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g rayw ol fpre ss febr ua ry 2018 pa perbackoriginal the land between two rivers writing in an age of refugees tom sleigh essays on the urgency of our global refugee crisis and our capacity as artists and citizens to confront it litera ry collections american graywolf press 2/6/2018 9781555977962 $16.00 $22.99 can trade paperback 272 pages 8.3 in h 5.5 in w subrights brit trans audio dram graywolf press 1st ser aevitas creative management tom sleigh describes himself donning a flak jacket and helmet working as a journalist inside militarized war zones and refugee camps as “a sort of rambo jr.” with self-deprecation and empathetic humor these essays recount his experiences during several tours in africa and in the middle eastern region once called mesopotamia “the land between two rivers.” sleigh asks three central questions what did i see how could i write about it why did i write about it the first essays in the land between two rivers focus on the lives of refugees in syria lebanon jordan kenya somalia and iraq under the conditions of military occupation famine and war their stories can be harrowing even desperate but they’re also laced with wily humor and an undeluded hopefulness their lives having little to do with their depictions in mass media the second part of the book explores how writing might be capable of honoring the texture of these individuals’ experiences while remaining faithful to political emotions rather than political convictions sleigh examines the works of anna akhmatova mahmoud darwish ashur etwebi david jones tomas tranströmer and others as guiding spirits the final essays meditate on youth restlessness illness and sleigh’s motivations for writing his own experiences in order to move out into the world concluding with a beautiful remembrance of sleigh s friendship with seamus heaney praise praise for tom sleigh “all those things we’d rather not hear about—war disease physical and moral corruption the nightmare of family the beauty and heartbreak of love—we hear about in the poems plays and essays of tom sleigh.” —j d mcclatchy citation for the john updike award from the american academy of arts and letters tom sleigh is the author of a previous essay collection interview with a ghost and ten books of poetry including station zed army cats and space walk winner of the kingsley tufts poetry award he teaches at hunter college and lives in new york 8