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g rayw ol fpre ss ja nu ary 2018 pa perbackoriginal cinder new and selected poems susan stewart “one of the finest poets of the last fifty years.” —salt poet ry american graywolf press 1/2/2018 9781555977955 $18.00 $25.00 can trade paperback 232 pages 9 in h 7 in w subrights brit trans audio dram graywolf press 1st ser author c/o graywolf press other available formats hardcover isbn 9781555977634 ebook isbn 9781555979584 marketing author tour national publicity targeted poetry advertising poetry bookseller outreach social media campaign to the nth like the truth of an ending unskeined across the crust of the white field though it happened only once i am sending the thought of the thought continuing to return to the field before the mowing when a goldfinch swayed on a blue stem stalk and the wind and the sun stirred the hay —from “after the mowing” cinder new and selected poems gathers for the first time poetry from across susan stewart’s thirty-five-year career including many extraordinary new poems from brief songs to longer meditative sequences and always with formal innovation and exquisite precision stewart evokes the innocence of childhood the endangered mysteries of the natural world and deeply felt perceptions both acute and shared “stewart explores our insatiable desire to remember and make meaning out of this remembering,” ange mlinko writes in the nation “stewart’s elegiac bent has broadened over time from the personal lyric to what might be called the cultural lyric fewer and fewer of her poems reference what she alone remembers they are about what you and i remember.” reading across this retrospective collection is a singular experience of seeing the unfolding development of one of the most ingenious and moving lyric writers in contemporary poetry praise praise for susan stewart “a great poet-critic.” —the guardian “an essential poetry a poetry of essences and elements coupled with an awareness of existential transience.” —chicago tribune “susan stewart is writing the most significant poetry of our time.” —the hollins 12