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cit y and region doodles look for your favorite place $9.99 paperback 4 x 6 in 240 pages illustrations throughout ages 8 and up children’s cooking more than 650,000 copies sold more than 225,000 copies sold pink princess cookbook barbara beery more than city doodles los angeles city doodles new york 978-1-4236-3479-9 978-1-4236-3470-6 978-1-4236-3227-6 anna m lewis drawings by daniel chaffin bill zimmerman drawings by tom bloom more than 140,000 45,000 copies sold fairies cookbook barbara beery 978-1-4236-0290-3 978-1-4236-0173-9 city doodles chicago $14.99 hardcover with concealed spiral binding 6 1⁄2 x 8 1⁄2 in 64 pages 40 color photographs ages 6 and up copies sold ballerina cookbook janna devore mermaid cookbook barbara beery 978-1-4236-0417-4 978-1-4236-0793-9 bill zimmerman drawings by tom bloom spa princess cookbook barbara beery 978-1-4236-0502-7 candy making for kids courtney dial whitmore photographs by zac williams easy cut-up cakes for kids melissa barlow 978-1-4236-0175-3 978-1-4236-3022-7 kabobs for kids city doodles san francisco canada doodles texas doodles 978-1-4236-3286-3 978-1-4236-3621-2 978-1-4236-3634-2 anita wood drawings by kev brockschmidt 150 megan radford drawings by peter cook michelle branson drawings by kev brockschmidt janna devore $14.99 hardcover with concealed spiral binding 9 x 7 in 64 pages 30 color photographs ages 6 and up 978-1-4236-0557-7 children’s cookbooks display 20-copy floor display display ships empty order appropriate titles 978-1-4236-1427-2 151