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g rayw ol fpre ss m ar c h 2018 pa perbackoriginal encircling 2 origins carl frode tiller translated from the norwegian by barbara haveland encircling 2 origins continues carl frode tiller’s “poised and effective rashomon-style exploration of multiple psyches” kirkus reviews fiction litera ry graywolf press 3/20/2018 9781555978013 $16.00 $22.99 can trade paperback 448 pages 8.3 in h 5.5 in w subrights brit sort of books trans dram inkwell management 1st ser audio graywolf press book two of the encircling trilogy continues piecing together the fractured identity of david the absent central figure who has lost his memory three very different friends write letters about his childhood on the backwater island of otterøya ole a farmer struggling to right his floundering marriage recalls days in the woods when an act of pretending went very wrong tom roger a rough-edged outsider slipping into domestic violence shares a cruder side of david as he crows about their exploits selling stolen motorcycles and spreads gossip about who david’s father might be but it is paula a former midwife now consigned to a nursing home who has the most explosive secret of all one that threatens to undo everything we know about david with a carefully scored polyphony of voices and an unwavering attention to domestic life carl frode tiller shows how deeply identity is influenced by our friendships the encircling trilogy is an innovative portrayal of one man’s life that is both starkly honest and unnervingly true praise praise for encircling 1 “a beautiful meditation on the subtler ways we fail each other our quieter forms of grief it’s thrilling to know two more books will arrive.” —usa today “mesmerizing thrillingly revitalizes the epistolary form [tiller’s voices consistently entrance and intrigue.” —minneapolis star tribune carl frode tiller is the author of five novels and four plays books in the encircling trilogy have won the brage prize and the norwegian critics prize and have been translated into multiple languages tiller lives in trondheim norway 6