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first second • march 2017 comics graphic novels pÉnÉlope bagieu california dreamin’ it s mama cass as you ve never known her in this touching biography of the 1960s new york folk scene from french comics sensation pénélope bagieu exquisite corpse march first second comics graphic novels on sale 3/14/2017 hardcover 272 pages 8.5 in h 6 in w carton quantity 20 isbn 9781626725461 $24.99 $34.99 can also available before she became the legendary mama cass—one quarter of the mega-huge folk group the mamas and the papas—cass eliot was a girl from baltimore trying to make it in the big city after losing parts to stars like barbra streisand on the broadway circuit cass found her place in the music world with an unlikely group of cohorts the mamas and the papas released five studio albums in their three years of existence it was at once one of the most productive and profitable three years any band has ever had and also one of the most bizarre and

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