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new old home love new andy and candis meredith hidden paris caroline clifton-mogg discovering and exploring parisian interiors andy and candis meredith believe there’s nothing that can’t be given new life their passion for saving and renovating old homes caught the attention of hgtv and sparked the creation of their reality series old home love entering its second season hidden paris reveals the capital city’s unique architecture and fabulous interiors in a range of styles from classic french to retro contemporary bohemian industrial and more how to make a paris rental apartment one’s own go with the author behind closed gates through the courtyards and into people’s stylish homes and chic apartments to learn the answers here are myriad examples of parisians embracing what they have while demonstrating clever and effective ways of coping with the existing structures and architecture that they cannot change to make beautiful spaces of their own their stunning debut book features never-beforeseen images of more than 15 vintage homes including their own renovated by the couple themselves do-it-yourself renovation tips and their family’s story old home love will inspire readers to discover the history and beauty behind their own homes regardless of location or style andy and candis meredith take dilapidated houses from the 1800s to the 1930s and renovate them for today’s living keeping all the best things about the original homes and updating with compatible materials and décor for new homeowners they live in payson utah with their six boys and baby girl in tow $30.00 u.s • jacketless hardcover 8 1 ⁄ 2 x 11 in 256 pages 150 color photographs on sale 3/7/2017 • 978-1-4236-4652-5 get to know the couple and the houses behind hgtv’s newest hit series old home love go on a photographic tour of a side of paris few have ever seen created from the vast archive of glorious imagery belonging to the french interiors magazine côté paris $40.00 u.s • hardcover 9 x 11 in 224 pages 300 color photographs on sale 5/2/2017 • 978-1-4236-4673-0 rights u.s and canada carolyn clifton-mogg is a journalist who specializes in interior design antiques and gardens she has authored the curtain book a sourcebook the white home set with style china and glass french country living decorating with antiques provencal escapes inspiring homes in provence and the cote d’azur and a passion for collecting she also writes regularly for a number of magazines and newspapers she lives in london a peek behind closed doors in the city of light my stylish french girlfriends sharon santoni • photographs by franck schmitt $40.00 jacketless hardcover 10 x 12 in 224 pages 978-1-4236-3787-5 2 3