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new 100 midcentury chairs new lucy rider richardson making midcentury modern christopher kennedy midcentury design has a hold on the world’s consciousness from television to commercials to the fashion runway yet not all of us can live in a pedigreed midcentury home fear not the principles of midcentury design can be applied to the most unassuming spaces making midcentury modern is created to help you make midcentury modern by offering one hundred foolproof tips for introducing modernist design into a contemporary home and lifestyle in line with forward-thinking designers of the midcentury the principles in this book are presented in a way that feels fresh relevant and current christopher kennedy has quickly emerged as one of the nation’s freshest voices in home furnishings and interior design working from his studio and shop in palm springs his name has become synonymous with vibrant california glamour christopher’s work and products have captured the attention of

slanguage series  $9.99 paperback 7 1 ⁄4 x 5 1 ⁄ 2 in 96 pages illustrations throughout mike ellis new russian slanguage mike ellis more than 250,000 copies of the series sold a fun visual guide to russian terms and phrases more than this latest volume in the popular slanguage series is geared toward helping you learn how to speak russian either for your next trip to moscow or to talk with your great aunt zlata from the old country just follow the illustrated prompts and read the english words out loud soon you’ll be speaking simple russian words and phrases well enough to be understood—such as good evening doe bray vee chair and how are you cocktail 55,000 copies sold travel slanguage how to find your way in 10 different languages 978-1-4236-4233-6 the slanguage of love how to speak the language of love in 10 different languages chinese slanguage a fun visual guide to mandarin terms and phrases 978-1-4236-0750-2 978-1-4236-3931-2 more than

new when i grow up new paula vásquez pet palooza dawn devries sokol all of the children in miss ester’s class know what they want to be like when they grow up their families and each family is special and unique readers will be surprised and delighted to find that johnny the duckling’s mom and dad have curly tails stubby noses and hooves $9.99 u.s • board book 6 7 ⁄ 8 x 6 7 ⁄ 8 in 22 pages full-color illustrations ages 0 to 3 grade k-1 guided reading level a johnny and his classmates make it easy for parents to show their little ones that there are many types of families and they’re all made of love paula vásquez’s fun illustrations and sweet writing style make this unique family story a must-have on sale 4/4/2017 • 978-1-4236-4702-7 good dog a dog breed primer your little one will love dawn devries sokol’s cute and funny illustrations from the tiny cheeky chihuahua to the huge gracious great dane the

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french comfort food french cooking french desserts cuisine niÇoise sun-kissed cooking from the french riviera hillary davis $30.00 jacketless hardcover 8 1 ⁄ 2 x 11 in 224 pages 125 color photographs 978-1-4236-4299-2 hillary davis celebrates her favorite french desserts plus regional specialties with an ode to italy spain germany and switzerland her focus is on creating homey comfort food that french people make for themselves the book is divided into chapters focusing on specific types of desserts with recipes for quick fixes and those with longer preparation times you will find cakes cookies tarts candies puff pastry waffles crêpes and more recipes include such treats as giant breakand-share cookie tart lime yogurt loaf cake medieval custard tart in a clovescented crust and fresh orange sorbet champagne coupe more than 20,000 copies sold hillary davis • photographs by steven rothfeld $40.00 hardcover 11 x 8 1⁄ 2 in 240 pages 80 color photographs

sierra club for kids more than 45,000 copies sold more than 30,000 copies sold fernando’s gift el regalo de fernando shadows of night $7.95 paperback 9 x 7 1⁄ 2 in 32 pages color photographs ages 6 to 9 grade 3⁄4 guided reading level p 978-0-87156-383-5 $6.95 paperback 10 1⁄ 2 x 8 in 32 pages color photographs ages 4 to 8 grade 3 guided reading level n 978-0-87156-927-1 barbara bash the empty lot “galapagos” means “tortoises!” the waterfall’s gift ruth heller joanne ryder illustrated by richard jesse watson $6.95 paperback 8 1⁄ 2 x 11 in 42 pages full-color illustrations ages 5 to 9 978-1-57805-101-4 $7.95 paperback 10 7 ⁄ 8 x 8 5 ⁄ 16 in 40 pages full-color illustrations ages 5 to 9 978-1-57805-113-7 water water ­e verywhere mark rauzon and cynthia overbeck bix dale h fife illustrated by jim arnosky $6.95 paperback 9 x 9 in 32 pages full-color illustrations ages 5 to 9

art contemporary native american artists suzanne deats and kitty leaken $50.00 hardcover 9 x 11 in 184 pages 225 color photographs 978-1-4236-0559-1 the art of the bookstore the bookstore paintings of gibbs m smith $35.00 slipcased hardcover 7 1⁄ 2 x 9 3⁄4 in 152 pages 70 color photographs 978-1-4236-0643-7 170 art kevin red star daniel gibson kitty leaken the lost frontier images and narrative gerry spence textiles collection of the museum of international folk art $50.00 hardcover 9 x 11 in 192 pages 250 color and black and white photographs 978-1-4236-3608-3 $60.00 hardcover 12 x 10 in 264 pages 200 photographs 978-1-4236-3290-0 bobbie sumberg living with american indian art turquoise harrison r crandall alan j hirschfield with terry winchell joe dan lowry and joe p lowry the hirschfield collection $75.00 hardcover 10 1⁄ 2 x 12 in 280 pages 300 color and 50 black white photographs 978-1-4236-0452-5 the world story of a fascinating

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