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first second • september 2017 comics graphic novels literary written by david l carlson illustrated by landis blair the hunting accident a true story of crime and poetry the amazing true story of matt rizzo an uneducated blind criminal who received a classical education in prison from his cellmate nathan leopold jr of the infamous leopold and loeb duo as a child charlie rizzo had been told that his father lost his vision in a hunting accident it wasn t until charlie found himself in a jail cell for his petty crimes that he learned the truth september first second comics graphic novels literary on sale9/19/2017 hardcover 464 pages 9 in h 8 in w carton quantity 10 matt rizzo was blinded by a shotgun blast to the face while working for the mob just a teenager and newly blind he began his bleak new life at statesville prison it was there that his life and very soul were saved by one of america s most notorious killers nathan leopold isbn:9781626726765 $34.99 $48.99 can

first second • october 2017 comics graphic novels written by craig mcdonald illustrated by kevin singles head games a taut wildly entertaining noir thriller set in the 1950s and staring a hard-drinking hard-living hard-boiled protagonist hector lassiter aging crime novelist hector lassiter thought that his adventures were long behind him but then he’s delivered a treasure worth killing for the skull of mexican revolutionary pancho villa october first second comics graphic novels on sale10/24/2017 trade paperback 176 pages 8.5 in h 6 in w 1 lb wt carton quantity 24 with brooding poet bud fiske and hard-as-nails beauty alacia vincente hector must make a mad dash across the american southwest if he can sell the skull to highest bidder he’ll score big but in the meantime has to dodge bullets from deranged fraternity members aging soldiers of fortune and crooked feds isbn:9781596434141 $17.99 $24.99 can originally published as an edgar-nominated novel this

first second • november 2017 comics graphic novels jason shiga demon volume 4 the final volume of the high-energy ultraviolent and hilarious supernatural mystery series from bestselling meanwhile author jason shiga november first second comics graphic novels on sale11/7/2017 trade paperback 192 pages 8.5 in h 6.8 in w carton quantity 38 isbn:9781626724556 $19.99 $27.99 can also available immortal actuary jimmy makes a startling discovery agent hunter his long-dead adversary is actually alive and a demon himself hunter has spent the last century concocting a deadly trap for his nemesis and he has the perfect bait jimmy s daughter sweet pea in the epic showdown to to end all epic showdowns we finally reach the thrilling conclusion to this madcap series from the brilliant and profane mind of jason shiga known for his high-concept comics work on the web and in print comes a magnum opus a four-volume mystery adventure about the shocking chaos and astronomical body count one