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figure 1 backlist a sublime vernacular the landscape paintings of levine flexhaug by nancy tousley and peter white figure 1 on sale aug 17/15 10.50 x 8.50 • 160 pages 9780994726902 • $45.00 • cl art general a sublime vernacular the landscape paintings of levine flexhaug examines the extraordinary career of levine flexhaug 1918 1974 an itinerant artist who sold thousands of variations of essentially the same idyllic mountain scene in national parks resorts department stores restaurants and bars across western canada from the late 1930s through the 1960s a selfdescribed speed painter he turned out paintings in a matter of minutes often working on several at the same time that mesmerized customers as they watched them come to life flexhaug was painting a generic landscape fantasy for a society that had been shaped by the dust bowl and depression but the way he turned that popular formula inside out resulted in paintings of extraordinary richness and invention this

figure 1 backlist a sense of place art at vancouver international airport by robin laurence a spectacular overview of one of the most highly acclaimed art collections on the west coast which greets travellers at yvr as they journey between land sea and sky vancouver international airport known for its modern design and expansive topography offers an impressive visual display of award-winning art and architecture each terminal building represents the culture heritage natural beauty and iconic experiences that embody british columbia and the artwork exhibited throughout plays an integral role in telling those stories revered in particular for its focus on pacific coast native art the collection is presented in the thematic groupings of land sea and sky three realms that intersect at yvr figure 1 on sale sep 18/15 8.70 x 9.95 • 128 pages 9781927958261 • $24.95 • pb art canadian in yvr art historian and critic robin laurence will examine the commissioning of dozens of

figure 1 backlist i had an interesting french artist to see me this summer emily carr and wolfgang paalen in british columbia by colin browne a original new look at the life and art of emily carr and her relationship to the international art of her time figure 1 on sale jun 9/16 8.09 x 8.20 • 80 pages 9781927958780 • $24.95 • pb art canadian “i had an interesting french artist to see me this summer” emily carr and wolfgang paalen in british columbia brings together new research concerning the french/austrian artist wolfgang paalen 1905-1959 and the great canadian modernist emily carr 1871-1945 both of whom dedicated their most productive years to what paalen called “the direct visualization of the forces which move our body and mind.” accompanying an exhibition at the vancouver art gallery scheduled for july 1 to november 13 2016 the catalogue will tell the story of how both artists met in victoria british columbia in 1939 and how the

figure 1 backlist lead journey after midnight india canada and the road beyond by ujjal dosanjh a beautifully written and evocative memoir of one of canada’s most distinguished politicians figure 1 on sale apr 19/16 7.82 x 9.12 • 448 pages 9781927958568 • $34.95 • cl biography political a midnight s child of poor rural india ujjal dosanjh emigrated to the united kingdom in 1964 at the age of eighteen and spent nearly four years making crayons car parts and shunting trains while he attended night school and learned english by listening to bbc radio he moved to canada in 1968 to the west coast where he pulled lumber in a sawmill for a few years eventually earning a b.a from simon fraser university in 1973 and then his law degree from the university of british columbia three years later he practiced law for many years and was a social justice advocate who fought for the rights of farm and domestic workers after many years as a member of the legislative assembly

figure 1 backlist power smart how a simple idea revolutionized the way we use electricity by kerry gold in 1989 bc hydro launched a program that would revolutionize how british columbians lived how businesses achieved their bottom lines and how building codes and appliance standards were written it was a simple but game-changing idea called power smart since then power smart has become a household name in b.c synonymous with the efficient use of electricity it is one of the greatest canadian conservation-marketing campaigns in a generation power smart has affected every b.c resident whether through their use of the popular refrigerator buy-back program or the cfl light bulb which has now replaced the old-fashioned incandescent power smart did nothing less than transform bc hydro into a cultural force that sold the concept of electricity conservation to its customers ¾ a counterintuitive creative and bravely progressive achievement figure 1 on sale apr 17/15 7.59 x 10.97 • 64

figure 1 backlist lead which way back featuring luna chip and inkie by michael mayes illustrated by rory o sullivan the lovable knowledge kids characters luna chip and inkie get lost in the forest can they work together to find their way back home or will they be lost forever in luna chip and inkie s first adventure the trio gets lost after following a butterfly into the woods stuck in an unfamiliar part of the forest they all begin to worry after a bit of squabbling and a bit of creative thinking they each contribute with their own ideas and unique talents to find their way back home a story of friendship creativity and collaboration which way back is an action-packed picture book with vibrant illustrations from front to back created by british columbia s public broadcaster knowledge network for kids parents and teachers everywhere figure 1 on sale aug 19/13 9.34 x 11.01 • 40 pages 9780991858835 • $14.95 • cl juvenile fiction general • ages 3-6 author bio

