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f l at ir on books january 2017 this is how it always is laurie frankel this is where i leave you meets the particular sadness of lemon cake in this wonderful novel about a boy who becomes a girl and the family that loves them both when rosie and penn meet on a blind date it’s like a fairy tale each immediately knows they’ve met the love of their life flash forward a decade rosie and penn are married they have four boys rosie desperately wants a girl alas she gives birth to a boy claude and so their family is complete a family of five boys happily ever after not so quick as everyone knows life is more complicated than a fairy tale fi ction fa m ily lif e flatiron books 1/24/2017 9781250088550 $25.99 $36.99 can hardcover 336 pages carton qty 20 9.3 in h 6.1 in w subrights uk and translation flatiron books other available formats audio isbn 9781427282521 audio isbn 9781427282538 m ar keting goodreads banner and newsletter advertising goodreads arc giveaways bustle.com advertising campaign targeted facebook advertising on-sale digital trade advertising pre-pub arc mailing to key literary bloggers one day claude puts on a dress and he doesn’t want take it off he wants to bring a purse to school he wants to grow his hair long he wants to be called poppy rosie and penn are progressive they know gender normative stereotypes are just that.when rosie realizes their middle-american town is too dangerous for poppy the family picks up and moves to liberal seattle but when they go to a party and start to introduce their children it’s too confusing to explain so they say nothing poppy passes as a girl until one day she doesn’t this is how it always is is a novel about the wonder and challenge of a child’s transformation it’s about secrets tolerance thailand fairy tales and buddhism and it’s about the ways this is how it always is change is always hard and miraculous and hard again we all sometimes conform and sometimes we don t you never get to know for certain so the best you can ever do is leap with a full heart pr a i se “[laurie frankel writes with more heart than anyone i can think of…this is a novel everyone should read it’s brilliant it’s bold and it’s time.” —elizabeth george #1 new york times bestselling author “a beguiling tale of a sprawling loving ever-changing unconventional and yet completely typical modern family…an intimate wonderfully moving novel that is especially relevant in today’s world.” —garth stein new york times bestselling author “a lively and fascinating story of a thoroughly modern family and the giant multifaceted love that binds them…sparkles with wit and wisdom.” —maria semple new york times bestselling author laurie frankel is the author of two previous novels the atlas of love and goodbye for now she lives in seattle with her family 16