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fall 2018 figure 1 this edition of the catalogue was printed on april 10 2018 to view updates please see the fall 2018 raincoast ecatalogue or visit

figure 1 fall 2018 tom burrows by scott watson and ian wallace figure 1 on sale aug 28/18 8.25 x 9.75 • 192 pages 80 images 9781927958889 • $50.00 • cl art canadian notes promotion pitch to national business media print online broadcast tom burrows and the exhibition that preceded the book presents work by the artist from his early career to the present the book is a timely refocusing of attention on an artist who has made an immense contribution to the development of art in vancouver not only as an artist but as an educator and activist as well burrows first rose to prominence in the late-1960s and was included in several exhibitions at the ubc fine arts library an institution that was seminal in encouraging vancouver s growing and now vibrant art community in 1975 he received a united nations commission to document squatters communities in europe africa and asia a work that is now in the belkin s collection burrows work which demonstrates an interest in process

figure 1 fall 2018 the street savvy sales leader a guide to building teams that consistently win new business by mark welch figure 1 on sale sep 4/18 6 x 9 • 288 pages 9781773270449 • $34.95 • cl bus econ sales selling management notes promotion as a sales leader this is what you know now your pipeline needs filling and you need more conversions you re dealing with high turnover your boss is demanding higher performance and your team is constantly being pressured to do more non-selling activities you are challenged with differentiating yourself in the market and the shift in buyer behavior because your customer has the power seat in negotiations you are competing in a highly fragmented highly competitive marketplace where decision makers are more knowledgeable less risk averse and busier than ever as a result making your numbers is tougher and more challenging than ever you re trying to figure out how to get the attention of new customers and to add value along

figure 1 fall 2018 open to think slow down think creatively and make better decisions by dan pontefract while it may not occur to us on a daily basis there is a widespread cultural tendency toward quick decisions and quick action this pattern has resulted in many of our society s greatest successes but even more of its failures though the root cause is by no means malicious we have begun to reward speed over quality and the negative effects suffered in both our personal and professional lives are potentially catastrophic best-selling author and chief envisioner dan pontefract offers the solution to this predicament with what he coins open thinking a cyclical process in which creativity is encouraged critiquing leads to better decisions and thoughtful action delivers positive sustainable results he proposes a return to balance between the three components of productive thought dreaming deciding and doing figure 1 on sale sep 11/18 6 x 9 • 288 pages 9781773270272 • $36.95

figure 1 fall 2018 lead brian gluckstein the art of home by brian gluckstein everyone should have a beautiful home quite simply life is better when you live in a space you love and giving people that joy is always gratifying internationally renowned interior designer brian gluckstein believes that elegant personal style can be achieved in any home brian gluckstein the art of home features a distinguished collection of homes that are at once luxurious chic and livable from a stylish new york apartment and a tailored beach house to a timeless aspen chalet and a refined country estate these stunningly designed homes reveal that a wellconsidered space is essential to both traditional and contemporary aesthetics the beautifully photographed interiors are complemented with riveting anecdotes inspiring quotes and style statements to reflect the importance of comfort and personal expression through form function and decor figure 1 on sale sep 18/18 9.75 x 11 • 256 pages 150 photos

figure 1 fall 2018 lead vancouver eats signature recipes from the city s best restaurants by joanne sasvari filled with mouthwatering recipes and beautiful photographs vancouver eats presents 90 recipes from 45 of the city s best restaurants with recipes for salads fable s heirloom tomato salad with burrata soups tacofino s tortilla soup brunch cafe medina s fricassee champignons mains david hawksworth s cherry tomato olive and arugula pizza desserts thomas haas s hazelnut praline éclair and cocktails the botanist s appleseed cocktail this inspired anthology boasts a collection of original and innovative dishes by chefs who ve put vancouver on the culinary map it even includes a few notable restaurants from whistler and best of all the recipes have been designed with home cooks in mind beautifully illustrated throughout by award-winning photographer kevin clark vancouver eats is the perfect book for those who want to recreate their favourite dining experiences in their own