figure 1 backlist lead dirty apron cookbook recipes tips and tricks for creating delicious foolproof dishes by david robertson foreword by vikram vij extraordinary recipes from one of canada s leading chefs unleash your inner chef with this collection of the best tried-and-true recipes from vancouver s acclaimed dirty apron cooking school want to impress your dinner guests need to diversify your regular menu nervous about trying a new cooking technique tired of eating alone the dirty apron cooking school caters to a range of students both beginners and more experienced cooks—looking to come away with delicious menus and more confidence in the kitchen the dirty apron cookbook brings together the best of these recipes along with many of the tips and tricks shared in the school s classes figure 1 on sale oct 14/14 9.36 x 10.03 • 208 pages 40 food shots 40 atmosphere shots 9781927958179 • $37.95 • cl cooking canadian featuring more than 80 of the school s

figure 1 backlist lead ottawa cooks signature recipes from the finest chefs of canada s capital region by anne desbrisay ottawa is not your typical national capital it straddles two provinces bridges three founding cultures and may be better known for its hill and canal than for its cooking ottawa cooks changes that award-winning food writer anne desbrisay brings together recipes from fortyone of the capital region’s most inspiring cooks from fine restaurants food trucks and farmhouse kitchens here are signature dishes favourite staff meals and traditional family recipes that assert what people in ottawa already know for more than twenty years this capital has been quietly and steadily growing one of the most interesting and diverse food cultures in the country figure 1 on sale sep 6/16 8.42 x 10.21 • 240 pages 80 photographs 9781927958537 • $37.95 • cl cooking canadian beautifully photographed by christian lalonde ottawa cooks showcases more than eighty

figure 1 backlist lifelines unlock the secrets of your telomeres for a longer healthier life by elaine chin figure 1 on sale sep 22/15 5.50 x 8.50 • 288 pages 9781927958407 • $21.00 • pb health fitness general unlock the secrets of your telomeres for a longer healthier life they’re like the plastic tips of your shoelaces that keep them from fraying but they’re at the ends of your dna and they keep you from disease and dying too young the discovery of telomeres was one of the true miracle breakthroughs in contemporary medicine nobel-winning scientist dr elizabeth blackburn’s research has opened a world of promise when it comes to living longer and healthier today we have the know-how to slow the disintegration process to beat our biological clock and prevent disease noted personalized medicine physician dr elaine chin tells you how to use these new lifelines to extend your own by partnering with healthcare professionals to create a road map for

figure 1 backlist higher awaken to a more fulfilling life by charles hanna a candid practical and inspiring guide to creating a richer and more meaningful life the world s great philosophers and spiritual leaders teach us that happiness depends on how we look at life in higher charles hanna explores why and how we can create the best possible outlook by finding our higher perspective higher power and higher purpose he demonstrates how we can challenge our demons and become our best selves his experience of physical emotional and spiritual recovery and his applications will resonate powerfully with all readers figure 1 on sale feb 25/16 8.13 x 8.41 • 208 pages 9781927958711 • $21.00 • pb self-help general as a young man hanna emigrated from egypt to canada where he got an education and followed his dreams from one perspective his life was perfect his family grew his businesses flourished yet his doubt and addiction quietly destroyed him it was not until hanna

figure 1 backlist no longer captives of the past the story of reconciliation on erromango by carol mayer anna naupa and vanessa warri this bilingual book recounts the memories of a reconciliation ceremony held on erromango one of the south pacific islands comprising the republic of vanuatu the impetus for the ceremony was the murderin 1839 of english presbyterian missionary john williams and a colleague.the reconciliation ceremony originated with an act of generosity whereby williams descendants offered the missionary s south pacific memorabilia to ubc s museum of anthropology the museum s pacific curator carol mayer not only accepted the items but initiated the reconciliation ceremony and resultant book the book both describes and visualizes the event and related missionary activity with 105 compelling coloured illustrations the result is a powerful firsthand and interpretive narrative able to be employed to good effect to remediate both comparable wrongs and everyday festering