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best sellers—single-subject cookbooks new dig • shuck • shake john nelson fish and seafood recipes from the pacific northwest mashed holly herrick $24.99 jacketless hardcover 8 3 ⁄4 x 9 1 ⁄ 2 in 184 pages 90 color photographs 978-1-4236-4447-7 caramel carole bloom photographs by alexandra defurio $24.99 jacketless hardcover 8 3 ⁄4 x 9 1 ⁄ 2 in 224 pages 60 color photographs 978-1-4236-3212-2 meringue linda k jackson and jennifer evans gardner • photographs by alexandra defurio more than 20,000 copies sold with recipes reflecting kitchens from scandinavia asia germany south america and more dig shuck shake captures a distinctive style of authentic pacific northwest cooking $24.99 jacketless hardcover 8  3 ⁄4 x 9  1 ⁄ 2 in 224 pages 50 color photographs 978-1-4236-2581-0 more than 30,000 nelson’s stories of growing up on the docks and his practical techniques for preparing and cooking a variety of seafood in pacific northwest style makes this more than a recipe book it is a snapshot of the fishing culture that resides alongside the docks of oregon and washington nelson’s thorough yet personable instruction makes it so even the most timid cook will feel at ease creating delectable seafood dishes the most experienced of cooks will feel challenged and every guest will be satisfied copies sold $18.99 u.s • jacketless hardcover 8 x 8 in 128 pages line illustrations throughout on sale 3/14/2017 • 978-1-4236-3790-5 john nelson worked as head chef in four of his own restaurants before joining the founding team of oregon’s prestigious brasada ranch where he opened two more restaurants most recently john was an executive chef instructor at the cascade culinary institute in bend oregon he has been featured on cooking shows on central oregon tv and radio including good morning central oregon cbs “fox foodie” on and cooking with gusto on kbnd radio he currently works with a 125-yearold retail seafood company and lives in eugene oregon spotlight on a way of life in the pacific northwest push-up pops courtney dial whitmore photographs by kyle dreier $19.99 hardcover 8 x 9 in 96 pages 40 color photographs 978-1-4236-2531-5 12 small sweet treats s’mores marguerite marceau henderson photographs by zac williams gourmet treats for every occasion $19.99 paperback with flaps 7 1⁄ 2 x 9 3⁄4 in 168 pages 50 color photographs 978-1-4236-0694-9 $19.99 hardcover 8 x 8 in 128 pages 40 color photographs 978-1-4236-0091-6 lisa adams 13