figure 1 fall 2018 your business your family their future how to ensure your family enterprise thrives for generations by emily griffiths-hamilton figure 1 on sale sep 18/18 5.50 x 8.50 • 168 pages 9781773270531 • $25.00 • cl bus econ finance wealth management notes promotion from mom-and-pop stores to fortune 500 corporations the family business as an institution is widespread and enduring-yet only 30 percent of family enterprises successfully transition to the next generation in this accessible and deeply informed new book family enterprise expert emily griffithshamilton author of build your family bank a winning vision for multigenerational wealth shares the secrets of successful multigenerational family enterprises through extensive research and personal and professional experience as a member of and advisor to family enterprises griffiths-hamilton has developed an unconventional approach that looks beyond narrow business considerations to focus on the critical

figure 1 fall 2018 lead atelier the cookbook by marc lepine figure 1 on sale sep 25/18 9.25 x 11 • 320 pages 80 photos 9781773270043 • $55.00 • cl cooking individual chefs restaurants marc lepine s debut cookbook atelier is a celebration of a restaurant that has reinvigorated the fine-dining culture in canada it begins with origins which traces lepine s expansive career-from his relationship with food at an early age to his formal training in europe and eventually the us at michelin-starred alinea to the opening of atelier vision explores a unique creative approach that is fueled by a restless imagination and personal expression while innovations features a spirited collection of 48 artful dishes that critics and fans have come to love-carrot hoop octopus terrarium dino egg and many more here we ll see thought-provoking recipes inspired by local ingredients seasonality and pioneering techniques this impressive and beautiful volume is an exciting tribute to a

figure 1 fall 2018 seattle cooks signature recipes from the city s best chefs and bartenders by julien perry seattle cooks is an exciting collection of 80 signature dishes from 40 of the city s best restaurants featuring crowd-pleasing small plates vibrant salads comforting mains delectable desserts and much more this expansive cookbook highlights a vibrant culinary scene that makes seattle one of the best food cities in the country a never-before-published recipe for dahlia lounge s iconic dungeness crab cakes check tavolàta s hamachi crudo check revel s kalua pork belly check we ve even included jerry traunfeld s famous eggplant fries rockcreek s octopus salad and e smith mercantile s thirst-quenching smoky martini for those who love to explore the world through food seattle cooks presents inspired recipes designed with home cooks in mind-regardless of skill level it s never been easier to get your hands on great food figure 1 on sale oct 4/18 8 x 10 • 224 pages 100 photos

figure 1 fall 2018 moving still by diana freundl gayatri sinha and critical collective moving still performative photography in india explores themes of migration gender religion and national identity through the lens of modern and contemporary photography in india while exploring the early beginnings of photography in india with works from ram singh ii and umrao singh sher-gil the primary focus of this publication is the lens-based practices of contemporary artists such as naveen kishore atul bhalla tejal shah vivan sundaram sunil gupta anita dube and pushpamala n artists rooted in the diversity of cultures and multiplicity within the country while at the same time engaged in a global dialogue the publication will include profiles on each of the participating artists a timeline on the history of performative photography compiled by critical collective as well as feature essays by diana freundl associate curator asian art at the vancouver art gallery and gayatri sinha art critic and

figure 1 fall 2018 dana claxton by grant arnold monika kin gagnon and olivia michiko gagnon figure 1 on sale nov 6/18 8.75 x 10.50 • 160 pages 100 illustrations 9781773270500 • $40.00 • cl art canadian notes promotion known for her expansive multidisciplinary approach to art making vancouverbased dana claxton who is hunkpapa lakota sioux has investigated notions of indigenous identity beauty gender and the body as well as broader social and political issues through a practice which encompasses photography film video and performance rooted in contemporary art strategies her practice critiques the representations of indigenous people that circulate in art literature and popular culture in general in doing so claxton regularly combines lakota traditions with western influences using a powerful and emotive mix meld and mash approach to address the oppressive legacies of colonialism and to articulate indigenous world views histories and spirituality this timely