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first second • may 2017 comics graphic novels science fiction written by sharon shinn illustrated by molly knox ostertag shattered warrior bestselling fantasy author sharon shinn delivers a gripping science fiction adventure with a sweeping romance at its heart it is ten years after colleen cavanaugh s home world was invaded by the derichets a tyrannical alien race bent on exploiting the planet s mineral resources may first second comics graphic novels science fiction on sale 5/16/2017 trade paperback 256 pages 8.5 in h 6 in w carton quantity 16 most of her family died in the war and she now lives alone in the city aside from her acquaintances at the factory where she toils for the derichets colleen makes a single friend in jann a member of the violent group of rebels known as the chromatti one day colleen receives shocking news her niece lucy is alive and in need of her help together colleen jann and lucy create their own tenuous family isbn 9781626720893 $17.99 $24.99

first second 276 • may 2017 comics graphic novels science

first second • july 2017 comics graphic novels jason shiga demon volume 3 volume 3 of the ultra-violent and hilarious supernatural mystery series from bestselling meanwhile author jason shiga july first second comics graphic novels on sale 7/18/2017 trade paperback 224 pages 8.5 in h 6.8 in w carton quantity 32 isbn 9781626724549 $19.99 $27.99 can also available over a hundred years in the future jimmy and his daughter sweet pea not so sweet a century later revel in their immortality convinced that they have finally outlived the sinister oss forces that hunted them for so long but just when they relax oss agent hunter is back—and a bigger threat than ever what follows is a good old-fashioned action-movie-style chase scene that includes the grossest thing you ve ever read in a comic we d say we re sorry but we re really really not from the brilliant and profane mind of jason shiga comes demon a four-volume magnum opus about the unspeakable chaos that one

first second 290 • july 2017 comics graphic