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french country cottage courtney allison in gorgeous photography and personal story courtney allison reveals her unique vision of french country cottage style and tells the story of turning a vintage california vacation cottage into a home for her family in addition to the main cottage the property boasts a guest cottage a multipurpose greenhouse and several distinct outdoor spaces for relaxing courtney shares her decorating and styling tips for employing quintessential elements of french country cottage style—palette patina chandeliers mirrors antiques flowers and more from indoor spaces to natural outdoor areas for entertaining courtney is a connoisseur of presenting elegant taste in a relaxed atmosphere special features include creative table settings using vintage china and abundant flowers and greenery courtney allison is a blogger stylist and photographer in addition to being the editor of romantic homes magazine she also works as a freelance photographer and stylist for

books mortar gibbs m smith a celebration of the local bookstore the local bookstore a place of wonder refuge and rejuvenation for book lovers the world over books mortar is a celebration of these literary strongholds seventy-five oil paintings capture these storefronts at a moment in time and pair the artwork with quotations about the joy of reading the importance of bookstores and in many cases anecdotes about the shops and owners themselves a delightful gift for an avid reader an inspiration for any bookstore owner books mortar is the perfect keepsake for anyone’s personal library for several decades artist and publisher gibbs m smith visited bookstores around the country inspired by their unique ambiance of these fine bookstores he made oil paintings to feature them on the covers of his publishing company’s seasonal catalogs $16.99 u.s • jacketless hardcover 6 x 7 1⁄ 4 in 136 pages 75 color illustrations on sale 9/4/2018 • 978-1-4236-5043-0

easy christmas cut-up cakes melissa barlow $14.99 u.s • jacketless hardcover 7 1⁄ 4 x 8 in 72 pages 24 color photographs on sale 9/11/2018 • 978-1-4236-5036-2 easy directions show how to bake boxed cake mixes into 24 beautiful festive cakes without needing specialty baking pans simple cupcake round square rectangular and bundt cakes easy-to-mix frosting and candy and treats from your local grocery store are all you need to make a snowman train christmas tree star polar bear wreath or even santa himself 20 melissa barlow is a cookbook author and a freelance writer and editor she also has formal training in cake decorating she lives in the salt lake city area with her husband and three children delicious décor to bring a little fun to your holiday table pie pops marcie ballard $19.99 hardcover 8 x 9 in 96 pages 50 color photographs

jewelry box coloring book hanna karlzon published in sweden as smyckeskrinet $14.99 u.s • jacketless hardcover 8 1⁄ 4 x 9 7⁄ 8 in 96 pages illustrations throughout on sale 8/14/2018 • 978-1-4236-4986-1 rights worldwide english the fifth coloring book from sweden’s coloring book sensation with an edwardian twist 25,000 sold 26 daydreams coloring book hanna karlzon 978-1-4236-4556-6 rights worldwide english introducing the newest addition to hanna karlzon’s beloved coloring book collection the inspiration for jewelry box is an old edwardian house and its garden—a dreamy collection of illustrations with a mix of people animals flowers clocks and vases reminiscent of the turn of the century this hardbound volume boasts 96 pages of karlzon’s intricate designs hanna karlzon has an art teaching degree from umeå university and has run her own business as a freelance designer since 2013 the jewelry box is her fifth

great expectations a babylit ® storybook stephanie clarkson • illustrations mike byrne in great expectations preschoolers follow pip’s story learning about the value of family and friends fortune and loss and love this retelling of a classic favorite along with beautiful artwork will be treasured through childhood and beyond stephanie clarkson began her writing career as a journalist at britain’s daily mail newspaper and continues to write for the british press while dreaming up stories for children steph has written everything from pocket money books to gift titles and is the author of sleeping cinderella and other princess mix-ups she lives in surrey england mike byrne lives in the surrey countryside with his wife cat and two young sons where he spends his days doodling and illustrating children’s books fuelled only by tea and biscuits mike is the illustrator of sproutzilla vs christmas and my colourful chameleon $12.99 u.s • casebound stiff pages

