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g rayw ol fpre ss a p ril 2018 pa perbackoriginal waiting for tomorrow a novel nathacha appanah translated from the french by geoffrey strachan a powerful examination of the artistic impulse cultural identity and family bonds fiction litera ry graywolf press 4/3/2018 9781555978037 $16.00 $22.99 can trade paperback 176 pages 8.3 in h 5.5 in w subrights brit trans dram editions gallimard 1st ser audio graywolf press anita is waiting for adam to be released from prison they met twenty years ago at a new year’s eve party in paris a city where they both felt out of place—he as a recent arrival from the provinces and she as an immigrant from the island of mauritius they quickly fell in love married and moved to a village in southwestern france to live on the shores of the atlantic with their little girl laura in order to earn a living adam has left behind his love of painting to become an architect and anita has turned her desire to write into a job freelancing for a local newspaper over time the monotony of daily life begins to erode the bonds of their marriage the arrival of adèle an undocumented immigrant from mauritius whom they hire to care for laura sparks artistic inspiration for both adam and anita as well as a renewed energy in their relationship but this harmony proves to be short-lived brought down by their separate transgressions of adèle’s privacy and a subsequently tragic turn of events with the careful observation vivid description and emotional resonance that are the hallmarks of her previous novel the last brother in waiting for tomorrow nathacha appanah investigates the life of the artist the question of cultural differences within a marriage and the creation and the destruction of a family praise praise for the last brother “appanah’s is a beautiful new voice if the music it sings is sad well it’s all the more lifelike for that.” —the new york times book review “impressive appanah’s descriptions are meticulous.” —publishers weekly starred review nathacha appanah was born in mahébourg mauritius she is the author of the last brother which has been translated into sixteen languages she works as a journalist and translator and lives in caen france 3