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spring 2017 figure 1 this edition of the catalogue was printed on nov 15 2016 to view updates please see the spring 2017 raincoast ecatalogue or visit

figure 1 s17 glacier skywalk by clea sturgess trevor boddy and jeremy sturgess magical breath-taking unforgettable perched high above the sunwapta canyon in canada’s rocky mountains glacier skywalk is all of these things— and more its choreographed pathways and cantilevered viewing platform allow visitors to see and experience the world in a whole new way figure 1 on sale apr 25/17 9 x 7.75 • 128 pages 9781927958995 • $24.95 • pb travel canada western provinces notes promotion glacier skywalk tells the inside story of this award-winning collaboration between parks canada brewster travel and the combined design-and-build team of sturgess architecture pcl constructors and rjc consulting engineers insightful essays by trevor boddy and clea and jeremy sturgess reveal how the ideas came together and were realized in built form detailed sketches three-dimensional renderings and stunning photographs by robert lemermeyer show how the structures evolved from

figure 1 s17 reengineering retail the future of selling in a post-digital world by doug stephens since the release of doug stephens’ first book the retail revival change in the global retail sector has accelerated beyond even the boldest forecasts as predicted online giants like amazon and are growing at a dizzying pace hundreds of well-known brick and mortar retailers have closed their doors and brands and retailers across categories are struggling to understand the shifting needs and expectations of a new consumer picking up where the retail revival left off reengineering retail explores the coming revolution in the global retail and consumer goods market offering sales and marketing executives a roadmap to the future figure 1 on sale may 1/17 9 x 6 • 256 pages 9781927958810 • $36.00 • cl bus econ industries retailing notes promotion author and internationally renowned consumer futurist doug stephens paints a bold vision of the future where

figure 1 s17 yes yes we re magicians by jonah samson yes yes we re magicians is a compilation of anonymous vintage black-andwhite photographs mostly found on ebay from the personal collection of the canadian artist collector and writer jonah samson titled after a line from samuel beckett s play waiting for godot the dominant mood of the book recalls beckett s take on human existence as tragicomic samson too reflects on the absurdity of life through slapstick and dark humor and a warmhearted affection for the mysteries of human gestures involved in all aspects of making the book samson has created a carefully orchestrated narrative flow between various kinds of vernacular photographs whether a blurry snapshot or a formal portrait the images draw out the uncanny and magical qualities of photographs figure 1 on sale may 1/17 9.14 x 9.11 • 112 pages 9781927958865 • $35.00 • cl photography collections catalogs exhibitions notes promotion free of any description the

figure 1 s17 tom burrows by scott watson and ian wallace figure 1 on sale may 1/17 8.25 x 9.75 • 192 pages 80 images 9781927958889 • $50.00 • cl art canadian notes promotion 1 pitch to art media focus on vancouver 2 launch event at belkin gallery to coincide with exhibition tom burrows and the exhibition that preceded the book presents work by the artist from his early career to the present the book is a timely refocusing of attention on an artist who has made an immense contribution to the development of art in vancouver not only as an artist but as an educator and activist as well burrows first rose to prominence in the late-1960s and was included in several exhibitions at the ubc fine arts library an institution that was seminal in encouraging vancouver s growing and now vibrant art community in 1975 he received a united nations commission to document squatters communities in europe africa and asia a work that is now in the belkin s collection burrows work which

figure 1 s17 radio okapi kindu the station that helped bring peace to the congo a memoir by jennifer bakody when jennifer bakody steps off the plane in the democratic republic of the congo in 2004 she walks right into the hardest and most inspiring job an idealistic young journalist from nova scotia could ever imagine six years of war involving eight countries and several million deaths have just ended in a ceasefire a week later bakody finds herself two thousand kilometres up the congo river in the heart of the jungle managing a small un-backed radio station welcome to radio okapi kindu welcome too to its team of hard-working local reporters determined to cover the country s rapid march towards elections one day rebel soldiers are walking out of the jungle and handing in their weapons the next the station is airing comedy sketches and messages asking after missing people figure 1 on sale may 1/17 5.50 x 8.50 • 300 pages 9781927958971 • $22.95 • pb biography

figure 1 s17 traces of words art and calligraphy from asia by fuyubi nakamura regardless of how globalized our world might seem languages and written words continue to refer to particular cultural locations if we are unable to read them however written words and scripts present a purely visual encounter traces of words explores the cultural significance and artistic representations of asian words and writing by focusing on its visual and material presence writing especially calligraphy has been referred to as an aesthetic form and has played an important social and political role in diverse asian traditions ranging from buddhist text in pali to islamic and chinese calligraphy this tradition of scripting continues to have an impact on contemporary artist as well words whether spoken written imagined or visualized leave traces unique to human life essays from five experts and illustrations of ancient and contemporary works invite us to explore this theme in traces of words figure 1 on

figure 1 s17 exploring the capital an architectural guide to the ottawa gatineau region by andrew waldron and harold kalman photographs by peter coffman the many and varied threads of canada’s national life come together in its capital region where the rideau river flows into the ottawa river an algonquin community was visited by french explorers and settled by british colonists the town grew into a city spilled over a provincial border and now represents canada to the world figure 1 on sale may 31/17 6 x 8.50 • 288 pages 300 photos 9781927958919 • $24.95 • pb architecture buildings landmarks monuments notes promotion ottawa is a seat of government and has all the official edifices to show for it but as andrew waldron shows you in exploring the capital it’s a lot more than that follow the twelve guided-tours covering all corners of the region in ontario and quebec and you’ll encounter homes and schools cultural sites and green spaces houses of