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g rayw ol fpre ss febr ua ry 2018 pa perbackoriginal house of fact house of ruin poems tom sleigh tom sleigh’s brilliant new collection is “full of the wonder and eloquence driving profound poetry” los angeles times you’ve got to put your pants on in the house of fact and in the house of fact when you take off your shirt you can hear your shirt cry out facts are the floor facts are how you make the right side talk to the left poet ry american graywolf press 2/6/2018 9781555977979 $16.00 $22.99 can trade paperback 120 pages 9 in h 6 in w subrights brit trans audio dram graywolf press 1st ser aevitas creative management i’m washing my naked belly clean and doing it with dignity i’m turning around trying to see the filthiness that keeps making me filthy —from “house of fact house of ruin” “i hate to admit it but even the house of fact is a house of ruin,” writes tom sleigh in the title sequence of this extraordinary new collection very much of our present moment in which fact can so easily be manufactured and ruin so easily achieved by pressing send or pulling a trigger these poems range across the landscapes of contemporary experience whether a militia in libya or a military base in baghdad a shantytown in east africa or an opulent mall on long island these subjects and locations resonate with the psychic and social costs of having let the genie of war famine and climate change out of the lamp in the first place the book ultimately turns on conundrums of selfhood and self-estrangement in which sleigh urges us toward a different realm where we might achieve the freedom of spirit to step outside our own circumstances however imperfectly and look at ourselves as other as unfamiliar as strange praise praise for station zed “tom sleigh lures readers beyond familiar borders so deftly that most won’t recall how they entered various conflicts or major war zones instead fans will notice sleigh’s ability to craft compelling narratives with his pied-piper voice gritty and challenging.” —the washington post tom sleigh is the author of nine previous books of poetry including station zed army cats and space walk winner of the kingsley tufts poetry award he teaches at hunter college and lives in new york 9