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f l at ir on booksfeb ruary 2017 alsosoldbyfifth av esalesforce schadenfreude a love story me the germans and 20 years of attempted transformations unfortunate miscommunications and humiliating situations that only they have words for rebecca schuman sometimes love plays hard to get biog ra p h y au tobiog ra p h y c u lt u ral heri ta g e flatiron books 2/7/2017 9781250077578 $26.99 $36.99 can hardcover 288 pages carton qty 24 8.3 in h 5.5 in w you know that feeling when you catch the elevator but don’t hold it for the person behind you seeing lindsay lohan in handcuffs donald trump being attacked by a bald eagle there’s a word for this mix of malice and joy and the germans of course invented it it’s schadenfreude deriving pleasure from others misfortune and with slate columnist rebecca schuman the teutons have a blast at her expense schadenfreude a love story is the tale of a teenage jewish intellectual who falls in love in love with a boy who breaks her heart a language that’s nearly impossible to master a culture that’s nihilistic but punctual and a landscape that’s breathtaking when there’s not a wall in the way m ar keting huge facebook targeted advertising campaign trade advertising shelf awareness pw goodreads arc giveaways outreach to top humor and lifestyle blogs national print and online coverage rebecca schuman was just your average 90’s teenager with a passion for punk rock and ethan hawke circa reality bites until two men walk into her high school political science class dylan krieger with deep blue eyes and an even deeper soul and franz kafka hitching a ride in dylan’s backpack these two men are the axe to the frozen pond that is rebecca’s soul and what flows forth is a passion for all things german blue eyed dylan might leave the second a more popular girl looks his way but kafka is forever and in pursuit of this elusive love rebecca will spend two decades stuttering and stumbling through broken german sentences trying to win over a people who couldn’t on the surface care less she smokes endless hand roll rebecca schuman is the education columnist for slate where she frequently writes on higher education and policy she holds a phd from uc irvine and an mfa from the new school this is her first book 19