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new whispering words new jane sanders $9.99 u.s • board book 6 7 ⁄ 8 x 6 7 ⁄ 8 in 22 pages full-color illustrations ages 0 to 3 grade k-1 guided reading level a whispering words jane sanders seashore stroll on sale 3/14/2017 • 978-1-4236-4712-6 from the creators of babylit® a new board book series employing the magic of whispering nighttime slumber seashore stroll and woodland walk each invites its readers into a soothing world of lush colorful illustrations that await exploration by whispering these stories the voice becomes a dynamic instrument creating tones and vibrations in harmony with the narrative woodland walk on sale 3/14/2017 • 978-1-4236-4716-4 delve deeper into this whispering world by rhythmically rocking your child while tapping your fingers against the board book’s pages creating an all-encompassing stereophonic experience savor these quiet moments while creating a positive bond between child and parent that lasts a lifetime jane sanders is a new york city-based illustrator providing charming art for a myriad of clients such as the new york times sterling publishers educational insights easter seals pyrex and parents magazine she resides in forest hills queens new york nighttime slumber on sale 3/14/2017 • 978-1-4236-4714-0 whispering words to savor the bond between parent and child 50 51