017 9781770462748 $16.95 trade paperback 96 pages full color illustrations throughout carton qty 0 9.5 in h 6.5 in w 3 photos brit trans 1st ser audio dram d+q marketing national publicity academic marketing author tour 78 adapting the legalese of the itunes terms and conditions into

milne david worldmaking the art and science of american diplomacy 48 mishra pankaj age of anger a history of the present 3 mizuki shigeru kitaro and the great tanuki war .83 moomin begins a new life tove jansson 84 morning paramin derek walcott 11 morrow susan brind the dawning moon of the mind unlocking the pyramid texts 54 murray les waiting for the past poems 62 my struggle book 5 karl ove knausgaard 57 no wall too high one man s daring escape from mao s darkest prison erling hoh 7 novel of the century the the extraordinary adventure of les misérables david bellos 20 ollmann joe the abominable mr seabrook 77 one hundred demons lynda barry 81 ongoingness the end of a diary sarah manguso 69 organ grinder a classical education gone astray alan fishbone