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f l at ironbooksfebrua ry 2 0 1 8 force of nature a novel jane harper from the new york times bestselling author of the dry when a hiker goes missing secrets and betrayal among friends are exposed and agent aaron falk will find out what happened five women reluctantly pick up their backpacks and start walking along the muddy track only four come out the other side fiction m ys t e ry detective police procedural flatiron books 2/6/2018 9781250105639 $25.99 $36.99 can hardcover 320 pages carton qty 20 9.3 in h 6.1 in w subrights u.k rights little brown uk translation rights curtis brown australia other available formats ebook isbn 9781250105646 audio isbn 9781427293138 audio isbn 9781427293145 the hike through the rugged giralang ranges on the corporate retreat is meant to take the office workers out of their air-conditioned comfort zone and teach resilience and team building but one of the women doesn’t make it federal police agent aaron falk has a particularly keen

f l at ironbooks ja n u a ry 2 0 1 8 mothers of sparta a memoir in pieces dawn davies discovered by michael ondaatje davies’ dazzling literary memoir has shades of mary karr anne lamott and jenny lawson biography au to biography personal memoirs flatiron books 1/30/2018 9781250133700 $24.99 $34.99 can hardcover 272 pages carton qty 20 8.3 in h 5.5 in w subrights uk rights trident media translation rights trident media other available formats ebook isbn 9781250133717 audio isbn 9781427293510 marketing advance reading copies for accounts/reps sales curated mailing digital trade advertising in shelf awareness and regional eblasts early reader review campaign bookbrowse first impressions and goodreads national print advertising nytbr goodreads advertising pre-order and on sale social media targeted advertising pre-order and on sale facebook and instagram flatiron/macmillan newsletter promotions reading group gold and memoirs library marketing campaign national review

f l at ironbooksfebrua ry 2 0 1 8 between harlem and heaven afro-asian-american cooking for big nights weeknights and every day jj johnson and alexander smalls iconic chef alexander smalls and james beard nominated chef j j johnson debut their first ever cookbook as an homage to the food and cultural significance of harlem and the afro-asian diaspora cooking regional ethnic american flatiron books 2/6/2018 9781250108715 $37.50 $53.00 can hardcover 384 pages carton qty 10 10.6 in h 7.6 in w includes 100 color photographs throughout plus four-color endpapers other available formats ebook isbn 9781250139375 marketing social media advertising facebook instagram email promotion on macmillan email lists digital trade advertising pre-order black history month tie-in national radio and online media coverage extensive blog and social media outreach national review attention outreach landing page designed blads created media and bookseller event at minton s “the asian diaspora

f l at ironbooks ja n u a ry 2 0 1 8 o s little guide to the big questions hearst magazines the sixth and final installment in our series of small inspirational books from the editors of o the oprah magazine—this one a collection of thought-provoking stories and essays on the wisdom t b o dy mind spirit inspir at i o n personal growth flatiron books 1/2/2018 9781250070128 $17.99 $24.99 can hardcover 192 pages carton qty 28 7.1 in h 5 in w other available formats audio isbn 9781427293343 audio isbn 9781427293350 the sixth installment in this series of eye-opening soul-expanding books from o the oprah magazine’s editors o’s little guide to the big questions is a collection of provocative personal essays highlighting the wisdom to be gleaned from engaging with life’s deepest mysteries what truly matters what is my purpose when is the right time to make a change who is most important to me the answers thoughtfully culled from o the oprah

f l at ironbooks ja n u a ry 2 0 1 8 a hope more powerful than the sea the journey of doaa al zamel one refugee s incredible story of love loss and survival melissa fleming the extraordinary story of one refugee s quest to find a new life in the midst of one the most pressing international crises of our time socialscience emigr at i o n immigr at i o n flatiron books 1/23/2018 9781250106001 $17.99 $24.99 can trade paperback 288 pages 8.3 in h 5.5 in w subrights uk rights little brown uk translation rights foundry literary other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250105998 ebook isbn 9781250106018 marketing goodreads promotion social media advertising hopemorepowerful.com adrift in a frigid sea no land in sight just debris from the ship’s wreckage and bloated floating corpses all around doaa zamel floats with an inflatable ring around her waist while two children cling to her neck the babies had been thrust into her arms by their drowning parents all refugees from syria