l is for love greg paprocki a heartfelt alphabet the 26 full-color illustrations included here are done in artist greg paprocki’s adorable style whether celebrating with friends or family these delightful illustrations feature concepts of love and friendship for brothers sisters mom and dad grandma and grandpa bffs and even the family pet a perfect gift for valentine’s day or any other day of the year greg paprocki works full-time as an illustrator and book designer in addition to illustrating several curious george books he’s provided illustrations for a number of books for gibbs smith including s is for santa a is for atom b is for boo and the big book of superheroes he began his career as an advertising art director after studying fine art and graphic design at the university of nebraska residence lincoln nebraska h is for hug so snuggle up with this adorable alphabet book $9.99 u.s • board book 6 3⁄ 8 x 8 3⁄ 8 in 32 pages

good night/buenas noches meritxell martí • illustrations by xavier salomó a bilingual slide-the-tab board book with text in english and spanish it cleverly provides a number of gentle good night wishes for baby at bedtime as baby along with the cat the trees outside and even baby’s house all close their eyes and fall asleep the sliding tabs do the work of closing the eyes on illustrator xavier salomó’s simple but engaging art easy-to-learn english and spanish phrases presented with slide-the tab illustrations $9.99 u.s • board book 7 x 7 in 18 pages full-color illustrations ages 0 to 3 on sale 9/4/2018 • 978-1-4236-5028-7 rights worldwide english counting with contando con frida patty rodriguez ariana stein • illustrations by citlali reyes $9.99 board book 6 3⁄ 4 x 6 3⁄ 4 in 22 pages full-color illustrations ages 0 to 3 978-1-4951-2656-7

the pocket guide to games bart king this book is packed with 100 simple and hilarious games that range from quiet indoor diversions to rowdy outdoor activities whether you’re organizing games for a classroom party or camp dozens of hours of fun await players of all ages—so get ready for laughter and leave those game controllers and joysticks behind games include bull in the ring cross tag do this do that kaleidoscope lady of the land old buzzard potato race and shadow tag “this new book coaxes readers away from tv and computer screens.” —good morning america $9.99 u.s • paperback 4 x 6 in 216 pages 50 illustrations ages 8 to 14 on sale 8/14/2018 • 978-1-4236-5042-3 250,000 sold the big book of boy stuff bart king $19.99 paperback 7 x 9 1⁄ 2 in 304 pages ages 8 and up 978-1-4236-3761-5 275,000 sold the big book of girl stuff bart king $19.99 paperback 7 x 9 1⁄ 2 in 320 pages ages 8 and up 978-1-4236-3762-2

lovelit ™ button assortments selected 3-pack assortments $5.99 u.s nonreturnable 1 1⁄ 4 buttons 3-pack assortments 2 1⁄ 8 x 5 3⁄ 8 card on sale 7/10/2018 lit libations assortment 978-1-4236-5106-2 book club assortment 978-1-4236-5105-5 book hangover assortment 978-1-4236-5104-8 too lit to quit assortment 978-1-4236-5107-9 book love assortment 978-1-4236-5109-3 book yeah assortment 978-1-4236-5111-6 so many books assortment 978-1-4236-5108-6 bookin assortment 978-1-4236-5110-9 read on assortment 978-1-4236-5112-3 peace love books assortment 978-1-4236-5113-0 actual size

letterpress notecards letterpress notecards new the arts crafts press 5 x 7 in notecards portrait boxed $17.50 u.s 6 cards and envelopes per box 3 boxes per design minimum singles set $21.00 u.s 6 individual cards on sale 6/26/2018 artisan letterpress note cards japanese woodblock prints designs by yoshiko yamamoto winter mountain “nature” by john muir boxed 978-1-4236-5059-1 boxed 978-1-4236-5051-5 62 singles set 978-1-4236-5058-4 singles set