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babylit ® gift games babylit ® gift dolls stuffed canvas characters artwork © alison oliver $15.00 u.s 2 per design minimum nonreturnable dracula 15-inch high cotton canvas outer 978-1-4236-3151-4 mad hatter 13-inch high cotton canvas outer 978-1-4236-3150-7 babylit ® memory and matching game boxed set a delightful game for all ages featuring the colorful artwork and characters from babylit’s versions of classic literature for younger children you can play with nine pairs or less for a more challenging game for children or adults play with all thirty-six pairs either way you’re sure to have fun pairing up the brilliant art of alison oliver for added fun you can even share your favorite verses from the classic works $15.99 u.s nonreturnable 72 cards 2 1⁄ 2 x 2 1⁄ 2 2 per design minimum ages 3 and up 978-1-4236-4114-8 babylit ® abc stroller flash cards held by a reclosable ring that can be secured onto a stroller or car seat these babylit stroller cards make great flash cards for brilliant babies to learn the classics also can be used to decorate a room or create a mobile teach your child the characters from classic literature as well as the abcs your baby’s first words could be bingley or toto mr darcy 15-inch high cotton canvas outer 978-1-4236-3149-1 60 $14.99 u.s nonreturnable 26 cards 2 3⁄ 4 x 5 2 per design minimum ages 1 and up 978-1-4236-4185-8 61