f l at ironbooks ja n u a ry 2 0 1 8 deep nutrition why your genes need traditional food catherine shanahan m.d with luke shanahan a self-published phenomenon examining the habits that kept our ancestors disease-free—now with a prescriptive plan for “the human diet” to help us all live long vital healthy lives h e a lt h fitness diet nutrition nutrition flatiron books 1/2/2018 9781250113849 $17.99 $24.99 can trade paperback 512 pages carton qty 12 9.3 in h 6.1 in w includes black-and-white illustrations throughout physician and biochemist cate shanahan m.d examined diets around the world known to help people live longer healthier lives—diets like the mediterranean okinawa and “blue zone”—and identified the four common nutritional habits developed over millennia that unfailingly produce strong healthy intelligent children and active vital elders generation after generation these four nutritional strategies—fresh food

flatiron books march 2018 marilyn in manhattan her year of joy elizabeth winder marilyn like you ve never seen her before in manhattan the most famous woman in the world can wander the streets unbothered spend hours at the met getting lost in art and afternoons buried in the stacks of the strand marilyn begins to live a life of the mind in new york she dates arthur miller dances with truman capote and drinks with carson mccullers even though she had never lived there before in new york marilyn is home biography au to biography enter ta inment performing arts flatiron books 3/13/2018 9781250064981 $17.99 $24.99 can trade paperback 304 pages carton qty 28 8.3 in h 5.5 in w includes 20 black-and-white chapter-opening photographs throughout other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250064967 ebook isbn 9781250064974 in marilyn in manhattan the iconic blonde bombshell is not only happy but successful she takes classes with lee strasberg at the actors studio befriends the greatest

f l at ironbooksfebrua ry 2 0 1 8 all that s left to tell a novel daniel lowe for fans of elizabeth strout and tea obreht a haunting luminous debut novel about a man and his relationship with his daughter his captor his past and his future fiction litera ry flatiron books 2/13/2018 9781250085566 $15.99 $22.99 can trade paperback 304 pages carton qty 28 8.3 in h 5.5 in w subrights u.k rights picador translation rights flatiron books other available formats ebook isbn 9781250085542 hardcover isbn 9781250085559 audio isbn 9781427282507 all that’s left to tell is a debut novel about marc laurent a mid-level executive taken hostage in karachi aside from his guards his only interaction is with a mysterious woman he knows as josephine in their first meetings josephine tells marc that they’ve called his company they’ve called his ex-wife whom else can they call for ransom money marc says there is no one else and then josephine asks marc a question that is even more

flatiron books march 2018 the five invitations discovering what death can teach us about living fully frank ostaseski with hugh delahanty the cofounder of the zen hospice project and pioneer behind the compassionate care movement shares an inspiring exploration of the lessons dying has to offer about living a fulfilling life fa m i ly r e l at ionships d e at h grief bere av ement flatiron books 3/13/2018 9781250076748 $17.99 $24.99 can trade paperback 304 pages carton qty 28 8.3 in h 5.5 in w subrights u.k rights macmillan uk australian rights macmillan australia german rights – droemer other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250074652 ebook isbn 9781250074669 audio isbn 9781427287670 marketing author promotion fiveinviations.com life and death are a package deal they cannot be pulled apart and we cannot truly live unless we are aware of death the five invitations is an exhilarating meditation on the meaning of life and how maintaining an ever-present

f l at ironbooks april 2018 the other me saskia sarginson saskia sarginson’s novel hypnotically examines whether our identities are tied to where we’ve come from in a captivating mystery that shows how sometimes history doesn’t tell the true story 1986 london klaudia is about to start high school she’s embarrassed by her german father he’s the janitor at her school he has a funny accent and a limp and when the kids at school taunt her by saying he was a nazi during the war she can’t dispute them with confidence it is a period of time no one will ever discuss fiction contempora ry women flatiron books 4/10/2018 9781250083487 $15.99 $22.99 can trade paperback 304 pages carton qty 28 8.3 in h 5.5 in w subrights uk rights little brown uk translation rights little brown uk other available formats ebook isbn 9781250083494 hardcover isbn 9781250089137 audio isbn 9781427278890 1995 leeds eliza is in love she has dropped out of university to

f l at ironbooks ja n u a ry 2 0 1 8 behind her eyes a suspenseful psychological thriller sarah pinborough the new york times bestseller with a to-die-for twist now in paperback “you should read behind her eyes…it’s bloody brilliant.” —stephen king love at first sight can be blinding it’s said that the only people who really know what goes on in a marriage are the couple themselves but what if even they don’t know the truth fiction thrillers p s yc hological flatiron books 1/30/2018 9781250111197 $15.99 $22.99 can trade paperback 320 pages carton qty 28 8.3 in h 5.5 in w subrights u.k rights harperfiction uk translation rights veronique baxter – david higham associates other available formats hardcover isbn 9781250111173 ebook isbn 9781250111180 audio isbn 9781427282279 audio isbn 9781427282286 marketing designed arcs with unique packaging digital consumer advertising campaign goodreads ros and newsletter ads liveintent